queue is smart

just a reminder that the idea of going to college/university has been normalised but it is in no way your only avenue. on top of that, if you don’t go to university, that doesn’t make you dumb, or worthless. you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an education, that’s just the system trying to force you into a single path it has deemed the “correct” one

if you want to do a trade, go to a specialist school, you’re awesome. if you want to go to community college, you’re awesome. if you want to never go near a learning institution again, you’re awesome.

don’t let others make you think otherwise. your life is yours and you deserve to be happy

Week 3

Wrapping up the last of the third week (Damn, it’s only been 3 weeks?!), I spent quite a bit of time learning theory. Warm ups were nice and helped me get into the mindset, but the following hour or so was spent entirely on theory.

The human body is strong, yet so weak. Pressure points, weak spots, joint manipulation, how to strike hard and fast.

I realize now that I’m being equipped to permanently ruin someone’s day and fuck them up for the rest of their lives. I’m learning the skills that can potentially kill someone if need be, and that’s still something that’s fucking me up 7 hours after training. Holy shit.

Martial arts is an art form, definitely. It’s a toolbox used to DEFEND, over everything. I’m just so… shaken. Can I be vicious if I need to protect the people I care about? Can I actually reach that threshold and stay in control of myself? It’s… heavy shit.

I’m still doing this, to protect her. In the end it’s not me training to defend myself, it’s me training to protect the person I care about most.