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You can't just point out the knob fondling then not expand on it Tink! Come ooonnn, you're killing me!

I mean… what do you want me to expand on really? :p

I was kinda just being cracky but yeah there is a reason behind these choices. I always ask WHY did something happen on the show, because this isn’t real life, everything that happens and is chosen to be shown on screen happens because a conscious choice was made to do something, and that choice was made for a reason, to show the audience something. Sure occasionally these choices are an actor choice and / or not necessarily showing us anything particularly huge or even can just be plain wrong (I’m looking at you J2 changing the Game of Thrones reference around, still bitter), but when it’s something that is consistently in the subtext that is different, that’s there for a reason.

That’s what is so great about fiction. Also about this show in particular where subtext is literally the bedrock of the story and has been since the pilot (eg. the Sam / Dean relationship. Sam’s whole arc “ending” in Swan Song is based on all the subtext of his story since the pilot, the WHOLE SHOW uses subtext all the time and builds the actual text on it, this isn’t just about Destiel).

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Cas is fondling a knob and Dean is fondling his shoulder. Both for no apparent reason. Dean stops immediately when he sees Sam.

These are choices that were made for the visual storytelling of the scene. A scene in an episode where Dean / Cas were framed as parents to Claire (with cool uncle Sammy teaching her to break the rules), bickering like an old married couple whilst having also shopped for Claire’s present together off screen, having just last episode with Claire had an in depth emotional conversation that was framed as romantic and having defended each other to Claire (“Cas…he saved the world”, “well maybe theres a little monster in all of us”).

All this for *reasons*.

So I just add this to the large bank of “wtf-ery” of Dean / Cas that makes no sense if you don’t read them as awkwardly falling in love despite themselves and the whole show building this story in various tiny and huge ways with small moments like this, the 9x09 flirting, Dean adding a second bedside table to his room when Cas is human, the lip licking and boner scene etc etc etc.

These are all small moments that are surrounded by and build up to the big moments like “I rebelled for you”, “I did all of it for you”, “I did it to protect you”, “he was your boyfriend first” “the one whose in love with you”, “I’m not leaving here without you”, “I need you”, “he’s in love…with humanity” and “my fathers creation, you can’t help but represent that for me”, “everyone you love… except me”, “it’s not an it Sam, it’s CAS”, “what about Cas?”, “your human weakness”… 

… “I love you”.

Oh and all the times they’re canonically paralleled to romantic couples too.

Oh and all the times Sam is like wtf is my life having to deal with these two repressed dorks pulling bitch faces and raising his eyebrows at them.

It’s all just pieces of a puzzle. A puzzle that if it doesn’t come together to create a beautiful picture of a love story between these two characters makes literally no sense because that’s what each individual piece represents and builds towards. It’s like having a puzzle with pieces that all create a beachside sunrise and saying nope that’s just not what this is, I see all your yellow and gold puzzle pieces with actual sunbeams and I see the sand and yes it might appear to look like a sunrise and yeah it might be on a beach but… it’s not… 


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Hi, hm, I sent an ask a while ago, but I think tumblr ate it, so I'm sending it again. 😅 Sooo, a while ago you said something about the FFF AU that got me thinking... You said that their world is ruled by Google, right? ...did you mean Google as in the company or as in the ego? 😅

I thought I answered this but I was wrong that was a different question

Yes, the company Google rules the world, but they’re not as cool of a company as they are in this universe. And google owns youtube. (and in this universe, the entire entertainment industry)

So, people already let Google home and Echo into their house. But hey, a powerful company like that could instead issue out a massive army of personal robots for answering questions and doing whatever you ask. What a glorious invention! Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home! 

Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home at all times.

Glitched: Part 10 - Always Watching

Author’s Note: Holy hell, was this insane to write X_X

A few things. Firstly, I apologize for how long it took for this to come out. I was incredibly anxious about school, plus I was just overly struggling with writing this chapter. I had a general idea of what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t really know how to get it down into words.

Secondly, this came out as about 18 pages long in Word so I apologize for how ridiculously long this is! I didn’t think it was going to come out so damn long!

And thirdly, this chapter is heavy on the angst. There’s a little bit of horror – of course – but this chapter is mainly angst-ridden so prepare for a LOT of feels! For Christ’s sake, I CRIED while writing this, so that should be saying something.

WARNING: This chapter is very heavy and is incredibly dark. There are mentions of suicide, abuse (both physical and mental), bullying (mainly cyberbullying), existential crisis, self-mutilation, and incredibly low self-esteem. There are mentions of a character getting lobotomized. There is a scene with a detailed description of the inside of a character’s back, which contains abnormal anatomy.

I will say this and I will say this one: This is NOT a happy fun time chapter! (I know, the story as a whole isn’t happy, but this chapter is VERY heavy on the angst as opposed to the other chapters) There ARE feels.

You have been warned.


(I am SO sorry. I feel so bad for writing this! ;^;)

Listen to this playlist while reading.

