queue and the gang

i will bet real money that ronan sneezes like a kitten and everyone thinks it’s adorable and he just glares at everyone and is all like “call me cute one more time and I will s l i t  y o u” except not with adam cause it makes adam smile and ronan is a sucker for adam’s smile

  • Dimitri: When you've been a part of the Klaww Gang for as long as I have, you develop thick skin.
  • Sly: Green is not your color.
  • Dimitri: Green... BRINGS OUT MY EYES, YOU PRICK!

Key features of 2 weeks agos dnd:

- massive pet cockroach
- Luca is EXTREMELY shit at fighting and is guaranteed to nearly die every single battle
- Lu adorned some fuckboy clothes and they… took over him…
- siophera will do ANYTHING to get a free ride
- maverick is dating the devils son (…well… they haven’t put a label on it yet)
- this won’t stop the devil from trying to fucking annihilate us
- this is because Luca cheated in a betting game against him.
- farah finally got some pets, but unfortunately she is now a vessel for which the devil can speak.
- hool gets into hot tubs fully clothed
- ciopera gets into hot tubs fully naked and then drinks the soapy water.
- hool got a pet owl