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Gryffindor Marius Pontmercy tho

Gryffindor Marius Pontmercy who’s always felt out of place in his house, because he doesn’t consider himself to be brave or fierce enough.

Gryffindor Marius Pontmercy who’s the Neville Longbottom of his time, often described as awkward and shy, unable to ask the girl he’s been in love with for years out, who’s constantly scared people are looking at him funny, ready to laugh at him.

Gryffindor Marius Pontmercy who’s in fact brave and fierce as fuck, steadfast in his beliefs, stunning everybody including himself every time that side of him shines out

Gryffindor Marius Pontmercy who belongs to his house, no matter what people may think of him


Hillwood Halloween Day 1: Skeleton

C-c-c-crossover!!! idk about y'all but when I think of skeletons and Halloween this guy^ is who comes to mind. I love Nightmare Before Christmas.

 Helga didn’t even mean to take a jab at his head shape but it comes out without any thought lol Arnold’s used to it by now and actually finds it pretty amusing but he’s not gonna tell her that.

 Anyway, let’s say there’s a dare amongst the kids about going farther into a nearby forest than usual and Arnold and Helga are in their own two person group and somehow wind up coming across the holiday doors. Helga insists they check out Halloween because t'is the season AND the best holiday in her opinion. They meet Jack and shenanigans probably ensue (no ok they most definitely would b/c it’s them). Also this is set after TJM.


torigoe yuki as naruko shoukichi


“Hey, I know life’s difficult. I’ve been there, okay? I know, man.. or woman.. or whatever. I know. It ain’t easy. It ain’t easy living life. Everyone does it, so you think it’s going to be easy to do it. But it ain’t so easy for everyone. Everyone has their ups and downs. Remember that.” - Felix Kjellberg

October 24th: Happy 25th Birthday Felix Kjellberg!