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use your violent iron claws to break the lock that closes the space between our worlds, and come forth to bring destruction to our enemies!  –– gandora, the dragon of destruction!

“Yugi uses a silent/toy deck that focuses mainly on cards that have effects that happen gradually throughout the duel, like ‘silent wwordsman LV0′  &&  ‘ground erosion’  ..   for last resorts, he moves on to his ‘gandora the dragon of destruction’.”

The Evolution of Fire in YGO Duel Monsters

Episode 14:

Two-tone crayon fire


Episode 15:

Abruptly higher-quality fire


Episode 36:

Fire is slightly transparent now


Episode 45:

Virtual reality fire comes in two flavours; ground flavour and moth flavour


Episode 51:

Ahh! A fire!


Episode 65:

Unclear if fire or not?


Episode 71:

Weird clashing-animation-style billowing fire.



Bonus! Episode 69:

Magic homosexual fire

(to be continued)

This page is everything.

Look at how different he is from the “magic isn’t real, everything’s just a hallucination weh” Kaiba we’re all so used to seeing. This Kaiba exists in stark and direct contrast to that portrayal; here is a man who has a terrible and unshakable faith. The very thing he began his journey scoffing at is now what fuels him to push past his absolute limit.

and I think that’s incredibly rad.

Punk-ass short-ass hot-ass Pharaoh

(I put this together from a few screencaps and edited out Anzu - sorry Anzu but I wanted a decent picture of him in his hot not-Yugi’s-school-uniform outfit!)


you won’t break my spirit that easily! because my friends are always around to help me overcome any obstacle! watch my monsters dance their way to victory! ––  harpie lady sisters! 

Mai uses a ‘harpie’/burn deck which became extremely dedicated to swarming through cards such as ‘nighmare tri-mirror’ &&  ‘elegant egotist’. in addition, to match her new tough persona, her deck became more ruthless and powerful through cards such as ‘harpie lady phoenix formation’.