queue before your king

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OMG yes! I had a few 1700′s style (or 70′s 1700′s revival…) shirts as a teen, and the tugging motion of pulling those laces from the jacket sleeves is very familiar! Though I didn’t wear leather, I had a ugly burgundy velvet jacket. And I drove a bicycle, not a sports car. (This was mainly David Bowie’s fault, I didn’t read VC until I was 18…)  That motion/gif reminds me of listening to glam rock from my walkman and feeling like the most bad ass under-appreciated 14 year old hot mess in town.

Ugly burgundy velvet jacket is also VC. There’s definitely some David Bowie in Lestat (fashion, looks, attitude, musical prowess, etc!). Especially Jareth!Bowie.

Goblin King vs. Brat Prince? I always thought these two moments were worth comparing and now you’ve given me an adequate excuse to do it! They’re both pining for the affections of a brunette… they both use a kid to try to hold onto their brunette… So many comparisons…

Lestat (and Jareth!) is kinda the most bad ass under-appreciated 14 21 200+ year old hot mess in town.