Wheezing breaths of agony echoed throughout the room as he operated. Warm sticky crimson spurted onto his naked lanky fingers – the very fingers of which were maneuvering the stainless steel instrument through his patient’s skull. A pained gasp expelled from the man upon the bloodied table.

“Oh be quiet.” The glitching entity hissed with agitation. “Stop your whining.” He scoffed. “You act as though you’ve never felt pain before.” A delighted giggle came ringing out of the creature’s slit throat. “Almost like you’re afraid of dying.”

A quivering whimper could faintly be heard coming from his patient as he fiddled with the orbitoclast. The green-haired demon smirked from behind his surgical mask.

“I must say, Herr Doktor,” He said in a horrible German accent, mocking the man, “you should be proud of me. I’m no doctor, but I seem to be doing an impeccable job here, if I do say so myself.” He bragged, his smirk stretching into a twisted smile.

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D.VA rework

Since this is a blog, let’s talk about these changes.

Last night I played for awhile. As and others alike.

Lets start off with the Defense Matrix shall we? The time on the matrix was cut down to 2 seconds. Which is pretty upsetting. Last night when I played I had to get out of the defense mentality, which resulted in me losing my mech way faster. Now that there’s only two seconds of matrix you have to use that to get out of the fight and into the back lines for healing or suffer the pain of ejecting from mech THEN running back while trying to get some cheeky headshots for ult charge.

Those 2 seconds feel like one second because of the slightest visual delay when pulling the matrix up. (At least for me it does.) However, this change doesn’t effect my playstyle that much, I had a lot of teams last night that chose a barrier of some sort.. Mainly Rein. The matrix is alright if you adjust how you play.

Let’s move on to the Micro Missiles.

They’re a great addition to’s kit! A lot of you got so many kill streaks and gold medals BEFORE the rework, try it now! Last night WHEN I got to play as I went on at least 14-15 killstreaks each match. Those missiles aren’t super strong, but they are very good for either bringing down a tank to low health or killing squishies. Now I hope most of you know that you can shoot the missiles and shoot your guns at the same time. ITS VERY GOOD FOR KILLING AN ULTING MCCREE! Since the matrix can’t guarantee eating a Mccree ult anymore, its best to barrel stuff him and just mow him down with damage! ⚠ You may lose your mech doing this! ⚠

But its better that you lose your mech than having Mccree get a quad.

The missiles are kind of weird projectiles. They take a second to actually shoot when you press the ability button from what I can tell. So keep that in mind when using them.

Overall, the missles are a great ability, cooldown is at a nice number and so is the damage. Being more of a defense tank is out of the question for, sorry to tell ya guys. But I’m sure you guys are now able to kick way more butt than before!

Of course the matrix will take a lot of time to get used to but its just a matter of time before you guys get the hang of her again.

I mean at least her play style wasn’t DRASTICALLY changed like Mercy’s right? Could always be worse.

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“This person is going to try & distance themselves.. react anger they want to open up to u but they don’t feel like they can but they will”.. 😯

“Something to ur past almost like a grudge, something u need to face but u need to let go of in order for you to move forward for ur future”

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Wait wait how does Gil look at Oz in the dream sequence chapter I must witness this with my own two eyes

Case point A:

Number two:

And C:


Wow Gil I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look at anyone else like that ever in all 24 volumes and 100+ chapters, I can literally see the hearts in your eyes, you are overflowing with complete love and adoration for Oz Vessalius, here and now and forever

To sum it all up: THIS BOY IS S M I T T E N

“…once you let go of that Fear, you are going to move forward and it’s going to turn out very positive in your favor.” Psychic on Camila 💔

Does Jasmine ever actually call Aladdin Al?

Because this kept me up last night and I honestly don’t think she ever does. Not in the 2 movies afterwards or the tv show. In some instances he says his friends call him Al. In reality the only one who calls him Al is the Genie (Maybe Iago later on, but he mostly just calls him kid).  2 of his friends are a monkey and a carpet so they can’t speak. (or call him Al)  Back to topic seriously though does she ever call him Al?

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I feel like I must be really repulsive because I'm over 20 and have never been kissed...

I know it’s hard not to put importance on an experience you haven’t had that you feel like you’re missing out on, but there’s a lot of value in waiting until something feels comfortable for you (and the person you’re with, obviously) - and I don’t think age makes too much of a difference with that. 

