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I’m Tired: A Black Woman’s Thoughts on Community by Ali Barthwell '10 (@wtflanksteak)

The use of the term “Community” in this piece is in reference to a Wellesley Alumnae Facebook group.

During my time at Wellesley, I gained and maintained a certain level of notoriety for my involvement in the improv group and shutting it down on the reg on First Class. I was witness to many epic First Class threads. I took on Wellesley’s defenders and deniers of white privilege and people who said incomprehensible things like “I don’t even see race.” I gave advice to my struggling peers about their boyfriends who didn’t know where their clitoris was. My private inbox would flood with messages of encouragement and further criticism. As the forums of First Class moved onto Facebook and other platforms after my graduation, these threads began to reappear and my participation continued.

As Wellesley alumnae, we are constantly striving to forge connections with our Wellesley siblings and support their lives, projects, and passions.  Unfortunately, when it comes to discussions about race, that all goes out the window.

And I’m tired.

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(Set 11)

A Pangy Day photo campaign for Open Gates, a student led community organization dedicated to the full inclusion of trans women at Mount Holyoke College.

For submissions, questions etc.

[As an alum, I will work towards the full inclusion of all women at MHC #MHCwhatwillyoudo]

[Womanhood does NOT reside in documentation. Trans women belong at Mount Holyoke]

[Women’s colleges should admit all women!]

[Support your sisters, not just your cis-ters!]

[Mount Holyoke is for all women]