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Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.


Hello, Perry. I don’t really know why I’m here, but Nurse Espinosa said if I didn’t swing by, she would stop coming over to my house and giving instructions to my pool boy. He speaks perfect English, but he doesn’t have any front teeth, so I can never look at him without laughing.


Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.  ~ quote from “ Robin Sharma “


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)

not so fun things to realize: abe has lost his entire immediate family by this point. his mother (who jamie bell as said that abe was very close to) when he was young, his brother in the liberty pole riots for which he felt personally responsible (to the point where he confessed to it during his trial knowing it’d bring him only closer to the gallows), and now his father in a horrible and scarring way. richard was a mess of a dad. a total utter mess, and abe will be carrying around a lot of damage from his father’s death and his life - from the memories of richard’s favoritism towards thomas to his continued emotional abuse over the seasons, to the way he was almost beginning to attempt to understand the sacrifices abe had made. abe’s relationship with his father was harsh and complicated, and his grief certainly seems to be too.

i hope by the end of it he finds peace in the family he has left. in mary, in sprout. in ben and caleb and anna. in the townsends (adopt him samuel) if they can move forward from the disastrous thanksgiving. in any case, richard was right. abe is a fighter. he’s going to fight through this like he’s fought through everything else, and i’ll be behind him every step of the way.


DNA WEEK: day 6 - hero
└favorite character ⇒ miyuki kazuya

“a battery consists of both the pitcher and the catcher. it doesn’t matter who’s older. if it means making the pitcher shine, i’ll do whatever it takes. i’ll lie if i have to and make myself hated if i have to.”

At one point after they got together Combeferre asks Courfeyrac when he realized that he was in love with him and Courfeyrac smiles and is like, ‘You remember that time it was like 2am and you wanted to go stargazing and we got drunk and then you started pointing out constellations of my freckles?’

And then two seconds later, ‘No, wait, it was earlier, Gavroche’s, what was it, nineth birthday? When he scraped his knee and you only had those patches with the dinosaurs on them and started explaining the magical power of dinosaurs until he stopped crying and told you that was total bulshit.’

And ‘Oh no, wait, it was before, when we graduated and you did the speech and were like, we’re going to start our life now, and looked at me and I thought yes, OUR life…’

‘No, shit, remember in eighth grade…’

‘Wait, when did you get your glasses?’

And after half an hour of rambling he just realizes that he doesn’t remember exactly when he fell in love Combeferre because maybe, probably, he totally has always been in love with him.  

And Combeferre just takes his hand and smiles because, ‘Well, we did get married in kindergarden, didn’t we?’

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"I didn’t know, when I started Game Theory, that Gwyn was Unseelie." Oh! That's very interesting. I'm not sure when you started writing GT, but I remember the scene from SAL when Jack and Gwyn are talking and Gwyn saying that he could never visit Makara. Did you *know* at that point, or did you just know about the ~secret~ that made it impossible for him to go to Makara? (Btw, it's super intriguing to hear about how your plans changed after upgrading them to main charas :D)

Did you *know* at that point, or did you just know about the ~secret~ that made it impossible for him to go to Makara? 

Yeah I had no idea at that point.

I just knew that the secrets he was keeping were of a nature that he couldn’t visit Makara. 

So you can imagine how amazing it was when I came up with Gwyn being Unseelie, and that there were all these places in SAL that actually matched up really perfectly with it. There were like two or three things that didn’t, just dropped lines of dialogue that didn’t quite fit, and I edited those immediately, lol.

But yeah I’m usually prepared for my plans to change a lot once I upgrade to main characters. And I’m really used to this, and it’s still happening. For example, because the Raven Prince is joining the ensemble cast in The Ice Plague for a while, I’ve realised a whole heap about his back story which I kind of had no idea about before, but has ended up making a lot of sense in terms of how I’ve developed him so far.

I wonder how much of this is something I’ve picked up from fanfiction, in that, if you write fanfiction characters for television series that aren’t yet complete, you sometimes have to leave some of the character ‘open’ to development? And this was especially true when I started writing fanfiction, and I was writing Harry Potter fanfiction, primarily between/around PoA and GoF. So of course, things were changing all the time. Of course some stuff got completely retconned, but it’s quite incredible how many fics in that period of time were accustomed to leaving aspects of characters ‘open for growth to factor in new books’ as much as they were for filling in blank spaces with headcanons.


Yasuo is a complicated character.

He is morally grey, his story is composed of allegiances made and betrayals, all doused in a healthy coating of bloodshed. His demeanor after he is driven from the life he knew is that of a wanderer, with a sole-purpose to fulfill. But on this road he comes off as a drunk, a sell-sword that looks to be wandering aimlessly with no regard for the lives he takes. To some, this sole purpose makes Yasuo a flat, boring character. But I see much more to him than what image he projects on the surface.

