queue post not here i'm moving


Last I left the Bee Legacy, Lark  found out she was pregnant, she broke up with Nikolas because I’m evil, and Dominic adopted a fairy toddler. I moved Lark and Dom in together because my random legacy rolls call for it, okay??

I’m seriously weeks ahead in-game from this. I’ve been playing EVERY DAY for the past week which has been nice. But if I ever wanna post about the Bees on here I need to hurry with the screenshots. Filling out a queue right now feels like homework tho.

Anyway, this is their new house.


after having this sideblog for a good two months or so, i have become way too attached for it to remain just a sideblog, so i’ve decided to make it my main blog !! unfortunately, since tumblr doesn’t allow us to switch so easily, i’m moving over to mattsunmakki !!
literally everything is the same: same url, same icon, same theme, same everything AT LEAST FOR NOW WHILE I GET EVERYTHING BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE, but i plan on doing some renovations in the near future 

if u were following me, i’d appreciate it if u would follow me on my new blog, but if u don’t want to, that’s fine too !! i’m gonna queue this post up while i move everything over and continue to organize the new blog, so i’ll see u guys over there :)