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"asian men were seen as threats" but isn't black men also seen as threats? Why one is fetishezed while the another is not?

I’m not sure what you mean by which one is fetishized and which one is not but I think that black men are fetishized in many ways whereas Asian men are desexualized in many ways. I’m not going to speak over black men so I can’t answer anything regarding their issues. Black men, please feel free to add any input.

As for Asian men, it started off with Chinese men coming to America in the mid-1800s, particularly during the Gold Rush. There was a lot of labor to be done during that time so this is where I’ll also begin the 4 major reasons why I think Asian men were desexualized:

1. Chinese men were willing to work for lower wages than white men and this obviously worked out better for employers. Eventually, many white men felt that Chinese men were taking away jobs from them and it lead to strong anti-Chinese sentiment with extreme events like the Rock Springs Massacre of 1885.

2. Chinese men turned to more “feminine” jobs like working with laundry, gardening, and cooking after eventually getting kicked out of more “masculine” jobs like fishing, farming, and mining. Back in those days, jobs were extremely “genderized,” not that they still aren’t today but you get what I mean.

3. Chinese men wore their hair in long ponytails (Queue). The Queue hairstyle was enforced by the first Manchu emperor of China and if Chinese men didn’t have it, they could be punishable by death. However, in America, long hair was often associated with women and femininity. White men probably thought of the Chinese men as not being “real men.”

4. A few Chinese men were marrying white women and this eventually lead to anti-miscegenation laws. From 1907 to 1922, white women lost their citizenship due to marriages with “foreigners" and could not apply for citizenship through the naturalization process if they married Asian men (thanks to the Cable Act of 1922). And who created these laws? White men of course.

TL;DR: So as you can see, it’s not that Chinese men were physically threatening to white men but rather they were threatening on a much deeper and wider scale. Chinese men were a threat to white men’s economic stability, wealth, power, status, and even marriage with white women. And we all know there’s nothing more fragile than the white male ego, especially when he thinks he’s entitled to everything. So what better way to destroy the images of Chinese men (and eventually all Asian men) by making us completely devoid of sexuality?

Note: This is probably one of the most cishet posts I’ve ever written and I definitely apologize for my privilege and especially to followers and readers who aren’t lmao.

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Amidst all the art depression I’ve been going through after looking at my old works lately, I couldn’t help but compare the way I used to draw Ryou and Mariku’s hairstyles from last year to this year.

…I really need to improve in drawing these two dorks this year.