makaras-cod-deactivated20150109  asked:

How would you feel about me and my friend doing your street tier designes for our Male!Jane and Male!Roxy And if you wouldn't mind throwing us a small design please

i wouldn’t mind at all! and sure:

it’s very messy gomen unu

but yeah pretty much nothing would change except for some stuff on jane. who now has shorter sleeves and harem pants? also male!roxy’s shirt is shorter and his bag resembles rufioh’s backpack instead. i also updated the color palette :> hope this helps!

orlyyarlymarly-deactivated20140  asked:

Hi! I'm Mei, a fanatic HS cosplayer from Barcelona, and I loooooveeee your Street Tier designs <3 I want to cosplay the "street sprites" with some friends soon. My boyfriend wants to do ARquiusprite, but there's no design of him. He's the only alpha sprite missing D: Do you have some sketches or ideas for his outfit? Thank you very much for your help! <3

thank you! awhile ago i posted a simple idea for his outfit but i’m only acting on it just now so i whipped this up real quick —

as you can see it’s extremely uneventful! i figured there wasnt a whole lot i could do to arquiusprite without compromising him in some way so this is all that came out of that haha (his shoes would be super easy to find though ..)

sorry for it being incredibly lackluster but i hope this helps you out =v=

anonymous asked:

When you say 'sister aspect' for the color of your street tier shoes is there like a list of which ones go together or...

many have typically assumed how to pair them off based on the order the hoodies on whatpumpkin were released. it’s been somewhat evidenced by the beta kids’ [+ dirk’s] shoes. they are:

  • breath - light
  • time - space
  • mind - heart 
  • life - void
  • hope - doom
  • blood - rage

so, unless a pattern deems otherwise like the trolls sharing their shoe colors with their dreamselves, these color combinations are the safest bet to go with. 

moveddddddddddddddddddddddd-dea  asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, and I'm not sure if you do requests, but could you please draw meenah for me? If you don't do requests or anything andIi'm wasting your time, I'm sorry! I really like your art style, it's very nice! Have a nice day, and I hope that I wasn't bothersome.

aw gosh thanks!! i don’t normally do requests but i had a little bit o’ time on my hands —-

s’a quick doodle but i hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

In your colour-swap, how would the patron trolls go around?

i think the kids swapping each other’s patron trolls would technically make the most sense, so it’d look a little something like this:

though i have also toyed around with the idea of swapping by color, so it could also be blue!dave + cerulean!nepeta, red!john + teal!karkat, purple!jade + jade!equius, green!rose + mutant!terezi

orangetier  asked:

HHHHHH hitmanstuck is so good hgshkdhfsgkf, not to be a bother or anything, but when do you think you will release the other alpha trolls designs? uwu

thank you! and you’re not being a bother at all!

i know i only have maybe 3 or 4 designs left to do but if i’m being completely honest with myself, i’ve lost a lot of steam on this AU and i’m not as excited about its progression anymore …

this makes me extremely sad, but it doesn’t mean that i’m completely done with it! hell, i still get ridiculously happy when other people tell me that they like it and contribute to it through art/cosplay/etc! it really is such an honor. to answer your question, i probably will finish the designs one day, just not any time soon. i sincerely hope i’ll pick up on it again in the near future, though 8)

anonymous asked:

Why did you pick an axe for Color-swap Dave :3? Not saying it was a bad idea at all but just wondering.

i chose axes [and halberds or spears] for him because they combine blades with an overall hammer shape. also the manner in which you would wield an axe is similar to a hammer :)

i gave all of the swap!kids a weapon that reaches some kind of compromise with their own strife specibi and the weapon of the person they swapped with. e.g. john uses claymores and broadswords because of their weight factor and is a tad uncoordinated when using lighter blades.

afangirlsdelight  asked:

I love your Hitmanstuck AU, but I was wondering. What will you be doing for the Prospitans, Dersties, Felt, etc.?

haHAH good question! it’s about high-time i answered why the city has 5 regions:

  • skaia = terranos city; ‘skaia’ is a portmanteau of sky and gaia, so i went with the opposite and made the city’s name a combination of terra and ouranos
  • prospit = gold fortune district; a lavish community filled with jolly people; not exempt from corruption or violence, however
  • derse = veilchen borough; larger wealth disparities and an emphasis on heavy manufacturing; darker atmosphere
  • felt = emrallt; a very green section of the city dotted with mansions and huge buildings; really pretty but dangerous as fuck
  • mdinight crew = checkertown; by far the most sketchy and crime-ridden area of the city; known for its black/white color scheme
  • dreambubbles = somnium sector [a.k.a. somnium or sleepytown]; a really odd place where wild and unimaginable things tend to happen; kids and some city-goers tend to treat it as an urban myth

aaaand that’s all there is to it! though i think it was pretty easy for people to figure this out, hehe. 

i’m not sure how i’ll fit characters like the kings, queens, and exiles into the story but i’ll figure it out eventually. i promise you i won’t cop out and make them all business people kfjsdl

electricdropbeat  asked:

Top 5 all time fav mangas!!

this was probably something i missed the last time i did this, i’m so sorry … but i can tell you anyway?? 8)

my top 5 as of right now are:

  1. Gangsta. 
  2. Eyeshield 21
  3. Onepunch-man
  4. Ranma ½
  5. … drat uhhh OHSHC probs?

i used to follow Bleach, Naruto, and D.Gray-Man (it just got really confusing) but have long since given up ;;  i’m actually really horrible at keeping up with shit, but there are tons more series i’ve been meaning to give a try, though!

autonuked  asked:

hey! so a number of people asked me to make a tutorial of how i made my street tier jacket-and though i did already make it i made sure to reference you for art- and design C: it's in your street tier tag and name tag if you were curious!

oh this is pretty nifty, thank you!

this person did a great job with their john jacket so i’ll post the link here in case anyone wants to take a gander at it!

redsavant  asked:

Is it wrong that I saw the static effect on that kickass photoset and spent like two minutes trying to pick out the subtle horrifying things I was sure were embedded in the static?

not wrong at all! but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t think about throwing in a morbid frame or two during the process .. anyway i did the basic glitched frames but rj was the mastermind behind like 80% of the effects and animation

at least one frame for each kid had some symbolic reference and here are some of em:

there are more but ye i’ll leave interpretation up to you hehe

anonymous asked:

could there be derse/prospit letterman's????

i answered in the FAQ that while these are great ideas, i wouldn’t be able to add these options to the giveaway.

though i did some mock-ups out of curiosity …

these were done based on what’s available. for whatever reason it’s really hard to find yellow/white lettermans ……..

if i had my way, they’d look like this:

somniens  asked:

Hey I'm super sorry to bother you, but I'm not sure if you got the message I sent a few weeks ago, but I was wondering if You could do just a quick sketch of the back of the jacket for hitmanstuck!Nepeta. I just need to see where the tails attach and some logistics before I can start sewing... anyways thanks for your help either way!

aw dang sorry for the late reply!! i hope i didn’t delay you too much. anyway this is more so or less how i imagine it:

the [illegible] notes i wrote at the bottom basically describe it as a peacoat with tails added on. also the tails should be behind her. hope this helps!

geminiio-deactivated20141113  asked:

I just went reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally far back on your blog and I wanted to let you know that I love how your art has evolved!! uwu

damn man i

i really wanna single out this ask for my last post leading into 2014 b/c i pretty much never get messages like these — about how much progress i’ve made and if i’ve improved. its a process and during the time i couldnt really see it myself even though a small part of me feels it so when i saw this it made me really happy uwu;;

as an artist its

really important for me to hear something like that sometimes, especially when the going gets rough and nothings turning out the way you want it to and ur the type of person who is way too hard on themselves

so yeah i say it a lot but really, thank u so much and more thanks for staying a long for the ride on this blog! lets keep at honing our interests and hobbies and being proud of what we’ve done evERYONE KEEP BEING AWESOME HERE WE GOOOOOO