Yasuo is a being composed of RAGE. From the beginning, his home was amongst the Ionians. He studied the art of the blade to defend his country, kin, and the people of Ionia. He was an honor-bound samurai, just the path he chose was enough for people to know of his devotion.

And for all he sacrificed and worked for, it was all taken from him. His country viewed him as a traitor and a murderer, he was forced to take his own brother’s life… And sometimes it’s forgotten that it’s IONIANS who pursue Yasuo. It’s IONIANS that Yasuo has to fight off, to kill, in order to continue his quest for revenge and exacting his own form of justice to the person who killed the elder.

Yasuo is killing his countrymen who he grew up wishing to protect as a samurai.

His rage comes from the feeling of betrayal he feels. How could they think HE killed the elder? How could they send men and women after him, to run him down like a DOG? How could they make him KILL YONE?

There are moments in combat, where Yasuo feeds that rage within him when his sword takes another life. Part of Yasuo wants to become that demon that the Ionian’s, his PEOPLE view him as, just to feel some form of satisfaction in twisted rage.

This rage is incredibly dangerous. Yasuo knows it as well. To quell this rage, to dull his raw emotions and memories, that’s why he turns to drinking so often. Sake and Genshu become the medicine that tames the beast within him. Drink, keeps Yasuo from losing himself in the bloodshed that is forced on his hand, and drink is what reminds Yasuo that there is a purpose to his path.

Though, of course, there are moments of darkness where he doesn’t want to think about the past, present, or future at all. Those are the lows where the drink becomes an escape.

Practical Magic: The Senses (Pt. I)


Something that I love about magic is that while it plays toward the spirit and emotion, it also plays to the senses. This is because when certain sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and textures can often trigger certain emotions and memories which can add to the potency of spells and other magics. Different forms of witchery play to each differently and to varying degrees - garden witchery plays to sight and smell, aesthetic witches play to sight, and kitchen witchery does the go-big-or-go-home dance with all of the senses.

Making a strong lean toward your senses in your every day magic is not only fun, it’s incredibly practical! From a splash of color on the altar to the gentle scent of sandalwood drifting from the incense burner, you can turn simple activities into truly magical experiences!

The Witch of Sight

This is perhaps the most obvious bit of practical magic. Many witches can attest to the power of visualization and to how the beauty of an altar may set them into the right mood for magic. But a question remains - how can you make this play to your magic? How do you take something simple or ordinary, and make it something that can set you into that mood?

Let’s take altars for an example. You have all of your typical altar supplies - wands, athames, candles, incense burners, maybe a cauldron and pentacle, possibly a cup and a bowl, as well as a few crystals and/or statuettes. These are all things that practically scream “I AM A PLACE OF WITCHCRAFT, LOVE ME!” 

But altars are meant to be personal spaces of magic. Yes, you share the space with your gods and goddesses (if you follow any) but above all, it’s your space. And it’s meant to be a space of love and joy and peace. Decorate it in a way that will elevate those emotions in your magic. My altar, for example, has all of your typical witchy trappings - deity statues, a wand and athame, a cup and bowl, a pentacle, a cauldron, and a mortar and pestle, not to mention a few candles!

*looks into witchy drawers at the massive amounts of candles both homemade and store bought* Yeah, just a few candles!

But depending on the season and purpose of my altar, I begin to play with motifs and themes. Dragons are a staple to nearly all of my altars, as the sight of them gives me joy and a sense of freedom and strength. The stones I choose are obviously not chosen based off of visual appeal alone, but the way they’re laid out on the altar is always in a visually appealing grid - usually patterns that balance the altar and direct the eye to the center. If a Sabbat is near, I’ll decorate even further. My Brigid altar has cinnamon sticks on it, small white flowers, and candles with bright and loving colors - all of these are meant to bring about that mental sense of awakening spring and a spark of flame.

What is aesthetically pleasing to you? Bones? Get a few on your altar - skull candles are fairly common, and depending upon where you live, you may be able to find or purchase animal bones for your altar. Cats? Cat candles, pictures and statuettes of cats, and cat toys are great additions to the altar. Are you an enthusiast of art nouveau? Incorporate images into your altar that reflect that style! I guarantee you that there’s an art nouveau tarot deck out there! Set up your altar in flowing lines or floral patterns.

