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Wow, this took longer than I meant to for a number of reasons, but I couldn’t resist doing this! Although I took it in a bit of a different direction. What can I say? Plot bunny latches on, you don’t let plot bunny go.

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below the cut is personal rambling that i am preemptively apologizing for.

tl;dr: i’m taking a (short) break, but i’m going to leave my queue running, so you probs won’t even notice. i love you and thank you for loving me (or at least my trash blog). :)

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anonymous asked:

How would members act if they were drunk?

Shownu: Smiley drunk. Shownu would be the type to be drinking with everybody but never gets out of hand. He drinks just as much as the person drinking the most but is always chillin. You can find him sitting down with a wide smile on his face, just people watching, his cheeks flushed red, and his eyes practically closed from smiling so hard.

Wonho: Affectionate drunk. Wonho is the type of drunk that gets really emotional and affectionate. Whether it be hugging everybody in arms reach, snuggling up on your shoulder, kissing whoever’s cheek that is within his grasps, or telling you how much you mean to him, he’s that type. He’s a little clingy and will hold onto you the entire night.

Minhyuk: Wild drunk. When you thought he couldn’t get more hyper, he’s even worse when he’s drunk. He’s the type to dance on tables, scream into microphones, start dance circles, and end up buying everyone’s drinks. He’s a good time though, not the annoying type of wild drunk, it’s just normal Minhyk x1000000.

Kihyun: Singing drunk. Kihyun is like the ‘drunken uncle’ type of drunk, he’s spending his drunken stupor in front of the karaoke machine. What started as fun, summer anthems has turned into sad, heartbreaking, tear-jerking ballads and he’s probably even crying himself at this point now. He’ll dedicate a song to everyone in the room, just to make sure everyone feels a little special.

Hyungwon: Sassy drunk. If you thought that sober Hyungwon was sassy, just wait til you see him drunk. He wouldn’t be blatantly rude, but if a type of drunk like Minhyuk came his way and started blabbing in his ear, he’d tell him to go away. Or when someone’s being annoying, he’ll tell them to shut up and give them a dirty look as he walks away. You just don’t wanna bother him but if he asks you for something, BRING IT, otherwise you’ll get an ear full.

Jooheon: Jooheon? No, Busta Rhymes. Jooheon would, no doubt, still be spitting mad rhymes. He’d start rapping out of nowhere, but with Minhyuk the hype man by his side, he’ll get the whole crowd hyped up and lit. Jooheon would also be an easily manipulated drunk, meaning you could literally get him to do anything. “Jooheon, do aegyo” and you’d hear that baby voice for the rest of the night.

I.M: Sleepy drunk. I.M would be doing great but as the alcohol begins to settle, he’s passed out in the corner on the couch before anyone even realizes. He’s peacefully asleep, probably with Wonho on his shoulder. No one even gives him a second glance because that’s literally just his drunk persona.


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I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

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anonymous asked:

I have sent in a confession about Hermione and Dumbledore's will, I've actually sent it twice, and I am wondering why it STILL hasn't shown up? I don't think it was offensive in any way. I'm not mad, just confused.

You sent that in recently, I know because I saw it both times. But we work from the oldest confessions to the newest and you’ve got quite a lot of them in front of yours. You probably won’t see it for a while. If you want it to show up faster, you can make a graphic yourself and submit that. That way we can put it directly into the queue and you wont have to wait for it to be made