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He could not understand it; but there were symptoms of intelligence between them—he thought so at least—symptoms of admiration on his side. When he was again in their company, he could not help remembering what he had seen; nor could he avoid observations which, unless it were like Cowper and his fire at twilight, “Myself creating what I saw,” brought him yet stronger suspicion of there being a something of private liking, of private understanding even, b e t w e e n Frank Churchill and Jane.

100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 6

More Ohmwrecker and CaRtOoNz~ * u * Because I have an addiction with the mix of R6 & the conversations these two have♥ and that IG’s videoooo omg…  


it is i, your friendly neighborhood law student, still pissed as fuck

so last semester and the semester before that, I opened up my inbox to anyone who wanted information about immigration law, since that’s what I was studying

and now I’m in my experiential learning class focusing on immigration and this bullshit with DACA happened

so I am once again allowing anyone to ask me questions about immigration law in general or DACA specifically, including but not limited to:

  • why jeff sessions is a lying sack of shit
  • why it’s fucking bizarre that he made that announcement at all
  • what DACA actually is (was) and what it does (did)
  • why the Dumpster Fire is allowed to do this (legally)
  • what’s going on with Congress
  • why anything that Donglebert Trumpeldink says about his decision is a fucking lie
  • anything I covered in my previous posts about immigration and asylum law
  • and much, much more

note that this is not intended as legal advice and i am not a lawyer (i’m definitely not your lawyer). consult with a real lawyer if you’re in legal danger, don’t use me in a court case. 

what you can use my stuff for:

  • winning a facebook argument
  • educating your racist uncle fred
  • learning new shit you didn’t know before because learning is fun
  • knowing what to put on a protest sign so you’re not being inaccurate
  • basically anything that’s not “but someone on the internet told me I could do that”

here’s my inbox, knock yourselves out

headcanon: Poe loves puns. he’s totally the kind of person who would laugh at his own dad jokes. everyone at the Resistance has pretty much had it with them, but sometimes (”hey, Finn. knock knock.” *heavy sigh* “who’s there?” “olive.” “olive who?” “olive you!” *cue dorky grin* “you’re impossible.” “but?” “… olive you too.”) … Finn doesn’t mind so much. “is Bee Bee hungry? no, Bee Bee ate!” didn’t go over very well with BB-8, though. (cue a series of annoyed beeps that translate to something like, “I’m a droid I don’t consume food, dumbass!”)