The altar is a bit obvious for magic, yes. So what about other aspects to visual magic? Spell bottles, spell jars, sigils, and spell candles all are heavily influenced by visual queues. Use colors that spark the emotion you’re trying to bring about. Do you love the sight of herbs floating around in your oils, or do you find it too chaotic and would prefer to infuse the oils and sift out the herbs? Do you mix all of your ingredients for your jars and bottles, finding joy in the patterns that take form in the jumbled chaos, or is there comfort in the layering of the contents so that you have an orderly rainbow?

Does your bread pudding for Imbolc look visually stunning, with dried cranberries and swirls of cinnamon and nutmeg on top? What kinds of feelings do swirly sigils give you compared to angular sigils?

These are all things to take into account in your day-to-day witchy life. Visual stimuli can enhance or invoke emotion. You don’t need to be an artist to make something beautiful. Apply them to even the little things!

As for forms of magic that are practically devoted to visual stimuli, the first thing that comes to my mind would be glamour. Through the use of charged cosmetics, you’re able to essentially paint your spells and sigils while applying makeup. Often, glamour spells are meant to enhance beauty and bring about self empowerment, and with the right balance, you can imbue your makeup and your expression with strong confidence!

Garden magic is another good one for this. Don’t just rely on the correspondences of the plants you grow. Arrange them in ways that are also visually appealing. If it’s a flower garden, do you prefer rows and neatly separated groups of flowers, or do you love mixing and leveling your plants in a way that would make even a faerie blush?

See what you can do with your sense of sight in your daily magics!

Blessed Be! )O(

                                                            drabble ✮ || about ego.

THE MUSIC STOPS  within his heart.  the flame already erect  &  silent.  it has no more to say,  leaving him with the permission of brutality,  just behind it,  comes another flame that draws your eyes to watch its peak.  justice  &  vengeance walk hand in hand,  outlawed,  the sepulchered  9  year old rises from his carnel-caves.  the ivory of his eyne recover from the ebony of the stars,  of  ETERNITY  wanting to etch himself in under his ribs that feel broken.  

pierced through by pain  ;  who dares  HURT  his mother.  ire behests chapped lips,  manifold heartrending,  diadem of his stars,  they catch fire too  &  they start rolling off his dark mantle that spells out his name to the universe.  basilisk-glance afire,  it’s easier to hate when there’s nothing to forgive.  Peter Quill rises from below the ashlar,  heart flitting.  this is his cimmerian night.  he killed  HER.  he killed  his mother.  he just killed him where he stands.  

every strand of muscle that feeds ethereal ichor into his veins is charred.  asphyxia in his lungs  &  he remembers river lillies abloom upon cherry picked cheeks of the woman who bore him.  she bore him  &  paid a  PRICE  for her thaumaturgy.  teeth grinding,  the sacred gardens under his ribs are dead,  moribund moon,  vultures amorphous at the tips of his digits.  a god dies  ;  a god is born in the eight circle of hell.  he stands  &  stays  &  he’s burning  !  pinion his purloined youth in the fire,  let rise a  KNIGHT  in phoenix ash,  not a hero but a man seeking roric vengeance.  

brows knit as crimson is splattered upon his canvas.  ianthine all around for the undulant waters of reason are left behind.  he can feel it  ;  he’s lost the war inside his head to his own  &  it bifurcates him whole.  this sower of dissension  &  scandal,  for this the savior of the universe will split him,  even if he knows he will deck out so cruelly,  replace every one of his throngs to come after him again.  the remnants of who he was in the mirror are shards he can longer put together  :  he’s faceless,  nameless for a few seconds,  no one but a small child taken by the stained hands of fate.  

no one knows how he thufts himself like quavering primroses.  battle-dinted,  there was beauty in war,  beauty in being beleaguered,  beauty in rebellion  &   beauty in the aeonian flame,  beauty in longanimity if it provided salvation.  forearms bellow for meaningless action,  action that bears no result just yet.  he will carry his bellicose heart above the water,  under the clouds,  inside the constellations of his eyes  :  he will remain,  fully armored  &  staring down at Death  &  her solitude.  his love for his mother is the last sprinkle of faith,  little diamonds befalling the flame.  

he shoots  &  shoots,  &  shoots away.

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kaldur with an s/o who can't swim is literally the most patient and cute boyfriend ever. like when he decides to teach them how to swim he brings the floaties out and is an incredible teacher.

i hate to interrupt ur swimming hc but i’m laughing ok so

if they can’t swim but need to Reach Some Place over water kaldur just kinda. puts them on his shoulders and has them sit on his back while he swims over there w them and. it’s so Surreal because you can barely see him bc he’s breathing underwater. when they Emerge they’re still on his shoulders and only slightly damp from where they were sitting on him 

when will ur fave Ever

Wow yes okay

I’m dedicating an entire video JUST to fresh angst…

Because I enjoy making my favourite characters cry

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[This is a WIP!]