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It’s May 30th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: I Choose You To Die by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Friday the 13th: Sweet Crow Action - Part 2

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today: Dan was\is incapable of pulling pranks on people because the mere thought of doing so makes him feel terrible. 

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:


Episode of the Week - 9x23: The Drama in the Queen

Seeley Booth is madly and irrevocably in love with ALL of Temperance Brennan. Physical attraction tends to come first with most couples. After all, outward appearance is what one initially notices in another. It was no different in their own story (see 5x16 for details). But getting to know this woman in a way that no one else ever has, that’s when Booth completely fell for Brennan. Her brain, her heart, her determination, and capacity to and for love are essential components which comprise her very (extraordinary) being. And Booth is attracted to every last attribute. Though both of them have harbored insecurities relative to their own intelligence or social skills in the past, Booth is certainly not intimidated by Brennan’s intelligence like many other men would be. On the contrary, he is in complete awe of her. He is more than proud to be associated with this remarkable woman. “She’s amazing!” He celebrates her, day in and day out. And it goes both ways. Because Brennan knows that Booth possesses another type of impressive acumen. It’s an intelligence which has taught her so much over the years, And an intelligence which has aided them in catching many a murderer. Of course these two are very physically attracted to each other. If only tubs could talk…When Booth and Brennan gaze at one another, they are so obviously mesmerized. You can see it emanating from their eyes. It’s quite evident that they are dazzled. But it’s far more than that. There is also an immense mutual respect and adoration for all that lies beneath (not literally…well). That is what sets them apart. This couple has incredible depth. And this particular morning when Brennan asks why Booth neglected to wake her, he does not mention how gorgeous and peaceful she looked while sleeping. But only that he wanted her big brilliant beautiful brain to continue to rest. Perhaps there was a touch of humor in his words. However, the sentiment is there. Like every other piece of her, Booth finds Brennan’s brain- her intellect- nothing short of astounding. And it’s a fundamental part of her. Though it needs to be said that it is not all that she is, nor all that Booth loves about her. Brennan is so much more than just her brain. She is more than just her beauty. She is more than JUST anything. Each characteristic is a vital part of the “whole” that is Brennan. Booth knows that. Brainy and beautiful, yes. But also caring, compassionate, empathetic, giving, selfless, fierce, loving, generous, decisive, literal, persistent, courageous, charming, captivating, dedicated, devoted, and vivacious. For Booth, there is no single trait which can define Brennan. There is no one reason why he loves her. ”I don’t have reasons.” And if you don’t believe me…

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Here’s some food for thought: the symbolic and narrative use of fire, warmth, and heat in Kill la Kill.

On the one hand, fire, warmth, heat, etc. are presented as a destructive power within the series. Fire is what ultimately destroys Ryuko’s father and her childhood home, Ryuko’s blood getting too hot upon learning that Nui Harime is her father’s killer transforms her and Senketsu into a horrible monster (episode 12), and when Satsuki wreaks havoc in Osaka during the Raid Trip (episodes 14-15), Ryuko says, as the “camera” focuses on the destruction, “Look at this scorched wasteland. Is this your ambition? A necessary sacrifice?”

Fire is associated with pain and ruin—and rage. After Senketsu is pumped full of “rage-filled blood” and loses his mind, Ryuko becomes afraid of the “fire within,” if you will, spending ages in bed and pushing all her friends and family away (episode 13). Her passion and burning emotions cause hurt; after all, Mako’s attempts to calm the fiery monster-Ryuko/Senketsu left her literally burned.

(Which Mako sees positively as a tan. Bless.)

However, Kill la Kill also presents fire, warmth, and heat in a good light. Ryuko getting “fired up” for a fight is seen as a sign of her passion and unwavering spirit. Senketsu isn’t distressed in these cases—he’s as excited as she is. In the end, Ryuko is able to consistently become “fired up” in ways that aren’t mindless rage, which is ultimately representative of her character growth: Ryuko “tames the flames” to work for her rather than destroy her. 

Notably, after running away from her feelings and being afraid of them weakens her and allows Nui Harime to nearly kill Senketsu (episode 13), Ryuko focuses on what she wants rather than what she hates to push her forward. Ryuko comes to understand how to channel her emotions productively and positively, and her “fire” becomes a fire of love rather than hate.

On this vein, cold is presented negatively and is associated with the villains of the series. Senketsu describes Nui Harime’s touch as “cold as ice”—perhaps adding to the idea of Ryuko and Nui being “two sides of the same coin,” as Ryuko is hot and Nui is cold—and upon returning to Senketsu after being forced into wearing Junketsu (episode 22), Ryuko remarks that Senketsu is “way warmer and feels better on [her] than that monster, Junketsu!”

