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Ngl, this was giffed for entirely self indulgent reasons. This moment is simply the most romantic thing I have ever witnessed and it hurts ok? Look at Hannibal nuzzling Will and Will pressing his face into Hannibal’s neck and the mouth staring and the general murder husband aesthetic and every other goddamn thing *claws at face* 

And the fact that Hugh and Mads pretty much improvised this scene also kills me a bit.


When the bae tells you that they low key love you.

[2x08] [3x06] [3x13]

In all seriousness, Hannibal elucidating the fact that love is too banal a word to describe how he feels about Will Graham is why I adore their relationship. Love simply doesn’t sum up how they feel about each other. This is a relationship of conflicting extremes, an adoration of the purest and most destructive order, the kind that is fuelled by the darkest and most potent of feelings, love and hate being just a few. Each moment of intimacy is preceded by some horrific act of violence, each hushed argument blurring the lines between threat and reverence, every look they give the other mirroring the same uncertainty and puzzlement as to exactly why they feel like this. Anyway. This wasn’t supposed to turn into a meta but hey ho. If you need me I’ll be in the nearest trash can.