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Mari’s Chat: an Interview with Chat Noir (Pt. 1)

I know, I know, you thought it would never arrive, but here it is: my long-awaited interview with Chat Noir! Paris’ top anti-crime cat sat down with me to answer your questions about villainy, leather, pop culture, and even romance. Remember to subscribe for future installments!

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First of all, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview–

I think you mean interMEW~, princess.

If you think I’m going to make that the title of this piece, you are higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Can’t blame a cat for trying.

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100 Reasons Why - 02

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 0405. 06

Coffee had kept you awake through college and then into the real world afterwards. It was a go to for late nights spent in front of your computer or notepad when ideas never stopped flowing or were never there at all. Which is why Hoseok loves finding new coffee shops to bring you to. He says that if coffee makes you happy, then he’ll buy you it every day. Even though Hoseok’s bubbly personality has never needed the caffeine as you do, he loves getting you the addicting beverage.  

”So, there’s this one shop near your favorite library up the street. Apparently a lot of college kids like it so I thought I’d try to bring you early in case it gets busy. I know how you feel about crowds.” Hoseok wraps a scarf around your neck. It’s so thick you could hide your entire face in it if you wanted. “You have to stay warm, I don’t want you to get sick especially after being out in the rain.”

It’s been two weeks but Hoseok is still worrying over your health. Heat rises in your cheeks and you look down, view of the floor blocked from the humongous scarf. You feel lucky to have Hoseok, who takes care of you even when you don’t deserve it. With a proud smile, Hoseok steps back, admiring his work. You’re practically a marshmallow in the huge coat and hat he’s put on you. But you’re warm, inside and out, so you thank Hoseok and make your way into the living room.

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The Rookie Podcast Is Here!

The very first episode ever of the Rookie Podcast is here!!! I could go on and on about how excited we are, but why we’re excited is far more interesting: I talk with Ella Yelich-O’Connor, known and loved world over as Lorde! We had so much to discuss—early versions of the song “Green Light,” growing up, feeling like you’re too much—that there will be even more of our conversation in a later episode. Also in Episode One: Ask a Grown, podcast edition, with writer Hilton Als answering questions from a Rookie reader!

And now, without further delay, Episode One of the Rookie Podcast!

We hope you’ll give it a listen, and if you feel so inclined, leave us a review! —Tavi

Illustration by Maria Ines Gul.

anonymous asked:

By that, i meant NO ANON questions, but the public ones. It's ovbious duh. Be more subtle...

You’re mad because I answer questions from readers who send in multiple questions????? Okay? Waste your energy on that if you want. I answer the questions I want to answer. This is done in my free time. Let me live.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I see you saying a tattoo is 'blown out' a lot, I was just wondering what exactly that means and if you know why/how it happens. Thank you for taking the time to answer this!! (:

“Blown out” refers to what happens when the needle goes too deep or is at too much of an angle. The ink will bleed and create a fuzzy outline or shadow.

You can see it most obviously in this post and this post.

The Littlest Winchester - Where Do Babies Come From?

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 639

Request:  Wondering if you could tie this request to the last one so its easier. I was thinking maybe you could have the reader ask about where babies come from and Sam and Dean awkwardly answers her, maybe the boy mentions it to her when they were playing?

AN: Couldn’t tie this to The Dating Game. Sorry!


           As Dean gets himself another helping of spaghetti from the bowl on the table, he glances at his four-year-old daughter. She’s still on her first serving, and she’s trying very hard to get the food from the plate to her mouth without making a mess. It doesn’t seem to be working as well as she thinks it is. Noodles dangle from the edge of the plate, more rest on the table around the plate, and enough sauce is on her face to make her look like a sloppy vampire. The mess would probably be bigger if she weren’t seated on several thick books. By the time she cleans her plate, her fork hand is also covered in sauce.

           “I’m done!” She announces.

           “You’re also a mess.” Dean stands and scoops her out of her chair. “Let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?”

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Honest Questions from a fanfiction writer to a fanfiction reader

