queue it up loud

yeeeaaah i don’t like the 3pm queue time bc 1. i hate waiting all day 4 it to post (bc i spend most of my day playing sims/on simblr) and 2. i haven’t noticed an increase in the amount of notes i get (not that notes r the most important thing !! 4 me it’s feedback i guess ?? i never like anyone’s posts tho so i can’t complain lol) soOoOo i’ll probably move 3pm 2 a timezone reblog time even tho it had the most notes when i was figuring things out !! this probably doesn’t even make sense !! my life would be so much easier if i could queue 10pm-3am tbh !!!!! anyway just letting u guys know bc post times will be wonky again after tomorrow ?? if i remember to adjust it after work ?? lol ?? gbye

pxtionmaster  asked:

The square thing for both Severus and Lucius :)

Severus: *passes out comes to and is attached forever and ever and loves him and doesn’t let anybody hurt him*

Lucius: *Glares* If you apologize to muggleborns, I will give you a cookie….

anonymous asked:

Ugh I love your videos the most. I'm never able to appreciate those slime and squeeze videos because they only tip in their fingers or push and pull it a bit around.. like I want it crushed to the bone and you deliver thank you do much

I’m so glad you enjoy them! I tried to queue some loud slime videos for you, they’ll show up on Wednesday!

anonymous asked:

I saw the post about the "little green coffee place" and while visiting the same place I saw a customer (who was the last served in a large queue) pick up every single cup that came out, read the name out loud then lean over the counter to shout at the barista that, that was not her name nor the drink she had ordered and she didn't understand how they could get it so badly wrong....