queue because i'm with my baby

I always had this headcanon that Sango and Miroku found out they were pregnant because InuYasha slapped Sango’s cup of sake out of her hand when she went to drink it. When probed about why he had done such a thing, he muttered something about how Kagome once told him that alcohol was bad for babies in the womb.

What if people started naming their kids after ship names?


So my expenditure on tangible items for my recent Japan trip. click the images for captions!

I think I blew more than my previous trip 3 months back, or it was about the same. I’m not sure.

I really had lots of fun in Hiroshima. Cried buckets when I had to come back to my country, back to reality, back to stressing for school. Haha!

But it was a nice trip for me to relax before going full throttle for my last semester in Polytechnic. I’m pretty sure this determination won’t last for long because 12 hours after I landed, I had to go back to school form my final year project so… -_-

13Oct 9.42pm (GMT+8) Edit:

Wow I totally forgot to add in my Kagepro rubber straps with the smiling Konoha tokuten ^_^“

  • Dad: So what's for dinner?
  • Mom: Ugh, I'm sick of cooking. Why don't you make something?
  • Dad: but you're the wife!
  • (queue semi-joking sexist banter about who had the babies and who brings home the money in this family)
  • Me (also semi-joking, as I walk by): Don't give in to the patriarchy, Mom
  • Mom: Oh, shut up Riy
  • Me: Oh my god, I was joking. I only said that because I know you're not a feminist. Which you should be!
  • Mom: Why should I??
  • Dad: Why are /you/ a feminist?? Why do you have to single out women?
  • Me: oh my god, feminism fights for equality of all sexes
  • Dad: I might as well be a- a masculinist!
  • Me: Oh my god
  • Dad: It's just not fair
  • Me: OH MY GOD