queue you queue

if ronan’s a scorpio that means his birthday has to be somewhere in either the latter half of october or the first half of november which means trk also takes place in that range

can you imagine halloween rolling up on these kids after all the bs magic shenanigans they’d experienced over the past 3 weeks alone and all of them just collectively going “nah”


the school for good and evil professor august sader

no one knows if you will succeed, children. even me.
but the Storian chose you for a reason and it’s time to face it.
no more running. no more hiding.
the only way out is through your fairy tale.

short hiatus !!

i was/will be studying for a final on SEPTEMBER 1ST. this blog will be placed on a short hiatus until then !! my summer schedule is all over the place so i’m rlly sorry the blog’s activity has been sporadic !! but by then i will have all the time in the world to reply to you lovelies 

&& i will have new icons !! stay tuned !! 

anonymous asked:

*excited noises for The Ice Plague*

(I’m excited for it too, though I’d be more excited right now if I wasn’t currently being knocked down many pegs by what I’m terming the Super Virus that has made me ultra ill this week).

(But omg only one more chapter to write and it’s ready to go. Getting good feedback from my beta, I can’t wait for you to meet these characters, it’s super exciting. :D )