queue is a strange word

  • Snow: All of the kids failed. That doesn't make sense! I'm doing everything exactly the way I used to.
  • Jasmine: Perhaps that's the problem. From what I heard, you had a very birdhouse building heavy curriculum.
  • Snow: Yeah. So?
  • Jasmine: So you're going straight from birdhouses to Newtonian physics? Does that seem like a proper progression?
  • Snow: Wow, you're right. I can't believe I skipped over the most crucial step: cool archery tricks.
  • Jasmine: What? No.
  • Snow: You get my bow and arrows from under my desk. I'll get this kids together. This is gonna be sick!
  • Jasmine: I didn't mean--
  • Snow: See you in ten. You're the best!
  • Jasmine:
  • Jasmine: I can't believe a kid is gonna die on my first day.

“Do I have other friends?” My words sounded so strange. Like a ridiculous joke with no punchline. Sun did her best to indulge me.

“No.” she said solemnly. “You aren’t the ‘friend’ type. Your idea of a friendship lasts about a week. Then we never see them again.”

“Oh,” Another stab of pain hit directly into my chest.

“You don’t talk about your home life much and the only reoccurring character is your sister.”

“My sister.” I repeated slowly.

“Yeah, Vic something or other.”

Finally something that sounded familiar. “Victoria?

”Yeah, that’s it. Though I’ve never understood how you two are related. She looks nothing like you.”

“Does she live here? In…”



I forgot how much I love this song until I came across it just a bit ago.