queue and serenity

A Mew sleepover party! The kids are a bit older but you’ll see them at this age soon ^^ Hope everyone enjoys :)


Charlie, Jennavive and Oli
Eternal from @askthetapus
Mew from @daily-mew
Nam from @asklittlemew
Serene from @dammit-not-another-mew-blog
Merle from @askabraandmew
Leaf from @adventuring-mew
And two mews, Nyx and a secret from @ask-no151!


Vea: Heeey where are you taking me??

Safael: To the bed,

Vea: Whaat? I thought we’re going to wait until the wedding.

Safael: Who said there will be a wedding.

Vea: I! Didn’t you hear?

Safael: *sight* We’re not going to do anything unpure, you little nasty fox. You need a sleep. And a bath but I won’t help you with this.

Vea: Why? Are you afraid that you’ll get lost on mine body?



Happy Valley “Sailor Moon” || ハッピーバリー’セーラームーン’

Happy Valley “Sailor Moon” is a hybrid orchard flower and a special breed of Cymbidium. The yellow color of the flower inspired scientist Shigeru Makoto Kono to name it after Sailor Moon since the yellow color of the flower matched the color of Sailor Moon’s hair. 

The flower makes appearances on three manga images in the 5th artbook as well as on the cover of the 18th volume of the original manga.