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  • Gabriel: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
  • Lucifer: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
  • Castiel: Tackle him.
  • Michael: Dump him.
  • Raphael: Kick him in the shin.

Oh, excellent idea, Theron! Every spy needs a good codename! Now, we could give you something more based on your skills, like, say, Technoplague, but I’ll be honest, I’m more partial to Agent Sweetcheeks. What do you think?

Well excuse me, Colonel Grumpypants! We were just trying to have a conversation here! I don’t care if you forgot to invite me until five minutes before your time sensitive op, there’s always time for pleasantries!

wycombewanderer  asked:

what do you think robron are like at the airport? I think they'd go like ridiculously early, get tipsy before they get on the plane, rob would flirt with the crew, be hopelessly giggly, rob a lil scared at takeoff, and aaron all soft and sleepy

robert is that person who goes to the airport four hours early even though they’ve checked in online already and don’t need to be there for ages yet. it’s partly because he likes to be sure he’s on time and mostly because he *loves* duty free.

aarons never found airports that appealing but robert is a menace. he looks at all the cologne and sunglasses (he’s the type to buy a new pair before every holiday) and aaron just buys himself a giant bar of chocolate and leaves him at it.

they’re definitely pints before they fly people. mostly because they’re getting into holiday mode and definitely because robert is a very nervous flier and needs the liquid courage to not freak out during take off (he still does freak out and over the years aaron has become very good at dealing with his husbands plane meltdowns and letting robert squeeze the shit out of his fingers during take off and landing)

robert reads on the plane. aaron just sleeps.

Through the wind chimes
                           Through the bells

                          I would carry you through hell