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Day Eighty-One

-A pair of jocks came through my lane, eager to make their purchases of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. I can only hope that this was in preparation for a niche offshoot of chess boxing.

-A girl handed her grandmother a five-dollar bill to purchase something for her. After the purchase was made, the girl demanded her money back, as since the item was now bought, the grandmother has no need for it anymore. This has been the ultimate hustle and I am grateful to have been taking notes.

-After I asked a woman a question, she immediately became defensive. I am not sure if I went too far and overstepped the acceptable boundaries of cashier conversation. She stood there, suspicious wondering how I could ask such a question. I stood there, scanning, regretting asking how she was.

-A man called the store to ask permission to ride his hoverboard. He was denied, but I expect the kind of man who wishes to ride a hoverboard to do his shopping is not the kind of man to take no for an answer.

-A kid warned his mother not to eat her credit card. I did not see anything to cause this concern, but I trust he knows her better than I do.

-I was told by an elderly woman that she wished card readers would forcefully physically eject the cards onto the floor once they were done. I will now be paying a visit to the patent office.

-A college-aged man explained to me that the boxers he was purchasing were for emergencies. I understand him and appreciate his foresight.

-A woman’s shirt read “DICKS: Last Resort.” I cannot determine whether she is an overt abstinence-only Christian or an overt bisexual with a preference. Either way, I want this shirt.

-A sheriff came into the store with a serious look on his face. I was immediately filled with existential terror, anxiety, and nervous gas despite having never committed a crime in my life and also being white.

-Four college boys stumbled through my lane post-blaze. I know this as in the middle of his purchase, one stopped, blinked fervently, and loudly announced, “I just realized that there are four of us here!” They all laughed. One suggested investing in stocks. He handed me all of the cash in his wallet.

Woman's vagina

A woman is at home when she hears someone knock at the door. She opens the door to see a man standing there. He asks the lady, “Do you have a vagina?” She slams the door in disgust. The next morning she hears a knock at the door and it is the same man and he asks the same question of the woman, “Do you have a vagina?” She slams the door again. Later that night when her husband gets home she tells him what has happened for the last two days. The husband tells the wife in a loving and concerned voice “Honey, I am taking tomorrow off to be home just in case this guy shows up again.” The next morning they hear a knock and both run for the door. The husband says to the wife in a whispered voice, “Honey, I’m going to hide behind the door and listen and if it is the same guy I want you to answer yes to the question because I want to see where the bastard is going with it.” She nods yes to her husband and opens the door. Sure enough the same fellow is standing there and asks the same questions, “Do you have a vagina?” “Yes, actually I have,” she says. The man replies, “Good! Would you mind telling your husband to leave my wife’s alone and start using yours?”

DC Heroes Ask

Batman: If you could have any weapon or piece of equipment at your disposal at any time, what would it be and why? (I.e, a grappling hook, a gun, pocket laser, etc)

Superman: What is your one weakness? 

Wonder Woman: How confident are you in yourself? How do you make yourself feel more confident? 

The Flash: Would you rather be able to walk through walls, travel through time, or create tornadoes and lightning?

Martian Manhunter: How far would you be willing to travel from home? How far would you be willing to live from home?

Hawkman: What is something that you feel you are destined for? 

Hawkgirl: Can you change your own destiny? 

Green Lantern: If you could form only one thing with your mind whenever you wanted, what would it be and why? 

Supergirl: Do you ever feel like people treat you differently based on who you’re related to? 

Black Canary: How loud are you? 

Aquaman: If you could control any form of water, which one would you want to control and why? (Liquid water, frozen water, mist, blood, sap, etc)

Green Arrow: What makes a person a hero?

Vixen: If you could have the power of any animal (you don’t transform into the animal, just obtain it’s abilities), what animal would you pick? 

Captain Marvel: Is there a secret you’re keeping from someone right now? 

Nightwing: Is there anyone in your life you would like to become better than? 

The Atom: How small could you shrink before it would no longer be fun/how tall could you grow before you would want to change back? 

Firestorm: Would you be willing to merge/fuse with someone else if you got cool powers to go along with it? 

  • A boss has to interview 4 girls for the secretary position. He asked the same question to each one of them.
  • Boss : A woman normally has lips in 2 different places. What's the difference between the two?
  • First Girl : One is hairy, the other isn't.
  • Boss : OK.. good!
  • Second Girl : one can talk but the other can't.
  • Boss : That's better!!
  • Third Girl : One is vertical & the other is horizontal.
  • Boss : Hmm.. Clever!!
  • Last Girl : One is for me & the other is for my boss.
  • Boss : You are hired!!!

Calling Student’s of Colour!

An anecdote is a personal story of an interesting real incident. 

We would like to here your stories as Student’s of Color. They can focus on any aspect of your life in education whether that’s from way back in Kindergarten, High School and even College/University. 

Don’t be shy, we want to here about your lives, struggles and how you dealt with them. Get in touch, there isn’t a word limit and you don’t have to be a studyblr. 

We will post the anecdotes on @studyblrsofcolor and others will be able to relate, we’re sure of it!

Send an Ask or Submit here! 

Checklist before submitting:

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The Q and A was amazing. He walked out with a fire extinguisher he’d found backstage, and proceeded to do nothing with it. One man said Chopped instead of Cutthroat Kitchen and he immediately told him to sit his ass down. And then when a woman asked her question trying to trip him up, he proved her wrong and dropped the mic. Literally.