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what's ace's favorite cereal

as a kid,   his taste in cereal was pretty basic.   he likes just about anything with sugar;   and since he was growing,   he would eat just about anything his parents brought home so long as it was edible.   it typically ranged from frosted flakes to lucky charms to apple jacks,   although apple jacks were probably his favorite as a kid.   he also liked cinnamon toast crunch,   but that was his brother’s favorite,   and he was considerate when it came to eating anything his family members particularly loved,   so he’d only eat it occassionally,   leaving most of it to his brother.

as he got older,   he left behind most of the sugary cereal,   because he ended up joining the track team around fifth grade,   ultimately deciding that it would be best for his body if he started to eat healthier.   he didn’t eat any of the seriously healthy stuff,   because he didn’t hate himself back then,   but he did switch from cereals made almost entirely out of sugar to things like cheerios and honey bunches of oats,   although the latter ended up being his favorite,   particularly the apple and cinnamon bunches one.   when he entered high school and joined the football team (out of the desire to make his friend feel better about trying out),   he ended up eating less of that,   too,   changing to life cereal,   which is gross.

now that his family is dead and he has nothing worth living for,   even his taste in cereal is generally depressing.   he doesn’t care how sugary his cereal is anymore,   since he works out to the point that it doesn’t matter what he eats because he burns all of it off in his desperate attempt to appear anything but weak,   but he doesn’t eat cereal for the taste,   either.   his alcoholism is pretty bad,   so he has booze with his cereal,   too.     disgusting,   i know.    he doesn’t substitute alcohol for milk,   exactly,   because he’s not entirely soulless,   but he did find a few recipes on the internet that he’s stuck with,   no matter how gross they are.   there’s a few mixtures of alcohol and cereal that he eats,   but his favorite is baileys,   chocolate milk,   and coco puffs.    he uses an entire bottle of baileys,   because there’s nothing like starting your day off with an entire bottle of booze,   destroying your liver the way you destroyed your home.

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Why don't you ship mikayuu??

Mun here~

Oh, that’s an easy one. Frankly, I don’t think the both of them are able to have this kind of relationship. Yes, the Anime made them look like they have those weirdly romantic moments in the worst scenarios possible with all of the random blushing and physical contact, but that appears to be more like fanservice to bait more people into watching the show rather than a basis for a romantic relationship.

The manga, on the other hand, is lacking all of those scenes and instead focuses on the story and its key elements. In there, the both of them are described and portrayed as incredibly close, however, the relationship is that of two brothers. They are comforting each other since they are family; in fact, Yuichiro is the only thing that ties Mika to his humanity, something he doesn’t want to let go of for it would transform him into the monster he so despises. It is far from love in my eyes, Mikaela is just dependant on Yuichiro because of that. Regarding Yuichiro, we have already seen that the concept of family is extremely important to him since he never had a real one as he was constantly abused by his mother before arriving in the orphanage. He would do anything to protect his family but has recently shown to favour Guren’s words over Mika’s advice. It just doesn’t seem like they have the chemistry or are actually capable of having a stable relationship.

Keep in mind that I do not want to upset any shippers with my opinion, though I want to be honest with all of my followers instead of lying to them. You can ship what you want as long as you don’t harass others because of such a petty thing.

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Ah I hope this okay to ask but, lately I've been starting to identify as nonbinary. I was wondering how you went about coming out to people and feeling less dysporic with yourself? (I began going by a less feminine name and such but some days are just super bad)

hey angel! i’m glad you’re finding out more about yourself and your identity! um i first started identifying as trans/nb when i was 16/17, and at that time the only people i told was my gf at the time, and people online. but when i came to college it was a lot easier for me to come out to people i knew closely bc i was away from my family and felt like people at college would be more open minded (which they were everyone i talked to at school about it was so loving). 

i personally am not out to my family, and only really “come out” or tell my pronouns to people who are close to me but thats my own preference! some people find it easier to come out to their family, or come out to their close friends first as they explore what makes them most comfortable 

for me personally what helped most with my dysphoria was changing my preferred name and pronouns and having people close to me use those for me, I also made changes to my wardrobe to clothes that made me feel more comfortable, and bought a chest binder that i wear on days where i experienced body dysphoria regarding my breasts! 

ultimately the best advice i can give u is dont be afraid to experiment and dont be afraid to be wrong! test out names/pronouns/styles and see what makes you feel happiest. it took me years to find out who i was and i still dont know some days! nd thats okay just do what makes you feel safe and happy


“We need coffee! There’s no more coffee. Someone make me some coffee!”

@kyliafanfiction asked: choose between Buffy Summers and Rory Gilmore 

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Since you said what you expected from Reputation. My question is, what would you want the album to be?

Haha what I want isn’t gonna happen, and it wouldn’t make most fans happy. But since we’re just talking and if you’re asking for my selfish preferences - I would literally want whole album to be like first two songs. With exception of few ballads that would tell the nosy part of me what happened with Calvin. Yeah, and since we’re being selfish here, I’d want those ballads to be also relatable so that once I turn off that nosy part of me, I can keep applying that song to my experiences. Too much…? LOL. I love these two songs, and I love her being savage. And I would be more than okay to never get another cheesy song from her, you know that “happy-go-lucky” type of song? Yeah, not really my thing. But at the end of the day, truth is whatever she puts out, I will more than appreciate it because I value hard work she puts into her music. Honestly, I saw a lot of people complaining about one thing or the other - granted, mostly through anons so they might be in fact literally few people going around to all blogs, and I am just not that needy. Whatever she wants to do is fine. She wants to promote - great, she doesn’t want to promote - great, she wants to make cohesive album - great, she wants her album to include every single genre - great… You get my point there. I seriously get so amused when people get pressed over these things.