Courtesy of andsoisyourface, I got to see a preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

And loved it. Can’t wait to see it again.

I’m not such a fanboy that I’m bereft of a few quibbles- the editing is too frenetic at times/casting Robert Redford isn’t enough to elevate some of the exposition- but I still rate this as the best big screen action flick I’ve seen in a looooooooooooong time.

As I’m now enjoying a Belgian beer, that’s it for the review. Mostly, I just wanted to credit my benefactor, gush a bit, and make one prediction about it for quetaratara:


sassymcknockers-deactivated2014  asked:

Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it!

1) I’m a 40 year old first time homeowner.  It’s intimidating and wonderful, and will be even better when my appliances arrive on Monday. 

2) Obi still doesn’t know what the hell is going on with this new structure we’re sleeping in.  However, I threw a pile of blankets on the couch, and now he’s resting quite comfortably so I think he’ll be fine. When he’s fine, I’m more likely to be. 

3) The origin of filmchris: a very dear friend of mine used to simply call me by name.  When he went to college, he needed a way to differentiate each Chris that he knew, so he started introducing me as Chris, The Nicest Guy I Know (not true, btw).  Then, when he moved to the Bay Area and I began teaching ballroom dance, he started introducing me as his Potentially Gay Friend Chris.  That stuck for quite awhile.  Eventually, I got my film degree and moved out to the Bay Area myself.  At that point, he started calling me filmchris, and even bought me the domain name filmchris.com so I could have a place to write about flicks. 

4) I haven’t renewed the domain name in a little while, but if you go to filmchris.wordpress.com you can still see my old writings, should you be so inclined.  I haven’t updated it in a long time, but that may change soon. 

5) Around Michigan, many of my old friends call me Chrispy. 

6) The origin of Chrispy: I worked at a local record store many moons ago (it’s how I met quetaratara).  One morning, while leisurely enjoying a morning conversation with my manager, Sheila, I answered the phone with a standard script:

“Kentwood Believe In Music, this is Chris speaking, how can I help you?”

The woman on the other line replied “Chrispy?" 

I paused, dumbfounded, while my manager examined the strange look on my face. 

"No, Chris speaking.”

“Oh.  Well, do you have such and such in stock?”

Post-phone call, Sheila demanded an explanation. And that was that.  Two decades on, I still get called Chrispy. 

7) I have found myself thinking about my ex-wife a lot lately.  More to the point, I have found myself wondering what her life is like now.  And even more to the point, I’ve found that I do still love her in some way.  Not romatically; I’ve no desire to be with her again.  I guess it’s as simple as saying that after loving someone for ten years, it doesn’t just go away.  Why I ever thought it would, I don’t know, because my divorced friends told me I’d get to this point.  I just didn’t believe them.  Last night, I told another old friend that I could almost see myself being friends with her again some day. 

Then I laughed.  Who knows. 

8) I’m not sure that some of the things in this list are random facts, so I better make a point of including one now: I’ve had two surgeries in my life.  The first was a deviated septum repair (on my birthday, eight years ago I think?).  The other was a tonsillectomy, just about two years ago.

Don’t get an adult tonsillectomy unless you absolutely must.  Just don’t. 

9) I don’t recall that I did a DC Tweetup writeup, but one of my favorite parts of it was sitting at the pub watching soccer with 2yellows.  Just drinking drinks, talking, enjoying company.  I love the big events and carousing, but those quieter moments are golden; they’re the reason to go. Anyone coming to MITU: I’d love it if you’d join me for a little coffee or whiskey on my back deck. 

Thank you for that, Jack. 

10) I met bestgirlbetty at last year’s MITU.  We spoke just a little, because I was confused about her name, but I’ll gladly be the 1000th person here to note how quickly she marked me.  What stood out to me immediately, and has remained ever since when I see a picture of her, is grace.  She has it.  Not fragility or something ethereal, but ease.  Ease that she radiates, that permeates those around her. 

Her presence is a gift.  Always. 

Tumblr kept me giggling all day.

Starting with titsandsass’ puppy not wanting to wake up

And then ratioofpeople2cake and her minime singing Beatles

mrbillforeal wants to kill the taliban, although he likes being felt up

OMG raysporch’s dancing! If you missed that, you have to go look. I actually blushed at the beginning.

Tarpo’s wishes for thatchris to have a good surgery and finally be able to pee standing up.

hopefloatsandsodoesshit looked epic in front of the rock n’ roll hall of fame.

The wolf pic that hyperboliceleste posted earlier made me tear up, I laughed so hard.

I giggled at poor quetaratara for watching a scary movie about a house just before she moves into a new, empty house.

buck4itt has some great ideas about perfume, even though he’s kind of an asshole today.

But as much as I love you all, nothing tops Ed posting his penis last night, sorry.  That was classic.

quetaratara replied to your post: Off to the club..


What?  I can’t hear you!  (I think even my thoughts are at a screaming level that place was so loud!)  Yes, I’m too old for that.  Not my favorite place at all.  Actually, I’m not sure I would ever go back there.  UGH!  (I do love my friend, she just needs to pick a better place for her fun next year.)