queue loud crying

you know [sips my tea] considering my past history with this fandom, some of you guys would not be surprised that i’m basically sorted into the school for sin, but let me just tell you that i was so surprised — since, in the past, i’ve been sorted into the school for good for certain — that i retook this new quiz like right after i finished it for the first time. and then i retook it again. and this is what i got. [looks uncomfortably at the walls] [looks down into my tea] [starts reevaluating my life choices] [sips my tea again] needless to say, i ,, am ,. shocked.

Sorry not sorry

It doesn’t even phase me really with Danny and Clara because guess what Clara brought the Doctor HOME! She calmed him down about his fears. She called the Doctor a soldier who guards the whole world. Peter and Jenna are so right about the whole it’s deeper than romance..because it is! They are soulmates!! Danny and Clara can go off and get married and have kids, but you know what…I truly believe the Doctor will always have a deeper spot in Clara’s heart forever and she will always on some level love him more.

I have to point this out again…..CLARA BROUGHT THE DOCTOR HOME TO GALLIFREY!! *queue loud crying*