When I got up to him, I managed to thank him for being such a huge part of my childhood, and he responded by saying that my saying that made it all worth it.

I then cried in my car. It was great.

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Dear Daughter... never lose yourself

The question I get asked the most is, “What is it like being a woman in a male dominated industry?”. But this question and subject is has faded to a sheer gray and has become almost irrelevant if you are actually paying attention. The tables are shifting, and I no longer am the only girl working on tour or on a video shoot set, or performing at a festival etc. Whether you are a girl in music or carving your own path anywhere in this world …There’s definitely a revolution rumbling underground, and the dawn of a new evolution of thinking.
Personally, I’ve always taken the side of talent, not gender. Because in the bottom line in my world is that no matter boy or girl, if you can’t bring it every night no ones gonna buy a ticket to your show.
When we discuss subjects like gender equality, we are not only imploring people to view and treat Females equal to Men, we are fighting to open up people’s minds to the idea that Human is Human. No matter the gender, sexual preference, race, age, size etc.
And currently, we more than ever have a responsibility to encourage our young men and women to be pro human, to love one another, to love who they are, and to follow even their craziest of dreams.
But There are people right now in this world breeding and spreading hate like a cancer. We must be conscious that even the smallest breath of hatred or the tiniest whisper of kindness sparks an idea. Be wary of which one you choose.
I choose kindness.
I usually stay away from talking about things like religion and politics because in the spirit of equal rights… every one has the right to believe, love and live how they want to. But we are currently in a state of emergency and it’s no longer about the “right” to believe… its about “right and wrong”. So I’m taking a cue from John Lennon who said, “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
And here’s my truth.
1. I cannot as a strong women who respects herself and her body, ever vote for Trump.
2. I cannot as a compassionate human who chooses love over hate ever vote for Trump.
3. And I cannot as ‘one of the boys’ who wants a Real Man role model for our American boys to look up to Ever vote for trump.

And I do not care what anyone may think of me for this statement.

Because If I can spread just a little bit of love and logic in its simplest form by saying this… it’s worth it.
I feel as if I have a responsibility in my current position as a musician, to pass on the love, the guts and the defiance of my Rock n Roll predecessors to whoever will listen, and even some who won’t.
The Beatles were ahead of their time defying the US segregation laws in the 1960s at their Gator Bowl gig stating,
“We play shows for people… not just one group of or another.”- John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo.
“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.
“It’s a moment in time, you will never remember all the faces you’ve met or the places you’ve visited in this life, but the people you’ve touched will remember you for the rest of their lives, so you must make it Good for every single one of them!”-Ronnie James Dio
So, My Dear Daughters and Sons, you have the power to change this world for the better. Stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the outcome, respect yourself and spread the Love, Guts and Rock n Roll!

And through it all, year after year
Stand or Fall I will be right here for you.

Lzzy Hale
'Don't give us flak for trying to fit in', Q&A with transgender woman
A 24 year old transgender woman from Pennsylvania answers questions about her life and gives advice to others.

Gwen, a transgender woman who let people ask her questions about her life on an internet forum was inundated with even more when the BBC reported on her story.

How can I support my friend who is transitioning?

“The best advice is to just listen to what they have to say and try not to make it a big deal.

"When I was starting to transition, all I wanted was for life to feel ‘normal’ again.

"I didn’t really want to talk about transitioning too much, but it was nice to have friends who just listened to me on the days where it was especially hard and told me they loved me anyway.”

I work as a security guard in a store and have a male customer who wears a dress and make-up. I always address my customers as “sir” or “madam”. What address should I use with them?

“The best thing would be to address someone by what it looks like they’re going for. If this customer comes in every day in a dress and make-up, I would assume they wanted to be greeted as 'Ms’.

"It’s always best to go by what you see and then, if they correct you, just go by what they’d rather be called instead.

"Maybe this person isn’t comfortable being called 'Ms’ yet, but that’s something only they could know.”

Has the change affected your relationship between you and your girlfriend?

“My girlfriend and I actually dated a year before I transitioned. I broke up with her out of fear of her breaking my heart and breaking up with me, after telling her that I felt I should have been born a woman.

"I should have told her though, because when I finally did tell her a year later, she was 110% accepting and supportive and we started dating again shortly thereafter.

"I’ve been with her since a couple of weeks after starting HRT [hormone replacement therapy].”

More questions and answers from Gwen here!

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Marvel Question: What sort of girlfriend would you want Kamala to have?

If you’d know me, you’d know the answer to this question.

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This are some redrawings (read: tracings) I did a while back, but never posted because I wasn’t satisfied by how they turned out (I actually thought I outright deleted them until I searched for them now).

Like, just now I was considering redrawing this (this time actually redrawing instead of tracing) for Valentine’s, and your ask came in and I’ll consider it a sign! SO thanks for that!

And now enough of my bad art, here’s some cool art from the always amazing Vylla-Art.



Jack: “That is the stupidest, most pointless question I’ve ever been asked. It’d be obvious if a woman was dressed as a man. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home.”
Miriam: “I thought you’d be funner and more interesting than this. Where’s your enthusiasm for fun?”
Jack: “I’m not having fun. You’re just being creepy and weird. See ya.”