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i want the playable double

i want it so bad i can fUCKING TASTE IT

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“It’s hope” Angela told him over pancakes and coffee left too long perking. A good mix of morning, acrid black & sickly sweet artificial sugar. “The uniforms, the Slipstreams. When Overwatch came into a place, we were loud… people knew we were there to help” Shoulders pulled in shrug. “That hope was good, kept people alive until we could get to them. I’ve seen – ” Again Angela paused, inflecting. “I’ve seen miracles that had nothing to do with medicine, just wish there had been more of them."

Never a MORNING person, rather a FUNCTIONING one when he sun crested hills ( More accurately SEALINE ) towards another dawn. His sleep had become hers, JOSTLE of sheets & unleveled spread was the QUIETEST wakening. The wolf too, rose from slumber, bare feet to CARPENTRY unlike the other rooms of ‘derelict’ base.

They’d speak over coffee, MORNING routines before tasked workload took precedence. How peculiar the SUBJECT matter became ( At the expense of his OFF comments, no doubt )

“I’ve seen miracles that had nothing to do with medicine, just wish there had been more of them.“

Patients COMPLAINED of phantom pains & itches where none were to be found. Only they were able to feel that NEED & without sense enough to the observer’s eye, OFT were left at such dismissal. What was his HIDDEN anguish but irrelevant when the world took notice? Hand about mug, worn fingers RUB along the ceramic in nonverbal RETORT first,

           “ Doesn’t help they were rolling up to post-conflict zones in full armor. ”

A sip, HOTLY brewed then TEPID behind bearded lips. He hated that, the HALF truths that let loose in rare ( Albeit INDISTINGUISHABLE ) cases of feeling. Nothing that found the surface, emotions STONEWALLED behind a mess of wrinkle & scarring. What perhaps was witnessed; a mere shift of the jaw, click of mandible before the man rose up to FIX the contents of his mug;

      “ Should’ve demilitarized when it was best;

         No one to fight, so they turned on themselves. ”

‘Not the FIRST time it happened’ Silent notion meant for himself & the coffee machine.His disdain for the organization couldn’t be told to her       Not to ANYONE.


Gorillaz - Telekom Interview 2017

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               ❝ i mean, i waited for, like, nine hours
                   outside the theater to get a standing
                   room ticket for dear evan hansen… ❞

as committed as kamala was to
the conspiracies of pokemon, mj
was just as committed to seeing
the hottest show on broadway

                ❝ we’re both pretty fascinating, huh ?

bath-bath-Cat Zitao and his graceful high-jump…
[video cr.: CherryTAO]