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OTP things #6: {Fehysand Headcanons}

#6: Who would have deep emotional thoughts in the middle of the night/who would have them in the middle of the day.


•Hmmm,🤔, I think that Rhys would have them in the middle of the night and Feyre would have them in the middle of the day

•So, Rhys and Feyre are lying in bed, limbs entangled

\•Rhys tears up as he gazes at his mate, he can’t believe that after all he’s done, she chose to love him

\•He became frightful when he began to wonder what would happen if Tamlin came back

\•What would she say, What would she do

\•but that wasn’t his decision to make, it’s was hers

\•he just cradled her body to his chest, and hoped that she would stay, his heart depended on it

•Feyre would get those deep emotional thoughts, during he middle of the day

\•as she paints she reflects on how her life has changed

\•She was Rhys’s mate, for starters

\•Deep down, the bond they had never really suprised her

\•She knew in her gut, that he was the one

\•With the Tamlin situation underway, she can’t help but feel immense sadness

\•Tamlin had been trying to get her back for weeks, but she always refused

\\•Why couldn’t he see that she loved Rhys and only Ryhs.