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Shikadai: Hey Uncle Gaara, what did you think of my dad when you first met him?

Gaara: [sweats]

Boruto: Uncle Gaara! What was your first meeting with my stupid old man like?

Gaara: [sweats harder, sand armor clumping and crumbling away]

Metal Lee: Excuse me, Lord Kazekage! May I please inquire as to whether or not you and my father got along the first time you met?

Gaara: [sweats every drop of moisture out of his body, tremblingly topples to the floor] Is this…………. my hand…………………………


└ When Jun decides to take back his Comedy Leader role for a bit.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 15.07.2017

Bonus: Cos I agree.  MJ is…

Penny for your thoughts I know what you want

I can read your mind even from behind

The King's Avatar PV BGM
The King's Avatar PV BGM

If you haven’t watched the PV yet, please do, it is high quality content: [x]


Amidst all the art depression I’ve been going through after looking at my old works lately, I couldn’t help but compare the way I used to draw Ryou and Mariku’s hairstyles from last year to this year.

…I really need to improve in drawing these two dorks this year.