Okay so a few days ago in class… after a student appreciation free lunch that I doodled a little gamzee asking “Ya WaNnA bUy A pOtIoN hOnK?” I suddenly got a weird idea for a sorta queststuck thing, where in it the aspects are just guilds and what their titles are are just ranks with pages as lowest and Princes as Highest, basically each title/rank has different jobs they must do for example shown here, Karkat as a Knight class, is sent to go out and protect the people/trolls of the world and also slay monsters for “Quests” while Bards are kinda like merchants… but also the people you do not want to fuck with on a bad day and the Rage Guild is the Most Dangerous right next to the Doom Guild… so you REALLY don’t want to fuck with Bard of Rage Gamzee….. 

Also I just really like how this turned out :) May just ink and color it later on down the road.

Ascension: Main Character Post: John Egbert

Yes, there is an actual naming system for the names of the characters. It’s partially explained and really obvious you guys, for real. If soemthing doesn’t make sense I apologize, please elt me know, and as long as it doesn’t have to do with spoilers about the actual story itself (which I do have planned out completely already), I’ll update this! This may be updated at any time. Original character posts will be udated with information, rather than a seperate post being made. I suck at spelling, deal with it.

I do so hope you enjoy this, reader!

I will post something separate about the magic system and the anti-magic system after Tuesday, as I find it really interesting. And without further ado: John Egbert His Royal Highness John Bert de Terne

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QuestStuck Info


It’s mainly about my group of friends and I joining Sburbs- And how it would play out for us! We’ve pre though almost everything. Updates will be here and there- Both of us are pretty lazy- She’s more productive than I am.

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Players so far:

Maddi Liddel

Jane Liddel

Christy Jones

Devon Henriksen

Sawyer Cook

Jesse Kean
Guardians -
Maddi & Janes- Dad
Christy - Cousin Rosey
Devon - Mom
Sawyer - (???)
Jesse- (???)