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I’ve always thought that this song is perfect for any slash M/M fanvid. C’mon are two dudes singing to each other “I’m made of little pieces of you”. But I never thought on any specific couple.

Till this morning.

Someone should make me a fanvid of Lito and Hernando (Sense8). This song is totally made of little pieces of them. 

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PS: I usually like to post official music videos, but in this case they put an unnecessary girl between both singers. 

Gender swap Reboot: Pretty Woman (Whatta Man)

Dear Hollywood:

I know you always love trendies (in Spanish: si no hago lo que veo, me meo) and since looks like the new trendy is Gender Swap Reboots, I have an idea for you:


You don’t even have to bother in make the cast, because I’ve already made it for you:

Eva Longoria as the bored Businesswoman that only wants a non-complicate sexual affair for a week.

Cameron Monaghan as the sexy redhead male prostitute that was on the right place at the right moment.

Tyler Posey as Cameron’s best friend and his mentor in male prostitute’s world. You can name him Lucas el Gato ( AKA Kit De Luca’s male version. Did you see what I did here? Did you see it? jeje)

Julia Roberts as the gentle Hotel Manager and Cameron’s pygmalion. I’m sure she will be delighted with the project.

Obviously you couldn’t call it Pretty Woman, since Cameron is pretty but not a woman. But worry not, my dear Hollywood. I have a solution for the title too. There is this classic song from the 90′s that it’s perfect for a shopping scene (where you can make Cameron dress and undress with lot of different pretty outfits):

I really wish you take my suggestion into consideration, because it’s a billion $ idea.

Sincerely yours,


PS: Needless to say that not a single reference about the age gap between the lead characters will be necessary. I carefully chose two actors with the same age that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts had in the original Pretty Woman.