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I saw that other people were sharing their OCs so I thought I’d share my main one!! This is the only picture i have of him right now but this is my boy Lingua!! 
He’s a human experiment who escaped when he was 15 with his robot friend Vivre!! He’s really protective of Vivre and his boyfriend Alexander!! 
His real name is Alex and he’s a really talented hunter because he has claw hands! He hates large crowds, needles and anything to do with dentists!! 
Sorry for rambling on!! I hope you have a great day!!

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We all need to overcome certain things and to give ourselves the love we deserve! Because you matter! 

         HIATUS NOTICE:  APRIL 29th  -   MAY 17th  

                            if ur seeing this,  i’m in spain!! or really close to being… i mean ofc fingers crossed everything goes fine for flights and stuff!!  but anyways, since i graduated this year,  my sister and i saved up for a trip to spain which is finally here and i’m so excited!!  i’ve never been outside of north america so y’know this is a big deal,  different continent and all. 

                            while i’m in spain,  i will not have my laptop,  but  will have my phone, and i will have data,  as well as wifi occasionally.  i will be able to check in on my phone pretty regularly,  so if you need to message me for any reason  ( or just to say hi!! ),  i’ll hopefully get it very easily!!  i’m sure i’ll occasionally reblog things or make text posts or post photos but i won’t be able to do any actual writing while i’m away. 

                            if you’d like to follow my adventures in spain,  i invite you to add me on  s n a p c h a t : (  a s h a g r e y j o y y )  or on  i n s t a g r a m :  ( m a d e l i n e k e n d a l l m ) where i hope to be updating with pictures regularly!! 

                            have an amazing couple of weeks,  guys!!  gonna miss all y’all.  don’t be afraid to say hi!!


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   consider   this   as  a  plotting  call !  basically  if  you   wanna  talk  plots /  relationships / connections , etc ,  like  this  &  i’ll  jump  into  your  IM’S  for  some  brainstorming  ,  about  what  we  can  write  !  

I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately, friends…and I’m especially sad not to have been able to participate in My Gang to Me Day. :o( I have just been stupidly busy and exhausted (mentally, emotionally, physically), and I just don’t have the wherewithal for much social interaction at the moment. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus until the end of the school year in June, but feel free to leave messages and tag me in things while I’m away. I may not answer for a while, but I will answer…and a little encouragement sure wouldn’t go amiss. ;o)