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Star trek discovery thoughts after the last episode:

-Stamets and Culber’s kiss was perfect (queue Ed Sheeran’s perfect)

-Seeing Ash’s PTSD shows that not only women are a victim of rape but so are men so good job Discovery for shining a light on that

-Michael showing compassion towards Ash and actually tearing up and caring deeply showing that although she’s never been in love there’s a first time for everything

-Saru and Joann exchanging smiles and finally seeing Saru portray other emotions than fear which is great because he deserves to have moments without fear

-Lorca using eye droplets showing that even though he’s a ruthless captain he still is human with actual flaws instead of being portrait as an unrelatable superior

-Paul risking his life to save his crew showing he’s selfless and much more than people give him credit for

-Hugh being an absolute sweetheart and genuinely caring about Paul and accepting that Paul is reckless but understanding that he can’t change that but still loving him

-Tilly trying her best to make sure everything goes according to plan and trying to put everyone at ease

-The whole cast doing an amazing job and making me fall in love with each one of them and making me tear up every time something horrible happens

anonymous asked:

If you do get stuck in the queue is there still a chance you maybe able to get vip tickets?

yep! it depends on your venue and how much demand there is for tickets. some people were able to snatch vip tickets 20 minutes after they went on sale in brisbane! granted, we do have a smallish population compared to other cities (manila and aukland sold out within 1-2 minutes).

you’re gonna be okay, kid

a mix for the helpless
This is for you if you need that extra push to do what you want, i believe in you, and i hope this mix helps you believe in yourself too :]

1. Oh, What A Life - American Authors // 2. The Island Song - Ashley Eriksson // 3. Wings (Feat. Casey Lee Williams) - Jeff Williams // 4. Carry On - fun. // 5. Lego House - Ed Sheeran // 6. Oliver James - Fleet Foxes // 7. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz // 8. Spirits - The Strumbellas // 9. Welcome - Fort Minor // 10. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons // 11. Wings - Birdy // 12. This Year - The Mountain Goats // 13. Smile - Mikky Ekko // 14. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons // 15. The Valley - The Oh Hello’s // 16. His Theme - Toby Fox