A Magical (and Nerdy) Mindset Shift

1. I love videogames.

2. I (often) sometimes take life, my goals, and myself way too seriously.

The other morning, I was struck with an idea to combine gaming with my life in a way that would help me to shift my mindset around some things, and have more fun in general. 

It’s working, and I want to share it with you. 

The gist of it is that I start my day as if I was The Hero of Our Story, setting out on my grand adventure. I pick my Equipment, a few Buffs, a Potion, and my Quests.

I sit down for a few minutes in the morning to write down what I’ve picked, and what it does for me. Here’s an example from today, and I try to limit each area to three slots so I don’t get overwhelmed or take up too much time.


Today I put on a comfy yellow sweater, a carnelian necklace, and a dragonfly scarf. BORING. See, this is an adventure. What did I actually put on?

  • Carnelian Necklace of Creative Fire: +100 to confidence and creativity
  • Yellow-Gold Sweater of Sunshine: Absorbs and radiates light and joy as needed.

  • Dragonfly Scarf of Transformation: +50 to positivity. Banishes low vibration thoughts, actions, and energies, so the soul can grow.


These are essentially affirmations, but I imagine them as a “buff” or aura that’s with me all day long.

  • Blessing of Motivation: I am driven to accomplish my goals today.

  • Aura of Gratitude: I recognize and am grateful for everything that enters into my life.

  • Strength of Spirit: I am strong, but gentle, and I share my warmth willingly.


  • Special Sip of Synchronicity: (Coffeeeeeee) This guarantees that something magical and amazing will happen to me today.


Seriously, what’s a hero without their quests? 

  • #1: I will finish designing the super secret special project
  • #2: I will market my book in at least one way today

  • #3: I will take a side-quest to wash the dishes and vanquish the filthy kitchen

And then, finally, we have what might be the most important part of this exercise, which is the inventory. Your inventory will start out empty, but fill up quickly as you go through the day and collect good thoughts and experiences. It’s essentially a gratitude list. Here’s an example from yesterday of what I picked up throughout my adventure.


  • 1 New Subscriber (Yay!)
  • 1 Free Gift Given (Awesome!)
  • A New Firestarter Session rocked my world (Amazing!)
  • A beautiful and soulful bracelet from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (thankyouthankyouthankyou)
  • A super sweet compliment from Queenie (<3 <3 <3)
  • etc. etc. etc.

If you got something or gave something, and it even for a moment lit up your day, acknowledge it. Build up your gratitude, build up your light. Level UP!

You can pull makeup and other things into the equipment, too. Yesterday I applied Golden Lip Gloss of Beauty and Luxury, and Sweet Patchouli Perfume of Pleasure to remind myself that every moment is one worth savoring.

Run wild with this. What do you want from today?

Suit up. Have fun. Embrace your inner-Hero. 

And oh my goodness, if anyone out there tries this please share? I want to know how you tackled your own adventures!

“As convenient as fast travel is, I choose not to use it because of the colossal size and beauty of Skyrim. Even if I’m travelling from Riften to Solitude, I walk the whole way due to the amount of wonders, items and side quests that you can find, which you’d otherwise miss with fast travel. Personally, unless you’re trying to speed run the game, I think fast travel detracts from the whole Skyrim experience.”

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Kid in a fridge

So there’s this little quest I randomly found on my way to another quest called ‘Kid in a fridge’ where a kid hid in a fridge before the bombs went off 200 years ago (yeah, poor lil guy has been trapped in the fridge for 200 years) and he’s been alive but ghoulified, so when I let him out I had Hancock with me. The kid wants to go to try and find his parents at his home. You have the option to assume they’re dead or offer to escort him there to look.

When you start walking, look back after a few steps and a slaver named bullet will be following you, talk to him and he says 'cute kid, how much?’

I told him to fuck off, the kid stays with me and omg Hancock honey you sweet little raisin, he LOVES it when you tell bullet that. You don’t have to kill Bullet, but that pissed me off so as soon as he turned around I put a bullet in the back of his head.

Protect lil ghoul child at all costs.

Turns out his parents are at their house, alive, and both ghouls and omfg this is what I live for; ghoul family reunions.

If his parents were dead you bet Leona would be all over adopting the lil ghoul with Hancock.

Solarpunk questing

Or, the answer to a question nobody was asking: How do we prevent ‘small town syndrome” setting in? (If that’s not an actual thing people have researched, it ought to be.)

So I see a lot of posts saying that we should decentralize our society; it will be better for the environment, it’ll allow us to form deeper connections, etc. I agree with all of that. I support it. But there’s a reason that small town America is so feared and loathed by everyone (especially the people who live in one, aka me). 

Traditionally, small towns are close-minded, resistant to change, and unwilling to welcome strangers. How would a solarpunk society, one based on diversity and celebrating multicultural heritages, deal with this potentially isolating town structure?

