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When I find myself in times of trouble, RDJ speaks to me.

Speaking words of shipping, let it be.


Art trade with kyatto *u* omg go check out her art she has such a lovely way of colouring things and she is so nice, too!!!

Ahh she wished for some touchy but not necessarily nsfw royai…and I somehow struggled with that a lot; I’m still kinda sorry because I don’t feel I drew what was meant… but I know she likes it and I am so glad and it was still absolutely fun for me to draw aaahhh but how can it not be if I get to draw more of the motif I’ve been drawing for two months now??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Do you consider MCR punk? I'm a fan but I don't really. Only their first album is punk-ish to me

Music-wise, they’re not punk. Maybe some punk influences on a few songs, but generally no.

-mod kip

gonna drag fiance and a friend to watch a bit of crit..ical rol..e as we eat, they are already interested in dnd and I’m hoping this will push them further in to it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cast change initial thoughts

Tonight was beautiful. One of the most powerful, wonderful, emotional evenings I have ever experienced. I’m not quite sure where to go from here to be honest. I know people have requested it, but I’m not sure I’m up to doing a full review of the show yet. I need time to digest and reflect and, to be quite frank, cry.

Safe to say that they were throwing their all into today. It was the best I’ve seen it, by a long shot. They are an incredible bunch of people, and I can’t believe how lucky the world has been to exist in the same time as this show. The whole cast was phenomenal, and the raw emotion in that room, and on that stage, was mind-blowing. They have done so much and come so far in a year, and to witness the cumulation of that was wonderful.

I have to mention Jamie though. He was on absolute fucking fire. Yes, there *may* have been a moment where a line escaped him, but he was nailing it all. And his act 4 was so emotionally hard - I was crying. Pure, cathartic, but bloody complicated crying. He did so well. I am so proud.

The queue for stage door was snaking around the theatre: I positioned myself along the side, near where his bike normally is. And waited (me getting nervous as I had to do a Jamie and run for my train). Then… the security guard utters 3 of the best words I’ve ever heard: ‘Jamie Parker’s coming’. And then, there he was. He and Noma legged it to the far end of the line so that no-one as left waiting for ages, and then he finally got to me. He recognised me, said 'Hey you’, and he then, once he’d seen my face and the state I was in but trying to hide, I started to out my arms out and he met me more than halfway with a hug. He thanked me for his gifts, saying they were totally unnecessary. We had a photo, and then he moved onto the next person.

I was in tears. Tonight meant more to me than I can say. In Jamie’s gift bag, I had included a letter (separate to his card) trying to explain why him as Harry means so much to me… and that meant revealing something deeply, deeply personal. I couldn’t find another way to do it, so I put it in there. Him thanking me for the gifts meant that he’d read my letter… and that he knew. That he knew this thing that has shaped who I am today, something that not many people know. And having him in that circle that knows is affirming. Cathartic. Jamie knows a bit more about me and for some reason that makes me calmer. Knowing he knows makes me feel that I can be more myself, that perhaps a little bit more of the front can come down. And that can only be a good thing.



What’s up everybody. It’s been a while but don’t worry, I’m still here. There hasn’t been a lot of new short manga to translate since my last post. I’m guessing people were preparing for Comiket that took place last week. I do have some projects in the pipeline so stay tuned! (date still to be defined)

Anyway, I wanted to share some pics from my hunt yesterday. This is my second time that I went to Comiket. The last time was C91 in December. I’ve heard that Comiket in summer is like hell but it wasn’t that bad like people claimed it to be. Though, I only went to the Love Live section. It must be a lot more worse for the more popular stuff and porn. Because that’s what people would camp overnight for. Luckily those get scanned and put on sadpanda.

I arrived around 11 AM and had to queue up for 30 minutes until I reached the entrance of the venue. After that it’s a slow but steady strut to the desired hall with the booths.

If anyone wants to go I highly recommend to plan what stuff you want to get, where it’s located and study the floor plan. The moment you get there it’s going to your checkpoints and scram. Comiket is not a fun place to loiter around. It’s like a big mosh pit and the only polite people you can find are the artists. But it’s still a fun experience and I will go again this winter. 

I actually forgot to get two books but thankfully Melonbooks has them in stock.


1x15 “The Benders”
“I kind of look out for the kid.”


I always thought we did share something in common which could beautifully transgress all further complexities: We knew how to look one another in the very core and get it right. And we did get it right. And a certain tenderness was always floating around during each exchange of glances. It was the kind of tenderness which perhaps whispered not merely “I see right through you” but also “I feel you. Right there. I feel your thoughts. I sense your mind. I accept whatever follows”; a strange build up of exciting and immediate intimacy. Yes, it’s always been about the eyes. Your eyes, mine…it’s always, always the eyes. x