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Could I ask a scenario where Makoto, Rei and Sousuke receive a huge scarf from their partner then ask to wrap it around both of them? Keep up the good work!

(You most certainly may! This is so cute. And thank you, dear, I’ll do my best!)

Makoto: He’d been surprised when his partner suddenly called and asked if he could meet them, but they sounded so excited that he just couldn’t say no. He waved when he saw them waiting at the corner they’d agreed upon and smiled at the way they bounced a little on their toes to keep warm. Once he was closer, they thrust a box towards him. “What’s this?” He asked examining the bow on top. When they told him that it was a “just because” present, he laughed and thanked them with a warm hug before opening his gift. Inside was a very long, soft scarf in a lovely shade of green. They took the box from him so that he could try on the scarf, and he thanked them once again. It was very warm and he was about to ask where they found it when he noticed that they were still bouncing in place. “Here.” With one end already wrapped around himself, he wound the excess around his partner. “Better?” They nodded since part of the scarf was covering their mouth, and he laughed at how cute they were. Pulling them close and kissing the top of their head, he told them, “Thank you, it’s perfect.”

Rei: He was thinking about what a beautiful, if cold, day it was as he waited on a park bench for his partner, but he jumped when two hands reached from behind him to obscure his vision without smudging his glasses. Though he could do without being startled, he was always grateful that they were considerate enough not to touch his lenses while they played their little game. Without rounding the bench to take a seat, they told him to close his eyes for a surprise. If it had been anyone else, he would have been more wary, but with them, he readily closed his eyes and waited. Soon enough he felt soft material being wrapped around his neck and shoulders several times. He was just opening his eyes to inspect the unexpected gift when they sat down beside him. “Thank you,” he told them in a soft voice; receiving gifts had always made him feel a little awkward, but he really did like this one. He saw them beam happily at him with cheeks and nose turning red from the cold, and he thought of something that he’d seen other couples do. Hesitating at first, he unwound part of the scarf from around him and slowly wrapped it around his partner instead. Their smile brightened, if that was even possible, and they scooted closer to his side. Sitting in a comfortable silence with one another, Rei had to tug part of the scarf over his face to hide his blush.

Sousuke: He’d lost count of how many times he’d kicked himself for not dressing warmer. His partner had wanted a day-date of lunch and shopping, and while he had been happy to agree, the weather had turned out to be much colder than expected. Pulling his coat a little tighter around himself, he tried not to make it obvious just how cold he was. He didn’t want to make them worry, after all. When they stopped outside one store, he thought they were going to ask to go in, but his hopes for warming up fell when they said they were just going to step inside for a minute and that he could wait outside. He wondered if his male pride was worth freezing, but decided to suck it up in the end and wait outside. It was only a couple of minutes later that his partner left the store with a small bag only to immediately fish something out of it. When a new scarf was pushed into his hands, he realized that maybe he hadn’t been hiding his discomfort all that well after all. He thanked them while wrapping the scarf around himself and smiled, already feeling a bit warmer. But it was also then that he realized just how long the scarf was. “Here,” he said as he wrapped the other end around his partner. “It’s too long for one person, so we’ll share.” Once he was finished, he grinned at them teasingly before adding, “We’ll have to walk closer together though.” Draping one arm around their shoulders, he pulled them close and started walking down the street again, much more cozy and happy than before.

i used to think that british people are stereotyped and we’re not all polite, queue loving people. but yesterday i was in a shop and i went to the changing rooms to try on something and there was a line of people waiting, after about 5 minutes someone asked the girl at the front if they were in the queue and she was like ‘i’m not queueing?? i’m just standing here’ and we all realised we had literally made a queue all by ourselves and were just standing behind some random person and that is probably one of the most british things that has happened to me.

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Hiya Carrie! When you are backstage during a show does someone collect you when you need to be stage or do you have to know your stage queues? Sorry for the odd question I was just really curious! :) xx

There’s a tannoy in every room so we can hear the whole show no matter where we are in the theatre and we have someone that sits up high by the side of the stage, up on a platform that you can only get to by ladder and she/he listens to the whole show and when it gets to around 5 minutes before someone’s queue she/he calls them to the stage over the tannoy! For instance, as I write this in my dressing room, I just heard the lovely Claire say in her wee scottish accent “This is your call please Miss Fletcher! Your call please, Miss Fletcher.”…so I’d better go! ;)


Hi friends!

So, a lot of you know that I don’t watch Teen Wolf anymore, and therefore won’t be online tonight while it airs, but I’ve decided to do something for the other sterek shippers who won’t be watching tonight either!

For anyone interested, I have set up a queue of 90+ Sterek posts (fanarts, ficlets, graphics, au’s, etc. etc.) to post during the episode, and then a few more hours afterwards! 

The queue starts tonight at 6 p.m mst, and ends at 12 a.m mst. (Or, Arizona time - if that makes more sense to you.) The queue should post a new post every 2-5 minutes: More consecutively during the actual episode air time (6pm-7pm where I live) and then will lesson to a new post every 5 minutes from 7pm-12am.

I’m in no way encouraging anyone to skip the show in order to come to my blog, I’m just offering to those who would rather immerse themselves in sterek than watch the show a safe place to do so! :)