queue : off to kill the man i love

beauty & the beast au
  • steve: you don't understand. bucky is NOT a monster
  • tony: if I didn't know any better I'd think you had feelings for that monster
  • steve: YOU'RE the monster
  • society: [rises up with tony to go after bucky] WE'RE OFF TO KILL THE BEAST
  • steve: I must find bucky and warn him
  • team cap: [rises up in defense of bucky as team iron man attacks]
  • [queue scene with steve storming in to save bucky who is in a final fight with tony]
  • tony: [taunting] were you in LOVE with him? [they grapple, tony is maimed]
  • bucky: [turns to steve] ...steve. you came back...
  • steve: of course I came back, I couldnt let them-
  • bucky: [injured] maybe its better this way
  • steve: it's not...please don't leave me, I love you
  • bucky: [survives, kisses him]

captain-lowlizah  asked:

What about Protective!Hannibal making sure he hits the water first instead of Will and that Will's face is tucked into his neck and that he has a firm hold on Will so they don't get separated in the current and using his body as a shield so Will doesn't get beaten up and battered by the waves.

Okay, I also got this from Anon:

So obviously Will and Hannibal survive but can you imagine the recovery period after the fall? How sappy and besotted Hannibal is going to be around Will because not only did he see the beauty in their becoming but then WILL THREW THEM FROM A CLIFF?! Such a dramatic, passionate overture by Will. And in that moment they were both so content. Hannibal is just not going to know what his emotions are doing (much like me after the finale) Just a constant state of “my GOD I love this man.”

And if it’s okay with you folks I’m going to reply to you both in the same place

Because *sings*  I’ve got a Theory!

I don’t think they went off that cliff at all.