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Bruce Banner Drabble (1.)

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Bruce shook his head quickly, brown curls releasing the tiny bits of sand that were trying to hitch a ride with him. His skin was sticky from the salty ocean air and he was sure to be sporting a bright red sunburn for the next week, but he couldn’t care less. He beamed as soon as he felt a small pair of hands grasp at his swimming trunks, tugging and immediately being followed by a whine.

“Daddy! Up!” The tiny blonde begged. Her arms were outstretched as far as they go but they still barely made it to his waist. Bruce chuckled, easily swinging her up and onto his shoulders. He could feel her slump against his back, her fingers wrapped tightly around the towel around his neck. It wasn’t hard to see that the little girl was tired and if he knew Annabelle, sleep would come easily.

“You ready to go find Mama, Belle?”

She nodded gently, swaying side to side with each of his footsteps. It was less than 10 feet away but Annabelle was already a dead weight around his shoulders when he reached the large beach towel. He grinned at the sight of you sprawled out on your back, tummy slightly swollen where the newest Banner was just barely starting to show. 

Bruce carefully removed the sleeping toddler from her perch and laid her down next to you. The sun was starting to set now and he knew that you should have been on the road an hour ago, but the scene was too precious to ignore. After taking a new photo for his screensaver he decided to join you and wrapped his arms around both of his girls.

Life was finally okay.

You didn’t really think I was going to leave for a whole week with nothing for you to read! ;P

Visions (Part 3)

The Ho-oh came across the ocean on the back of the wind. While grateful to return to the place he called home, Zhen was not without a heavy heart. Clenched tight in his talons was the scroll, containing words to bring back the Ocean to its promising form. Yet he was filled with apprehension.

What would Lugia think of him? Would they despise him? Would they embrace him? The journey filled him with dread for as he crossed, he felt sorrow. Sorrow that was… not his own.

He shook his head, the precious jewel in his sight above the horizon. And came the sun, it’s brilliant beams spreading forth to the waking city. As if to welcome him home.

A slight smile ceased his beak as he circled the tower for a place to the land.

I am home, a welcoming thought as he perched on the very ledge, absorbing the sight of his home. Home brought him strength. Home made him resolute as this was the first test to see if he could make the cut.

But as he began to settle, he felt the constraints beginning to form, to bind him to the city and he accepted with little complaints. Perhaps if I do this, I will be free.

A sigh from the Ho-oh as he stretched his wings- A double check from the Phoenix as he noted a small shrine next to the tree. That was not there before and he surely didn’t authorize such a thing.

He craned his head closer, tilting his head-

“Zhen! Zhen!” Came Hikori’s voice, the giant hound ascending up the steps. He saw the rainbow streaks from the sky as Zhen entered the city and was quick to climb the tall tower to greet him. “Zhen?” He panted, exhausted from the climb, dragging his feet to the Phoenix standing frozen before the shrine.

“Look! I can explain-“

“Shh!” Zhen stared in awe at the small pink ‘bush’ nestled in the shrine. “I-I-Is this-” His voice shook, his body as well. This small gift was the precious Shaymin. There was no doubt about it.

Upon getting closer, the Shaymin cracked open its eyes with a small yawn.

Their eyes meet, his golden gaze to its pearly blue. Then the Shaymin bumped its snout with his beak with a small happy squeak. It recognize him, his warmth.

“Kireinahana…,” Zhen breathed. A single tear streaked down his cheek, “Asuka. That will be your name.”

[ Zhen is back home and available for asks once more! ]

Do you not hear my cries?

My sorrow rendering me to shreds?

I have nowhere to go. No one to trust.

I offer my prayers to Sun so she may find me and cure me of my pain.

I reach and hear another.

Not her… That is not my sun.

May the Ocean feel my sorrow for they have stolen my Sun.

For they may never see my face again until my Sun is returned to me.


middle earth meme: [1/5] elves →  Thranduil

Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be. In time all foul things come forth.