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taking leave

Dear followers, 

i ( @janwo ) need to take a break of a few weeks to restore my mental and physical health to an acceptable level.  This blog,  as well as the connected sideblogs @mental-health-in-academia, @neurosengarten,  @linguistikforum will be run on autopilot and queue (5 posts per day) or will be tended to by @tyuditha.

I hope to be back by early to mid April.  Thank you for your patience. 

ugh I’m kinda getting tired of the age regression police (ppl who tell u who can and cant reblog from.) and I’m getting tired of labels. I was thinking of going to cglre, but some o my followers are even anti cglre from what I can tell (saying things like “oh that post was from cg//l//re” or “this sfw blog reblogs dd//lg content”) and honestly I don’t care anymore. I just wanna make a new blog were I just reblog whatever for a while then come back here. The queue should run for a few days and I might be back by then.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I just finished a 50 hour work week. Been exhausted every day and had a hard time keeping up the queue. Tomorrow is my last crazy day for a while. Should be getting to messages and a normal queue schedule Monday. Love you all tons and hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! :)

I was tagged by the amazing and wonderful @serafiiina-redux. Thank you!! Anyone who wants to play along is encouraged to free-associate and make your own alpha-factoids. ❤ 

A - apple slices for breakfast
B - boys; as in my delightful 8 year old twin boys
C - cat; he’s sleeping around here somewhere
D - discipline; as in I need some
E - Elizabeth; but I go by Liz
F - funny friends and family
G - God
H - happy
I - ice skating but not this weekend…
J - Japanese food (or should this be under S for sushi??)
K - karate lessons for my sons 
L - love and light 
M - Minecraft mom
N - naps 
O - ocean
P - pineapple on pizza
Q - queue is not very well sorted these days but I try
R - rebel
S - spiritual and at the same time, silly
T - tenacious
U - urban life; I miss you Chicago!
V - vexed on occasion, mostly with politics
W - wanton on occasion as well
X - what could I put under X?
Y - You
Z - zees was fun, thank you if you read zees far :D

anonymous asked:

I sent my submission did ya get it.

That’s a little vague. We’ve received quite a few submissions and asks over the past couple days. Story submissions going into the queue to be posted, and requests and prompts are compiled to be posted at a later time. So just because you don’t see it immediately doesn’t mean we didn’t get it.