1. Do you read fics that are long? 

2. What entices you to give a fic a try?

3. What do you want tagged?

4. What don’t you want tagged?

5. What will get you to try to read a fic if you’re uncertain?

6. Ideal word length?

7. Biggest fic turn offs?

8. What grammar mistakes can you just not overlook?

9. Should a fic be beta’d?

10. Does a fic being or not being beta’d effect you’re likelihood of reading it?

11. What makes you give up on a fic?

12. Why do you choose not to give kudos if you like a fic?

13. What prompts you to comment on a fic?

14. What do you wish you could say to fic authors?

15. What’s more important to you: plot or characters?

16. How often do you seek out new fics you’ve never read?

17. How do you find fics?

18. What ‘Sort By’, if any, do you put on AO3 when searching for new fics?

19. Do you prefer multiple chapters or one big one?

20. What is the ideal length of a chapter?

21. Why do bookmark a fic?

22. What is more important to entice you to try a fic: summary or tags?

23. Do titles matter?

24. What kind of title puts you off?

25. If you could change one thing that most fic authors do, what would it be?

26. How often do you read fanfic?

27. What kind of things do you want to see in the author’s notes (on AO3)?

28. Do you prefer the authors notes at the beginning or the end (on AO3)?

29. Do you read the author’s notes (on AO3)?

30. Do you read fics posted on tumblr or an archive site (like AO3) more?

anonymous asked:

Is getting a Sak Yant tattoo by a buddhist monk in a temple considered cultural appropriation?

Here are some (but not all) of the questions that you need to be able to answer honestly before a person should consider this step:

Are you Buddhist? Do you specifically follow the tenets of Cambodian and Thai Buddhism? Do you know Thai or Khmer, and can speak with the monks about the rules you must follow after getting the tattoo? If you are white, have you taken part in Thai or Cambodian religious customs and grappled with your place in a history of Westerners fucking with southeast Asian politics and culture? Similarly, if you are white, have you grappled with the history of degradation and exoticization which leads not only to Thai culture being exploited, but Thai PEOPLE being exploited both in their own country and elsewhere?  Are you willing to follow the traditional rules of abstention? Do you understand that you are making a serious pact that could have spiritual repercussions?

There are probably other questions that you should ask yourself about this, these are the ones G came up with off the top of their head.

In short, you need to recognize and deal with the fact that white westerners have used Asian cultures to get their fix of the exotic and magical for centuries. This has had serious repercussions for Asians in the diaspora, where their traditions are used to degrade them, but are pretty and magical on non-Asian people, not to mention the repercussions for those countries’ economic, cultural and political spheres.

anonymous asked:

Reguarding the part in your answer about JK not knowing if the reader had a bf unless she brought him home. Was JK ever jealous when he saw her with another guy?

you guys probably wont like this answer but: nope!!!! i see their relationship this way: imagine they are step siblings. never talked to each other before their parents got married (or in this case when jungkook moved in next door and their parents became good friends) and because of their parents’ marriage they are forced to spend a lot of time together and get along to appease them. they cant publicly show their dislike but they also cant help the fact that they dislike the other person. so what do they do? naturally they avoid the other person unless its unavoidable. and because of that they really dont know whats going on in the other person’s life but they dont really care either. if i say more ill be spoiling something major to the plot but lets just say the hatred that grew from that indifference is jungkook’s fault :-) learn to hate him and love him at the same time like me LMAO but yeah. to answer ur question finally. jungkook would see her with a boyfriend n just be like “oh a new boyfriend? that poor fucking bastard anyways back to my sandwich” like that almost??? thats probably not the answer u guys want but romance n forgiveness takes time

Just Bear With Me

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,685
Warnings: Swearing, implications of violence
A/N: Based on that smol/tol thingy. This messes with the canon a little bit, so let’s just pretend Bucky never chose to go back to cryo and T’Challa gave him a brand new arm.

Your name: submit What is this?

So, you fucked up.

You fucked up bad, but not — or rather, hopefully not — in a way that drastically would jeopardize yours and Bucky’s relationship.

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Feel free to send me a question about my current Hannigram fics!

Some of my favorite Manga and BL artists sometimes answer questions from their readers and I thought it would be great to do the same !

Anything goes…be as open as possible. Send it either in an ask, a comment on A03 or a direct message and I’ll post my favorites on my blog !

Thank you for reading and happy shipping fellow shipmates :)


P.S. I’m looking for someone to possibly create fan art for “Will you always love me?” to add visuals. I would sketch out some images myself, but I’m incredibly busy. Let me know if you would like to contribute to this story !! (you’ll get all the credit you deserve :D )

