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Depeche Mode for the Signs

[With Links]

ARIES: Something to Do” / “Rush” / “A Pain That I’m Used To” / “Soothe My Soul
Recommended Album: Delta Machine

TAURUS: “I Feel You” / “Home” / “Slow” / “I Want You Now
Recommended Album: Exciter

GEMINI: “Policy of Truth” / “Fools” / “Stories of Old” / “Useless
Recommended Album: Speak and Spell

CANCER:Only When I Lose Myself” / “A Question of Lust” / “Somebody” / “The Bottom Line
Recommended Album: Songs of Faith and Devotion

LEO: “It’s No Good” / “Judas” / “Little Soul” / “The Things You Said
Recommended Album: Some Great Reward

VIRGO: “Ice Machine” / “In Sympathy” / “Work Hard” / “Told You So
Recommended Album: Construction Time Again

LIBRA: “Get the Balance Right” / “The Meaning of Love” / “The Sweetest Condition” / “Any Second Now (Voices)
Recommended Album: Playing the Angel

SCORPIO: Fly on the Windscreen” / “Dressed in Black” / “The Dead of Night” / “Dangerous
Recommended Album: Black Celebration or Violator

SAGITTARIUS: “My Joy” / “Fragile Tension” / “But Not Tonight” / “Happens All the Time
Recommended Album: Music for the Masses

CAPRICORN: I Want It All” / “Everything Counts (In Large Amounts)” / “Stripped” / “Suffer Well
Recommended Album: Ultra

AQUARIUS: “Macro” / “Nothing’s Impossible” / “New Life” / “Welcome to My World
Recommended Album: Sounds of the Universe

PISCES: Waiting for the Night” (from Playing the Angel not Violator) / “My Little Universe” / “Dream On” / “I Feel Loved
Recommended Album: A Broken Frame

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queenofcorners  asked:

just saw the character development hard mode :D since you already said you were gonna work on it, figured out I'd give you something to start with... feel free to strangle me, but yea. Sinbad ^^

Hmmmm… that sounds like an interesting challenge! I’m planning on setting up the meme to invite people to submit a single number for a single character. For all other animanga characters, I’m setting a limit of five numbers from the list per character.

Nevertheless, given my proclivities and reputation I have to make a special exception for Sinbad, now don’t I?