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Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)


Hello, Perry. I don’t really know why I’m here, but Nurse Espinosa said if I didn’t swing by, she would stop coming over to my house and giving instructions to my pool boy. He speaks perfect English, but he doesn’t have any front teeth, so I can never look at him without laughing.

On Coming Home

How to Leave Her When She Drops You at the Airport:

Step 1: Try to stay

Step 2: You can’t stay

Step 3: Go

It’s funny walking away from someone when it feels like the absolute wrong thing to do. It’s funny because what can you do but laugh at the way your bones are saying if you drop the bags and run you could still catch her before she drives away and your brain is saying go find where to check in, I think I need a snack, where is my passport? Bleakness, blues, then banalities, boring details. Contrasts. Bones, brains, funny words. Funny times. It’s funny, so don’t cry.

How to Not Cry After She Drops You at the Airport:

Step 1: Don’t read anything she wrote for you

Step 2: Read it. You are fighting a losing battle, my dear.

You’re in transit now. The purgatory of the gates and the desks and the tickets and all the things that seemed so new and exciting the first time around. They were the crescendo turned now to diminuendo, they’re playing you out when you’re ready for encore, encore, one day more, just give me one more day and I swear I will go home then and I will find it funny and I will not read anything she wrote for me. And I will go home. I swear.

How to Come Home:

Step 1: You have no choice.

There are little bright things everywhere, and sand everywhere. Everything is ending - that’s funny, right? Your bedroom floor has chips of another land’s glass, your book is filled with another hand’s work, and you can’t look at the things you bought that match. You remember her beside you - easy to reach out to, easy to see, easy to watch - you watched each other - but mostly you watched other things together. 

She’s not near you now. Still you look into air as if you could see her and laugh, because it’s funny - it’s funny! And because it gives you a wisp of the feeling -

- you had before.

How to Leave a Friend Behind:

Step One: Walk Out the Door.

At one point after they got together Combeferre asks Courfeyrac when he realized that he was in love with him and Courfeyrac smiles and is like, ‘You remember that time it was like 2am and you wanted to go stargazing and we got drunk and then you started pointing out constellations of my freckles?’

And then two seconds later, ‘No, wait, it was earlier, Gavroche’s, what was it, nineth birthday? When he scraped his knee and you only had those patches with the dinosaurs on them and started explaining the magical power of dinosaurs until he stopped crying and told you that was total bulshit.’

And ‘Oh no, wait, it was before, when we graduated and you did the speech and were like, we’re going to start our life now, and looked at me and I thought yes, OUR life…’

‘No, shit, remember in eighth grade…’

‘Wait, when did you get your glasses?’

And after half an hour of rambling he just realizes that he doesn’t remember exactly when he fell in love Combeferre because maybe, probably, he totally has always been in love with him.  

And Combeferre just takes his hand and smiles because, ‘Well, we did get married in kindergarden, didn’t we?’

Wow yes okay

I’m dedicating an entire video JUST to fresh angst…

Because I enjoy making my favourite characters cry

[Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

[This is a WIP!]


DNA WEEK: day 6 - hero
└favorite character ⇒ miyuki kazuya

“a battery consists of both the pitcher and the catcher. it doesn’t matter who’s older. if it means making the pitcher shine, i’ll do whatever it takes. i’ll lie if i have to and make myself hated if i have to.”

Sometimes I get really emotional about the ‘Bossuet and Joly had conducted Grantaire back towards cheerfulness’ part in the brick (which is so beautiful and important to me alright?!) so have some modern AU headcanons about Bossuet and Joly being amazing friends helping Grantaire with his insecurities and depression: 

  • Joly puts little sticky-notes reminder everywhere with ‘Don’t forget to drink some water’ or ‘Have you eaten your vegetables today, young man?’
  • They made playlists (and actual mixtapes) for Grantaire’s car and phone titled ‘The super duper happy mix with J&B (Jugs & Banjos)’ or ‘Don’t worry, be absolutely amazing and awesome, wait, you already are’
  • Once when Grantaire was drunk he talked about the insecurities he has about his body and Joly and Bossuet spend a whole week singing ‘What makes you beautiful’ every time he walked into the room (Courfeyrac and Bahorel joined enthusiastically because for once they weren’t the only ones singing One Direction)
  • Bossuet’s sticky-notes are bright and mostly doodles of smiling emoji faces and he draws new ones every week and hides them in Grantaire’s fridge or towel drawer
  • On especially bad days when nothing really helps they make sure one of them can spend the day with Grantaire so he simply doesn’t have to be alone and in the evening the other one and Musichetta come over as well so all four of them sleep cuddled up in Grantaire’s bed until the morning and things look brighter again