@evertonem @quietduna @electrarhodes @redamancy-eunoia @sirenja-and-the-stag @crazy-dog-dude @tigsmulii @azuresky2011 @soul-vintage  @shaunamyrise @littledesertstarchild @moto-ko @dig-alittle-deeper @racheldarkwolf @masochisticlion @frana73 @murderslay @dayummmdorisss @skeleton-wearing-a-bikini @mrsgurgle @tsham-ri @zueblack @love-is-our-resistance-96 @accio-sodium @ifswagwasacrime @elfnerdherder @goblin13 @big-sweater-lover @hannibalsimago @shikin83 @santa-is-my-bitch @not-my-supervisor @chironimous13 @jawn-jawn-sherlock @iablmeanie @jazziejexbird @lilkamekun @bluebird-tan @longtailedneko @endromeda @theshadowrises @animegirlerin @livelaughluvlauren @ilovejohnnydeppmorethanlife @fuckyeahbrutalism @plato-the-platonic-platypus @velcro5 @darlingdara @aregularvoltaire @gorobear1 @superhannilockian @mysteriouspancho @k-s-morgan @darknightchan @jurassicwalruss @xpandeerax @brokenfannibal @flffycakez321 @salty-scribe @nbchannibelle @theseavoices @pragnificent @yanderepotato @avalongates @brightteyees @jeggby @planet-pandora @tristan29photography @foulcrusadecoffee @lonlywhitelilly @f-j-rose @sammy-is-not-okay @venyon @luthien-graham-lecter @drhanniballectermd @delicatewonderlandengineer @mannyguan @evanmiranda-blog @immawatchpewds @popcultureprodigy @supernaturaltra @kiyofan @soemthingunnatural @anxiousshipper @sherlockslefteyebrow @aprilis-filia @anneherung @cutiepiecassiel @lilycaerulean @madhattermikey @hope2e @riddlepunk @kayligonz @msmia-mimi @sammysunshineprince @yumegatta

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Hey I was wondering whether or not you guys thought that Celtic cross tattoos are appropriative? whilst I know that Irish people are white in skin colour they have been historically racially classed by the British as subhuman and face systematic prejudice to this day. But idk if because they do experience white privilege (to some extent) then maybe it's not appropriation. What are your opinions? x

First, please note: All of the mods are American, and America has a weird as hell relationship with the Irish and the Irish-American community.

Saying that, to us, Celtic crosses in particular are a broad enough category, and fall far enough under the Christianity banner, that we’re inclined to let them slide. If you live in UK, the answer might be different, and we welcome commentary.

THAT SAID! The modern Celtic community have definitely experienced the same sort of “knock it over and rifle through the shiny bits” problem that we’ve addressed in other posts about cultural appropriation.

This starts with the term “Celtic”, which has an effect of using an ethnolinguistic term to group several different cultures together. While there is a modern “Celtic” community, IIRC, it’s more of a political or ethnonationalist identity– much like the term “Asian” can be used as an excuse to gloss over a mosaic of different societies, or be used as a political or geographic identity.

These posts aren’t about tattoos, but they are about the conception of what “Celtic” means in popular culture and understanding what you mean when you think about those cultures:

“Celtic” artwork and mythology falls right on the wobbly line of cultural appropriation for all the reasons you stated. It’s used as “shiny decorative thing” instead of being treated with the respect its due, and in Britain, if not always elsewhere, many Irish, Welsh and Scots people are still treated pretty poorly.

anonymous asked:

I'm an Ichiruki forever and ever more, and I love your "If you love Bleach, you love Ichigo and Rukia and their bond" so much. But I am scratching my head at the comments about cancelation and the production company trying to rewrite stuff? Everything Kubo had said ever since the ending makes it clear this is how he wanted the story to go.

I completely understand, that for an IR or an IH fan, that part was a little–not incorrectly written–but maybe over-assumed. I was even thinking of recon and re-wording it , but it had received about 30 notes as soon as I had checked it once more so I figured it would be a little cheap to change it by that point. It was a ‘if it’s wrong I’m going to own up to it’ mental approach.

Let’s understand that Bleach has always been the least popular of the Big 3 (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach is the exact order of popularity), but unlike Oda and Kishimoto, Kubo fell off hard. After the defeat of Aizen,  if you want a precise pinpoint look to Chapter 423 Farewell Swords, Bleach tanked (popularity became almost stagnant (with small dips)  fairly soon after the S.S. Arc though). 

Of course fans stuck around for awhile to see where the series would go, but the Full-Bringer arc was a drag and the purpose of it (which was irrefutably important) was introduced way too late for people to care. The characters people cared about and wanted to see most, the Shinigami (the entire reason Tite Kubo decided to draw Bleach), were gone without mention for too long. 

Still, Bleach was more popular than 99% of any other manga ever, but it was the worst off in terms of what it was being compared to.  Bleach has sold over 87 million copies world-wide. Each (paperback) volume is priced at about $7-$10 or so (I believe). Kubo garnered around $609 million-$870 million for SJ and himself (I don’t know in the slightest how the cash is split). This isn’t counting the movies, the anime, the novels, the data books, etc. I’m just giving you the roughest estimate I can think of. 

With all that success I could see why you would be suspicious and when you consider most mangaka have to maintain a second job to make ends meet, it looks like I’m spewing crap.

