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anonymous asked:

I feel like you are really and purposely misinterpreteting what it means to be incel in order to make fun of men.

I have had 4 messages about it, one from a guy who thinks rape is justified logically, and others from some whiny pissbag who believes that female privilege was a thing because no one would fuck him. 

I am not misinterpreting anything, I am publishing the asks that are sent to me. What it “means” to be incel is to put a label on your own entitlement and I admit …I’ll mock that.

zoeisanawesomecabbage  asked:

Whether you believe that a a 17 year old wanting to date a 40 year old is wrong or not you can't deny that a 40 year wanting to date a a 17 year old is wrong. Like it doesn't matter if the younger person wants to date the older person? The older person should know better

Yes! This exactly. That guy was asking me “what about girls who are attracted to older men??” and it’s like …what about them? We are talking about how creepy old men are who are into young women. The onus is on them, not the young girl. Like … old dudes aren’t out there doing charity work like “well I don’t want to date young girls but some of them are attracted to older men so …i’d better do it, as a selfless act”.

anonymous asked:

YOU'RE NOT FUCKING RACIST IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DATE A CERTAIN RACE HOLY FUCK YOU ARE STUPID. There is a WORLD of difference between treating people of a certain race like garbage specifically because of their race and having PREFERENCES. YOU DATE PEOPLE YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO -- NOBODY IS OBLIGED TO BE ATTRACTED TO ANYBODY ELSE.

Woweee do racists get pissed when you point out that saying you are not attracted to literally a whole race is ridiculous and racist. I’m scared that people like you seem to think that racism is strictly “treating people like garbage”.


You’re racist. 

Go away. 

adhdahri  asked:

Gay men want to appropriate womanhood (without actually being women) so bad. In that way,they're more misogynist than het men.

Some of the gay men I have seen are extra bad on the basis they think they are immune to misogyny. Like because they are not attracted to women they can’t possibly treat her like an object or devalue her. It’s nonsense. No one is immune to misogyny. 

fenrir-kin  asked:

Fun story: during my very brief stint on okcupid, every guy outside my stated age range who messaged me was always HEAVILY outside the age range (like, twice as old as me and more)... and they always justified it with 'I've dated women younger than you so what's the problem'. Like, congratulations! You've just made absolutely certain I'm gonna block you because if a dude twice my age has dated someone younger than me, there is a HUGE problem that I am not going near. It's gross.

God, that’s another thing like… so many of these guys who are specifically inter younger girls are incredibly predatory about it. People act like “well love happens, people fall in love”, but it’s not a coincidence. These dudes are looking for younger girls specifically and they are wiling to be manipulative in order to try and get with them.