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Mini Semi-Hiatus + Giveaway Update

Guess who has his first real vacation in years? This guy!!

Going to be heading out to Northern Cali next week with my family starting 3/21 through 3/25 or 3/26. I will have my queue running and all, but I will not be bringing my laptop with me nor will I be frequenting on my mobile. I will be trying to clear out all drafts and have them post throughout the week while I’m gone.

For the winners of the giveaway ( @hopelostindays @streetxcat @flxbber ) I just wanna apologize for taking as long as I have to get to those prizes. I will be doing my best to get them done before I leave, but most likely they will not be completed until after my trip. I will keep you guys updated though!!

honestly, not counting the mystery part, as a whole I was pretty satisfied with the season finale. We got:

  • KT bonding with RFS
  • Everyone becoming unevil
  • Everyone ended up happy (including Mara and omg I was so worried that she would be upset and just leave because it’s her last season and all and yeah)
  • Willow and Alfie making up
  • Jerome and Joy making up and kissing
  • Patricia and Eddie making up and kissing
  • and everyone discreetly doing the Sibuna hand sign at the very end
  • I don’t know about you but I’m pretty satisfied