But, to give you a sense of reality, Kishimoto has sold over 220 million copies total and Oda has sold over 345 million copies so far. Do the math and check the net worth’s. There is a minimal $931 million difference compared to Naruto and a minimal $1.8 billion dollar difference compared to One Piece. And the math is on a basis of a $7 paperback manga sale only (hardcover volumes can be nearly twice as much). $10 is the more likely price and there are novels, movies, data books, etc. we must consider on top of it all.

Kubo is severely lacking against mangakas he is supposed to be in the same league as.

Let me repeat, Bleach tanked. It started going down as low as hell. 

The anime was cancelled for piss-poor viewership. The fillers were constant and part of the reason is that Bleach (the manga) was so slow to progress and that progression was so lack-luster nothing could be done to maintain it.  (To compare, people hated Naruto fillers as well, but the plot in the manga was being handled well enough to maintain strong publicity, people knew what was coming was good).

The manga sales also dropped exponentially and SJ caring about Bleach dropped with them. To understand you should also know that Naruto had a decline in popularity up until it’s finale, but the sales still went up (this just means the graph of profit wasn’t as steep). 

There’s a thing in business and marketing that has to do with the factor of ‘potential.’ From a marketing standpoint, a plateau or a decrease in popularity (despite the possibility of the object under scrutiny doing better than most other objects on the company roster…which Bleach was not managing to do) marks it as having relatively zero value. “We’ve already got the best you have to offer us, so we aren’t as inclined to accommodate and care about you or your product anymore. Instead we’re going to market things that we can still milk for full potential” type of thing.

And (based on Eiichiro Oda who addressed this issue in a SBS of Volume 47): manga rankings (of which we only know at a 7 week margin) are left to the dictation and preference (I’d be forward enough to assume) of the publication’s Editor-in-Chief.

Reader: Oda! My older brother tells me that the comics in Jump magazine run in the order of their popularity. Is that true?! 

Oda: That’s a good question from a Jump reader. I get these questions quite often actually. That’s not exactly how it works. The Jump publication’s Editor-in-Chief chooses the order every week. But of course, the popular ones do have a tendency to run in the front. That Editor-in-Chief promotes certain comics on certain weeks depending on the mood. To be specific, the order is intended to “maximize the enjoyment of the reading public.” But it’s up to you to read in whatever order you want!

Do I need to comment on which rank Bleach was in the pecking order?

Bleach was officially labeled a gag-manga by the Jump….do you think that’s because it was a company favorite? That it’s ranking was high? Shounen Jump labeled it as a straight-up joke, a comedy. It’s a complete spit in the face.

By now, do you kind of see how Bleach was? At least from a cold-calculus business standpoint? Especially considering One Piece and Naruto were the measuring sticks Bleach was being held against?

Anime cancelled, manga popularity and sales drop, Kubo constantly being ill and “feeling as though he was failing, the story wasn’t moving, always thinking of pulling the plug.” 

Any other manga selling by Bleach’s standards would have tanked years prior. The investment required (again I’m speaking from a strictly business standpoint) is not worth the profit or lack there of being collected.

Then when the biggest, baddest battle, the climax, the closing that required the most attention and advertisement came about…..a sudden 5 chapter limit was placed with no real reason as to why.

Really, truly we have no other option than to conclude Jump finally lost it’s patience. 

And it’s a completely reasonable notion to assume Kubo fucked his own creation even more because he himself was screwed out of his 15 year long manga. It’s a common fault in human thought. When something hurts you, especially business wise, you bite back. Obviously, Jump is going to be well-off without Kubo, but Bleach still is and will always be tied to SJ, so if you fuck up an ending and you have no real profit to lose, you simply dirty the name of your publication brand. 

It’s elementary psychology and it’s a well-observed pattern. It doesn’t make anybody a baby, it’s a logical assumption and a premeditated denial from the appeased side of an audience. 

I mean,the very last volume had worse sales than the very first chapter. 

I wish I was lying but every source, all the research, says I’m right. Here are some sources: (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

(some don’t have the best credibility because of the audience, but they all correlate and tell of the same data and they can be (and have been) cross-checked. This is just the only way to limit hundreds of websites to 4-5, but let me know if you want more).

I looked for every source I could find to shed positive light, but because Bleach’s quality fell so horribly, so did the anime, so did the sales, so did the fan’s commitment, so did SJ’s patience, so did the respect. I just don’t have any little bit of good news to give you.