Perhaps the most confounding use of fire in the series, however, is in Senketsu’s death scene. Though Senketsu is clearly dying and falling apart prior to being burned and it is not the fire that kills him, fire still assures that there is nothing left of him. Every last scrap of Senketsu is lost to flames, leaving Ryuko with nothing of her friend to mourn.

In a way, Senketsu going out in a fiery blaze is sensible—after all, the series has pointed time and time again to the destructive and painful nature of fire and heat. 

But what of Ryuko’s lesson in learning to channel her fire positively? In showing Senketsu destroyed by flames, does the series imply that fire is still fire no matter how much you think you can control it? Is there a message that passion can always be deadly?

The OVA adds more questions. Ryuko becomes “fired up” upon coming in contact with Senketsu’s spirit (?), and Senketsu… becomes covered in flames himself! His appearance in this scene resembles his death so much that it’s easy to believe that he simply remains “stuck” in his death state as a spirit, but in truth, Senketsu isn’t shown in flames until he touches Ryuko.

The choice to animate Senketsu on fire upon coming into Ryuko implies that Ryuko killed Senketsu—which is probably what Ryuko is most afraid of, considering her frequent nightmares of Senketsu dying and her immense fears of hurting those close to her—but perhaps the truth is more complicated than that.

Senketsu is a science project. He’s Life Fibers with human emotions and feelings where there should be none. His story begins with him unsure of how to express himself—speaking very matter-of-fact and “robotically”—but slowly, he comes to feel more “human.” In the end, Senketsu no longer dispassionately warns Ryuko of her shortcomings—he cries and screams for her. He hurts and laughs and suffers and feels joy… and maybe it’s all too much for him to bear.

Senketsu’s death seems to stem from absorbing Shinra-Kouketsu, a powerful Life Fiber being that tears him apart. But perhaps, symbolically, Senketsu is broken apart not from absorbing too much power, but from absorbing too much fire, passion, and emotion.

In the final battle, Senketsu understands that he is human and has a mind of his own… but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s composed of Life Fibers—or that Life Fibers were never meant to be “human.”

When Ryuko “burns” Senketsu in the OVA, there’s the sense that he can no longer experience her passion and love, and perhaps that’s because he can’t. Maybe the real reason Senketsu falls to pieces is because Life Fibers were never meant to be able to handle a human heart.


Happy day! My moon shoes
Are back from the cobbler’s
And I am good to go!
Forget walking on sunshine…
I’ll be dancing in the dark
Of craters in no time
And feeling finer than fine.
If you moonwalk with no one
Around to bear witness,
Did it ever take place?

I’ll bounce along and snap
Selfies with moon rocks;
They’re pretty cute up close.
Maybe I’ll smuggle one
Back to keep as a pet rock.
And moon dust is quite
The delightful delicacy,
Though more of an acquired taste
Than the more popular stardust.

I’ll have a ball, away from
Earth’s stifling atmosphere–
Lighter than air, carefree, unaware
Of my world’s atrocious affairs.
If anyone should track me there
And try to bring gravity
To the situation, to catch
Me and hold me down…
Well, they’d surely soon
Be eating my
Moon dust.


kc + getting their hands dirty

Compilations #4

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“I began to think Batman and Superman occupy different parts of the mythic imagination. In superhero stories, Batman is Pluto, god of the underworld, and Superman is Apollo, god of the sky. That began to be really interesting to me, that their conflict is not just due to manipulation, but their very existence.” – Chris Terrio, screenwriter of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

এক. Μέσα στην πλάνη του καπνού, ανάμεσα σε άυλες μορφές και καμμένα δάκτυλα κατάλαβα εν τέλει πως όλα είναι εξάτμιση. Βενζίνη. Κάψιμο. Εξάτμιση.

দুই. Κι ο έρωτας είναι αυτό. Μια μορφή καύσης που σε καταναλώνει και αφήνει πίσω στάχτες αναμνήσεων. Στιγμές ημιτελείς που πάγωσαν κι αναζητούν την ευκαιρία εξαργύρωσης.

তিন. Η καύση είναι κάθαρση. Κύκλος κάθαρσης και αναγέννησης και θεριέματος και καύσης και θεριέματος καύσης και στάχτης. Άφησε τη φωτιά να σε καταβροχθίσει και μετά κάνε τις στάχτες σου επιχρισμα στο καινούριο σου δέρμα. Άλειψε τη στάχτη κάτω απ’ τα μάτια σου. Δες τον κόσμο μέσα από τον όλεθρο σου. Και θα είναι δικός σου ο κόσμος. Είσαι φοίνικας. Φωτιά είσαι. Φωτιά και στάχτη. Αντέχεις. Ανέχεσαι;

—  এক.ksefeugi | দুই.suicidalchameleon  |  তিন.morganalefay

is the spyro fandom still a thing even ??? or are we all too busy crying over the fact we’ll never see new games in this series ever again asvakdnsn rip