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“Woah, hey calm down y/n,” newt approached you, holding out his hand as a sign for you to relax and take a breath. “Your eyes are red….” You sighed in frustration and stormed off.
Taking a walk was something that never failed to calm you down, so you did just that. You kept your head down, in fear of the others seeing what’s happened. You felt like a science experiment gone wrong. And you knew deep down, it disturbed your fellow Gladers as well.
You kept walking until you walked into a solid matter, which staggered back startling you.
“Sorry,” you said, quickly glancing up to see who you potentially injured - Minho. Just great you thought, as if the red eyes weren’t enough.
“Oh it’s fine, y/n, accidents happen,” he smiled dashingly. You nodded head still down, things were growing more awkward. Butterflies were welling up in your stomach at the very thought of Minho’s presence in front of you as your hands got all clammy and shaky.
All of a sudden you felt a soft touch under your chin, lifting your head up. Minho sent shivers straight down your spine.
“Has anyone ever told you, you have the most radiant eyes,” he winked, causing goosebumps to creep on every inch of your body, “but what does purple mean, my dear?”
You stepped back shrugging like it was nothing special, but only you knew what purple meant, and you weren’t going to reveal your secret, at least not anytime soon.
“Whenever I see you they’re purple, come on I’ve seen them change a few times, so tell me, what does purple mean?”
You remained silent as he still waited, arms crossed across his chest, foot tapping on the ground. The tapping grew louder and louder as you remained mute.
“Alright,” he shifted, and it seemed like he was about to take off from break, you grew a little upset until he bent down to pick something up. He closed the time tight in his hands and walked up to and smirked from ear to ear. He leaned over and whispered in your ear, “They say purple means love…” He opened your hand at that and place the item in it and firmly locked your fingers in a closed position so it was not revealed, and with that he took off.
Once he was gone, still standing in the same position, you opened your hand to reveal a small purple flower. You gasped, but all you could was, “that sneaky little slinthead,” you shook your head elated, and walked back to your chores.