It’s not being exaggerated AT ALL how desperately Bleach has been hanging on to it’s lifeline. The anger is justified, the disappointment has merit, and the realization is being fought out in the only concrete concept we have–the canon ships (of which were cheaply defended by saying, “well shit it’s because Ichigo’s and Rukia’s mini-me’s should meet” (also utter crap when you look at the manga where the importance of the next generation was never, not even once the goal of the narrative, was not seen as important, and was not even mentioned).

And it is absolutely bullshit to think for even one second this crap was Kubo’s intended. Nothing original holds for 15 years. 

  • Rukia was the original main character
  • Bleach was originally Snipe
  • Ichigo has a completely different look
  • Renji was originally implied to be a Kuchiki and had zanpakuto of a different name
  • The hierarchical structure of Soul Society didn’t exist in beginning intentions of the manga
  • Kubo, in his take, works “characters first and then plot will come naturally”
  • The final battle was most likely originally created for Ichigo and Rukia (check the Sand & Rotator poems labeling the two as the Matching Powers,Yhwach bringing the poems back into relevance, and that whole “Kurosaki…Kuchiki”  line).
  • Kubo not completing his list of wishes/promises
  • Kubo literally admitting he felt he was failing as a mangaka, he thought of pulling the plug, it sucked, he wasn’t doing what he wanted, etc.
  • Kubo not even planning to be involved in the final novels
  • A few hundred loose-ends (not even the small nuances that make for top-notch story-telling, it’s as shallow as we don’t know if half of the characters are dead or alive)
  • I could list so damn many, but this legendary, literary mess was not Tite Kubo’s intention. You’d have to be so obtuse, complacent, and imbecilic to believe that.

I’m not going to tell you what the man wanted, given I don’t know myself, but what I could do is safely bet my right leg it wasn’t this.

thinkaboutcas  asked:

16, 17 & 47 for the fanfic reader ask game, please? c:

16. Name a fic that made you cry (or that made you come close)

Answered here!

17. Name a fic that made you laugh a lot

Turn it leave it stop format it, by @ebenroot, Russian for Dummies by @cutthroatpixie

47. If you had to introduce someone to fanfiction with a few fics, what would you suggest?

Lie to Make Me Like You, by cityboys, the wedding planner/flower shop AU by @ingthing, any of @actualyuuri (braveten)’s fics

Ask me questions from the readers ask game!

barnsburntdownnow  asked:

4, 16, 42

Silver! You peach! Hallo, darling, it’s always nice to answer your questions. :)  (from these fic reader asks)

4. Do you ever re-read fics? How about triple-read?

Only a few. I mean, there are some short PWP ones where, if they were VHS, they’d start to be getting a little scratchy-fuzzy, if you know what I mean. :)  But for other fics, I’m actually a lot more likely to reread a non-explicit shorter story, like those by Molly and Linden, than I am a 20k+ thing that’s all dicks all the time. There’s something that’s really wonderful about a fic that accomplishes exactly what it needs to in a very small space.

16. Name a fic that made you cry (or that made you come close).

Oh, hon. I think I’ve answered this before, but it bears repeating: goddamn candle_beck and goddamn Look the Other Way, an AU in which Dean is a cop and Sam is his no-good brother. Big blubbery tears. I was a wreck. But, since I’ve given that one before, honorable mention goes to Someone you might have been, the best J2 spy fic, which caved in my chest for a while somewhere around the end. It does tie up well, but that destroyed feeling lasted; I don’t know if there were actual tears, but I was definitely crying on the inside. (On a personal level, I cried while I was writing ‘over.’ Just too sad.)

42. Name a fic that you wish was longer.

Ooh, tough one. I do really think that brevity is the soul of wit, but there are a few fics out there that I feel like could’ve used a bit more to really nail down the themes & premise. 

One is Slithering, a Harry/Draco fic by astolat. Blasphemy, I know. It’s a great fic, but the getting-together at the end is a bit too neat; I’m much more interested in the fallout, after, where Harry has to deal with the ramifications of being with a former Death Eater, no matter how reformed, and Draco has to understand how to engage in a relationship where the other person isn’t constantly trying to belittle you or get one over on you. There’s so much potential complication after the ‘resolution,’ and another… 10 or 20k words would really let the relationship feel settled. (Romance stories should start with the wedding, damn it.)

Another is The Last Light I See, by pennydrdful, which is a wonderful, and wonderfully creative, J2 AU. Really excellent spare emotion, no melodrama–I just loved it. Despite that, though: I think it would be even better if we could crowbar open maybe another 3k words of space in the denouement. There’s a space between the therapy and the happy resolution that just needs… more. Of course we can fill in the blanks ourselves of what goes there, but it’s tied in a slightly too-neat bow for all of the complication that came before. I want to see how the bow was knotted. Still, though–excellent fic.