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scary-monstahs  asked:

Hey I did some art from a post here (I posted on my art blog tahartblog) and I did at you guys, I was just wondering if you saw the notification for it or not. I'm not trying to push you to reblog it or anything if you don't want to

I just added it to the queue!! It’s very cute I love it. The notes on this blog move so fast that sometimes stuff slips through, so don’t hesitate to send us a message in the future if you do anything else!!
-Mod Cas

so i’ve decided to remake my blog!! within the next day or two i’ll be moving to @extraterristial !! 

my main will most likely be mostly anime/shitposts like how this blog is now, so i’ve also made a band side blog as well since a vast majority of my mutuals are still band blogs. that’ll be @ierio !! 

i’ll still post on here for a little bit and i’ll keep it on an archive, but essentially i’ll be moving completely to just these two blogs!! i want a blank canvas to start new on cause this blog has gotten so cluttered and it was bugging for a while. this blog has been with me through 4 years and a whole lotta shit but i think its time to let it have some rest.