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nts: *literally harass and attack neurodivergent children for headcanonning characters as being mentally ill or autistic etc*

nts: so heres my compilation of #edgy childrens media hcs! alice in wonderland is all about drugs and psychosis, all of the winnie the pooh characters are representative of mental illnesses, that girl from the rugrats is schizophrenic, 

starter call

*stares @ the 13 drafts I have*
*stares back @ the dash*

I feel Narsus’ muse is slowly coming back again.
so hmu peeps for a starter bcs I need new threads —- !!!! 
Length will vary from 1-2 paragraphs as I prefer something shorter atm. u3u <3

A girl is a navigator

A girl has an intimate relationship with the night.

We know the dark that folds us under her mantle,
and we know the dark that shrouds our menaces.

We know la luna protectora,
and the spotlight moon.

We know the soft spots in gravel roads,
and the rhythm of pavement.

A girl knows the exact decibels of her shoes.

We may not know which way is north
(we can’t see stars in the city)
but we have a sharp internal sextant.
She warns us when we’ve got ten seconds to casually cross the street.

We aren’t flâneuses; we’re geometers,
we take the hypotenuse home,
it has the most foot traffic.
Or else we take one of the legs, if la luna’s at the right angle.

A girl is always noticing, measuring, executing.

When a girl is lost at sea we keep count.


Video of the Day: White Bird by It’s a Beautiful Day, live 1970


Alright there it goes! Day one of the kiribaku week, I’m kinda hype to start posting these ngl haha - first set of prompts was studying/summer/anger!!! And I couldn’t pick just one prompt because I’m a mess like that