queue bring out the best in me

You blow me away
Every day
The more I know
The more love grows
And it feels so right
Loving you, as though
I’d been aching for you
All my life
How are you this right for me?
It’s true, we don’t always
Agree, but we’re still
Yin and yang
You like to say
While I liken us
To leather and lace
We are opposite
In the best ways
Bringing out the best
In each other
—  Happy birthday, my beloved Howie! @mortalghost 🎉💗🎂😻💋🍪

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Hi I need some advice. I'm trans and I need to tell my parents but I don't know how to. I don't know how they feel about transgender people and I don't want them to disown me cause I have no one else..

You could always test the waters by bringing up trans issues or mentioning a trans celebrity. That way, you can gauge their reaction. If they react negatively, I don’t think it would be safe for you to come out, but you know your situation the best.

As for coming ou, you can choose to write a letter or an email if you would rather not tell them face-to-face. It depends on whether you want time to figure out how to say what you want to say, and whether you want to be there to answer any questions they might have.

- Ray


Fandom: Teen Wolf

Warnings: Some injuries (?) idk

Words: 714

Summary: You can talk with spirits and you’re Allison’s best friend and are in search with the pack of ways to bring Allison back to life ever since she died.

AU note: This will also be uploaded to @fanfiction-writers as well because I am a part of it for now.

Allison. About a month since she… died. Dead. Allison is dead. I couldn’t bear it. Nobody could. How could they? We all lost the person that lit up the room every time she walked in. “Y/N.” The person that was there for everyone. Friend or not. “Y/N..” She saved us. She saved us. If only I had gotten there in time. Maybe, just maybe, I could be in her place. I could save her.

“Y/N!” I heard Scott yell in my face, reminding me once again of the time and the place I was in. “Yes?” I shook my head, along with my thoughts. “What have you been thinking all this time I was talking to you?” He said, examining my eyes as if they’d betray me and tell him what I was actually thinking. “Uhm nothing, you know… Just trying to think of ways.” Lies. 

“Well I think I found a book that is going to help us.” Scott said, smiling lightly at the thought of bringing her back. Of being able to even try. “Really?” This was awesome. I felt my heart jumping slightly at his words. “Yes, come on. We actually need you to translate. It’s in greek.” Yes, I knew greek. I lived there my entire childhood and visited my hometown once again after the… incident.

“RESSURECTION.” I started translating. “One must sacrifice an immortal or the assasin that terminated the victims life.” My head slowly raising from the book to look at the pack. “So, we have to summon the Oni that killed her?” Lydia asked, clearly furious at the thought that she’d have to face again the reason her best friend was dead. “Yes.” I replied. “But how do we do that?” Stiles asked. “I mean do we light candles and sit in a circle and just call it?” “No.” Derek said and looked at me. “We have to go to where it took place.” I said.

Walking slowly, we all faced it, the place that Allison left her last breath on. There was still dried blood on the floor, sending a shiver down my spine. “Okay, let’s get it over with.” Isaac said and took my hand, rather roughly, and placed me in the middle. “Isaac, that hurts.” I said through gritted teeth, trying to escape his grip. “Y/N JUST DO IT!” He yelled in my face. Scott was instantly by him, taking him by the shoulders and bringing him back to where everyone is. “I will unless you fucking back off.” 

Isaac and I never were on good terms with each other. Ever since Allison got with him, I had a bad feeling. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t do much since she liked him. So, I just kept my mouth shut and respected her decision.

Focusing my mind on the appearance of that particular Oni, since it had an upside down 7 just above the end of its eye, I felt a breeze blowing slightly. I opened my eyes almost immediately and saw it far across from me. It tilted its head to the side and made its way towards me. The whole pack was in their positions. 

The Oni somehow managed to knock me out. I was on the floor, trying to steady myself from falling on my back and passing out. Stiles got me out from the middle and helped me get in his car. “Stay here this time, please.” He said, referring to that one time I tried to help them but, well, failed. “I will.” I said and smiled up to him. Stiles kissed my forehead and grabbed his metal baseball bat. “Let’s go show this bastard who’s the boss around here.” 

My vision blury, I could see nothing but faded out figures bouncing around. I heard what sounded like an explosion and then someone yell “It’s out.” I took that as my queue to focus once again. But this time not on an Oni, but on Allison. I shut my eyes desperately trying to bring my best friend back. I felt a figure sit next to me and I opened my eyes to look beside me. I couldn’t help but cry. Fortunately, she was sleeping. “Allison.”

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Nothing and No one worth having
or keeping is going to come easy,
you have to be willing to love
out loud and put up a fight for
who and what you can’t see yourself
living without. We live in a
generation where everybody looks
out for themselves. Everyone
is too busy protecting their heart,
so we all forget the purpose of
life is to live and love. When we
shelter ourselves from love with
the fear that we’ll end up broken
we don’t realize that we’re hurting
ourself more than anything. We lose
people due to our unwillingness to
be vulnerable. We put others hearts
at risk, feeling like it’s either me
or them.. but at some point you
have to let go of these fears, your
pride and ego & take a chance on
love. You have to allow a person to
bring out the best in you. You have
to trust who you share you with.
& you have to fight. You have to
stop quitting on people when shit
gets rough. I know you weren’t
raised to be a quitter.
—  Reyna Biddy
Conversations In Bed - 14/?

When Katherine Grant comes to town, Cat and Kara both need comforting afterward.

Kara came out of bathroom, ready for bed. She stood in the doorway for a moment, surveying her fiancée with a sympathetic expression. Cat was sitting up on her side of the bed, back leaning against the headboard, tablet in her hand. She adjusted her reading glasses as she swiped through emails, but Kara could tell she wasn’t really reading any of them.

As she watched, Kara noticed how Cat kept swallowing, like she was attempting to stop a lump from forming in her throat. Kara’s eyebrows knit together as she fought her own heartache.

After a few long seconds, Cat’s eyes closed and when she opened them, she took a sideways glance at Kara and said, “Stop staring, I’m fine.”

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honestly, not counting the mystery part, as a whole I was pretty satisfied with the season finale. We got:

  • KT bonding with RFS
  • Everyone becoming unevil
  • Everyone ended up happy (including Mara and omg I was so worried that she would be upset and just leave because it’s her last season and all and yeah)
  • Willow and Alfie making up
  • Jerome and Joy making up and kissing
  • Patricia and Eddie making up and kissing
  • and everyone discreetly doing the Sibuna hand sign at the very end
  • I don’t know about you but I’m pretty satisfied