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If you were Yuma's wife...

* you’d spend a lot of time with his brothers
* you’d also enjoy your time alone
* even if you’re alone, everybody in the mansion would hear your screams
* moans too, but less, he wouldn’t be that gentle
* you’d always have a lot of bruises and marks on your body
* you’d have at least a few children and he’d gladly make even more of them
* you wouldn’t help him in garden too often since you’d have to take care of your children
* you’d make a lot of food for him when he’s working
* he’d always eat EVERYTHING you make for him
* you’d have to use vegetables from his garden
* he’d get slightly nervous every time you went to a shop and you’d have to remind him that vegetables aren’t the only thing you need
* you’d never EVER buy any vegetables, he wouldn’t let you
* you’d have a nice house in a small village
* you’d know your neighbors pretty good but they’d think your husband is a monster
* you’d have to buy a lot of sugar cubes and the shop assistant would always give them to you before you even ask
* your children would be pretty strong and brave
* he’d always be able to carry all of them at the same time
* he’d try to help them at lessons but he’d suck at it
* he’d try so hard
* you’d also do it in the shower after his working when he’s dirty as shit (literally)
* you’d also cuddle in the bathtub which would be pretty cute
* he’d like it if you fell asleep in his arms or on his lap
* he’d complain about it if you fell asleep in an uncomfortable for him position, but he’d like it anyways since it’s you
* he would try so hard to remember all the dates
* you’d make a lot of good food for his birthday * then you’d go with your children to a zoo
* and you’d leave your children for the night at his brothers’ place so you don’t have to hold on later
* it’d be a very very long night
* you’d be the happiest family ever

it happened again

I have such a huge backlog on my queue (like hundreds of pics lol) so sometimes I’ll be scrolling my dash and I’ll see some AWESOME art and I’ll go to like/reblog it only to realize that I’M the one who posted that lmao. This happens way more often than I would like to admit

So I am going to have to turn off anons for awhile because my inbox is distressing. I love the wonderful and supporting comments I get from time to time but someone has managed to get around me blocking them and I am tired and even though I try my best, their words get to me.

I also need to give myself a pep talk:

I am going to continue to strive to be the best person and artist I can be and pour love into my art and my comments on my reblogs and try my best to be the genuinely nice person I like to think I am, and if I never recover from some asshole trolls sabatoging my reputation and my art never gets close to the average note counts of this fandom’s art, it’s ok because I am making content that I am proud of, whether it be warm my heart Klance pieces, or shit posts that make me laugh.

I am an adult, and I will refuse to let middle school popularity politics ruin my day.

(Edited to add: I wish people would ask for receipts before they take some random blogs accusations at face value. I see so many “Don’t reblog this artist’s art they are a -” posts and I’m like, are you even gonna check?)


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“You need to be quiet.”

“Hey, quiet is my middle name. I was almost named Wallace ‘Quiet’ West—”

“This is exactly what I mean.”

Of course his big mouth was the hardest part of sneaking Kid Flash into the tower. Hidden in the darkness of the hallway, Raven waited until they were past the first surge of energy she felt (from the study, of course Robin was still up) before she placed a finger to his lips, gaze steady and serious despite the tenderness.

“Don’t make me shut you up.”

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