Steggy Positivity Week Day 02: AU or Crossover- Florist/Tattoo Artist AU

It’s been months since Peggy left behind a promising career in business to work at Flower Girl, a flower shop in Brooklyn owned and operated by the ever cheerful and eternally motherly Winifred Barnes. The calm, relaxed atmosphere is a welcome change from the high stakes, high stress environment of the business world- that is, until a tattoo parlor opens up next door. Flower Girl’s new neighbors are raucous and rude, with a penchant for playing rock music at top volume, usually at odd hours. When Peggy marches in to give them a talking to, she finds something she doesn’t expect- a handsome, soft spoken artist named Steve Rogers, for whom, as time progresses, Peggy finds herself feeling not hatred but in fact its exact opposite.

The droning buzz of a tattoo needle, insistent as a jackhammer, settled in the base of Peggy’s skull the moment she stepped in the door of Howling Wolf Tattoo. She gritted her teeth against the sound-and her mounting headache-and marched up to the reception desk, fully prepared to air her grievances. She did not expect to find a handsome blond man sitting behind it drawing in what appeared to be a very well used notebook, and when he glanced up at her approach and asked “May I help you?” in a quiet, courteous voice, she found no words were forthcoming.


This bit of the City Elf origin always really, really gets me


It’s easy to lose sight of the value of money in games like this. When you’re not buying little necessities like food or shelter, it’s easy for all sense of proportion to vanish quickly, especially when you get to later parts of this game and you’ve got 300 sovereigns burning a hole in your pocket.

So I always really loved this moment, because it really stuck with me to drive the economic situation of the City Elves home. You get ten silvers on your wedding day, money scrimped and saved as a gift for you, and you can give it all to an old friend to let them rent a new place. It was a scene that really stuck with me as a bitty DAO newbie, playing through not only the Tabris origin but the game itself for the first time ever.

Suffice to say, getting to party camp and seeing a fancy enchanted set of armor going for 100 sovereigns was a real fucking “holy shit” moment. I’ve always kind of loved the game for doing that to me.

Quetie Queue Plans :)

So I finally finished reblogging all the Shipwrecked Passion posts over here (sorry for the spam!)

So I plan to take about a 2-3 day break with some Frolics and then I’ll start posting the second episode of Shipwrecked Passion! I have it all written, screenshots edited, so it’s a definite go! I just want to break it up a little bit.