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i left my room for two seconds earlier to do laundry and i left yixing’s ep playing at like full volume not thinking my roommate would come back from class At That Exact Moment but anyway long story short i walked in on her jamming so i feel accomplished for the day 

anonymous asked:

Will Julia have this special magnet on being hugged and smothered by one of her Pokémon that loves her too much like her father James?

Espeon cuddled her all the time.

Good question! Julia isn’t particularly affectionate with her Pokemon, so it’d be funny if she was always being tacked by her Hydreigon or chewed on by her Golbat haha We’ll keep in mind when we make their profiles!!

Anon asked me to do the Kawaii so I did the Kawaii

Kawaii Voice Meme

1. State your username and your name.

2. Where are you from?

3. What is your favorite anime/manga/j-drama?

4. What do you call an attractive male? Female?

5. Now, let’s pronounce the following words:

Kawaii | Sugoi | Desu | Kakkoi | Bakemonogatari | Konnichiwa | Ohayou | Onigiri | Sushi | Onegai | Arigatou | Neko | Nyan | Hasubando/Waifu | Ochinchin | Manko | Gomennasai | Sayonara | Naruto | Onii-chan | Musume | Zetsubou shita~!!! | Meido | Mahou Shoujo | Hajimemashite

6. Now for some simple phrases

Made Made Da Ne. | Honto ni kawaii desu yo ne. | Daisuki desu! | Anata wa BAKA!!! | Sore ja mata ne~ | Moe Moe Kyu |Ponpon susumu iro-iro na koto! | Don-don kiteru? anata no kimochi! | Poipoi suteru warui ko wa dare? | Ponpon way-way-way | Ponpon way pon way ponpon

7. Why aren’t you kawaii?

8. Say four final kawaii words before signing off.

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twibles  asked:

☼ ✓ ❁ ♡

☼: something you love

lands of fiction

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

damn ok

  • right at this moment i’m feeling pretty good about life in general
  • there are people i wish i could b friends with but i don’t think the time is right
  • i am obviously getting way 2 deep here
  • i should be doing an english project c;
  • 4 facts is enuff good bye

♡: share 5 favourite songs

in no particular order

  • r u mine -Arctic Monkeys
  • Sort of - Ingrid Michaelson
  • Out of my Mind (ready to go) - p!atd
  • piano song - mieko
  • closer - the tiny

❁: share 5 favourite blogs

  • askfem-usuk
  • infinitydocking (becuase u would stab me if i didn’t)
  • thelinguineincident
  • too many to pick from toodleoo

anonymous asked:

Your school

my favorite female character:

juliaaaa (duuuhh i blog about her all the time)

my favorite male character:

ummm mr. ennis??? (he’s just co ol)

my favorite book/season/etc:

the multi-season story arc that concerned tumblr and the kids

omg shit went doooown

my favorite episode (if its a tv show):

the episode where it was just cutscenes of julia being loopy because of no sleep that was the best omfg

my favorite cast member

ughhh hmmm i’d have to say christina cuz she just plays her part so flawlessly like it’s like she is the character

my favorite ship:

ugh don’t make me choose but justina is kinda popular so i guess that???

a character I’d die defending:

hhmmm julia??? idk i just can live w/o her man

a character I just can’t sympathize with:

ohhh i’d have 2 say *bus drives in front of me as I speak*

a character I grew to love:


my anti otp:

bruthie ugh nasty shit ok

armamentalist  asked:

Peter found his friend at the corner of the bed. "Piper!" He exclaimed excitedly. "I'm glad you're here! Are you sick?" He ran over and sat beside her. She didn't budge. "Piper?" He poked her, nothing happened. "Maybe it's just a phase. I just want to say, I really like you!" Nothing. "Please pay attention to me..." He muttered. Piper stood up and walked out of the room. Peter followed her. Through all these years, Peter watched Piper grow up, date, and he was always there to comfort her.