Okay, here’s my answer: a Wandering. Just imagine that when a kid reaches maturity (anywhere from ages 16-26, whenever the CHILD feels ready) they are sent on basically a world trip. Some of them have specific destinations, and some don’t. For example, my city of Roanoke Virginia has a sister city in South Korea, Wonju. We have a whole street named after Wonju, and they have a whole street named after Roanoke. Imagine that we create closer ties with each other by sending our Wandering youngsters there - it’ll expose them to new cultures and by the end they’ll have travelled across a good portion of the globe.

The point of a Wandering isn’t just to get someplace: many don’t have concrete destinations because the point is in the trip itself. Find new places, see new things. And most important: look for someplace you belong. For a lot of kids, that place could be back at home. But if you don’t fit in where you grew up, your Wandering is your key to freedom. Settle down someplace you belong, even if it takes you years to find it.

Wanderings usually take at least two years; transportation is mostly by foot, bike, or boat. But with the solar trees and smart-phone technology, it would be easy to keep in touch with your folks back home. 

On top of that, people often go Wandering in groups. The kids you grew up with (probably a pretty wide age spread, but waiting for your friends to be ready to Wander isn’t unheard of) will be the ones to go exploring with you. Safety in numbers, and all that. 

Often you would stay in the homes of people willing to host Wanderers, but there might be hostels kept up by the community depending on how often they get travelers. If the town you’re staying in has a lot of Wandering traffic they might keep up a building just for travelers, for example. 

So that’s my collection of thoughts on how we would remain connected to a global community while calling for a return of power to individual communities. Those supporting globalization will call it a paradox: it would be easy to say that our wish for empowered communities means shutting down communication and leads to isolationism. 

I say that the internet has opened doors to communication that we haven’t even touched yet. And a network of communication that extends across the globe is already in place, can be powered by solar energy. Easy.

I’m working from home this morning, and I logged into my Outlook email to discover I had an overdue appointment that I should have gone to starting at 11am yesterday and ending at noon tomorrow. 

Now this is weird, because yesterday my webmail calendar didn’t show any appointments at all and the only one today was the staff meeting I have to leave for in about fifteen minutes. So this appointment, which begins at 11am yesterday, wasn’t there yesterday.

It also has no sender or other invitees, which means the computer thinks I made this appointment. I didn’t make this appointment. I would remember if I had made an appointment between logging out at 4pm yesterday and logging in at eight this morning. 

The appointment is titled “Bear Foot Walk”. 

Not barefoot walk. Bear Foot Walk. Capital letters and all. If you google Bear Foot Walk you get basically a bunch of “barefoot walk” terribly misspelled, so it’s not like it’s an event I somehow invited myself to. 

Am…am I being summoned on some kind of quest? Bears aren’t really a thing in Chicago, or in my life in general. Owls, coyotes, camels, yes; bears not so much.


Fallout 4 Plots with Wasted Potential

*spoilers for the game in general*

~ Acadia and the Railroad:

        We can tell DiMA that we are part of any of the 3 major factions and for each of them we have the option of a mini quest series that decides the fate of Acadia.  

Except the Railroad, it seems.  

We can go and tell one random npc (Boxer - who seems like an absolute babe of a synth but is reduced to forgettable after we speak to her ‘once’ ) and she moves to Acadia.   That’s it.  End of quest line. 

Apparently Desdemona and Doc Carrington don’t need this life changing information, just Boxer is going to head on over there and live her life hanging out with DiMA and co.  

I would have loved a bit of dipolmacy here.  Where we talk to Des & Carrington then speak with the leading trio at Acadia to arrange an alliance in the interest of smuggling synths safely out of the Commonwealth.

Maybe even go with Chase (and or Glory) to clear out some areas to create a new safe house or two and make a new route.   Nope. 

~ Danse and Blind Betrayal: 

      Not only did they cut the content in which Danse challenges Elder Maxson (and presumably kicks his arse in one on one combat - which I would had ADORED to see) but they also don’t update his character at all after the quest line is complete.  I know that people don’t change over night but he has an interaction with the Sole Survivor about his right to exist.  One of the options is

Sole: “You are the proof that Maxson is wrong (about synths)”
Danse: “Y-you’re right!”

I am hoping there is ‘something’ in the Nuka World DLC with him because right now it feels like a ‘half story’ with him.

~ The Valentine Detective Agency:

       Granted this one is more on a greed note but still.  There is a base for quests here.  Lost items and people that we need to track down in the Commonwealth.  

I loved the Murder Mystery in Vault 118 in Far Harbor.

It’s understandable why we didn’t get many as I imagine they take up a lot of time to design and create but Nick Valentine and his agency is such a big deal in the main story line I would have loved to work more with the Agency that we are supposedly working for. 

Is there anything else you guys think we’ve missed out on in the game?  Place your thoughts here or else send a PM.