queue cares about your lonely soul

so yeah let me combine two of my favourite things– my immortal and les mis

  • enoby as the leader of the goff revolution and hermione as her guide and ron as the centre (hermione is the combeferre of the group, whereas ron is the courfeyrac). they sing ‘do you hear MCR sing?’
  • drarry as mariusette 'my name is draco malfoy.’ 'and mine’s vampire potter.’ and riddle sings with them in the background of 'a heart full of love’
  • after harry rejects him, tom belts out 'on my own’ while looking murderous and suave and miserable in the rain(and loopin would be like 'that songs sucks’)
  • that ministry guy as javert going undercover as a goff and when harry and tom get captured they sing 'a little fall of rain’('don’t you fret, mr. potter, i am immortal’)
  • but snoopin+their love child tom/satan+voldemort as patron minette: snoopin as guelemer(or brujon in the musical) and babet, tom as montparnasse, voldemort as claquesous
  • enoby going all 'who cares about your lonely souls?’ to drarry
  • but what about Britney the stupid prep as Javert, going as an undercover goff
  • even the darkest night shall end and MCR shall rise
  • except it’s……. voldemort and da death dealers!