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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 2)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 984

Part 1

A/N: Hope you guys like the update :)

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“You look exhausted,” Daisy commented as you shrugged in response, adjusting the beanie on your head before bracing the cold weather waiting outside. Leaving the building, the both of you walked along the bustling streets of Manhattan, making your way to a nearby coffee shop. “Didn’t get enough sleep last night?”

Your eyes flickering over to your friend, you nodded your head. “Yeah…I just had a lot on my mind,” you remarked casually, trying not to let the events of last night pervade your thoughts once more.

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Can I?

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,205
A/N: Finally a Jeff imagine! I’ve been waiting to try and finish other requests before I made this one but there was a ton of Alex requests, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3 I didn’t want it to be back to back Alex so I decided to mix it up a bit. Also, sorry if the ending is crappy :( Hopefully this is a good one, feel free to send in requests for ships, preferences and other imagines! Enjoy! <3
Warnings: None
(Y/C/N) = Your crush’s name
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff

   “So, what do you think?” You came out twirling in the short, off the shoulder, navy blue dress that you’d purchased earlier this week. Your high school crush had asked you out on a date, and you wanted to make sure that you looked presentable. For you, it was only appropriate to ask your best friend Jeff Atkins for help. He’d known you for the longest time and surprisingly had nice taste in dresses. Of course you’ve been on a date before, but this time you wanted everything to be perfect. However, ever since you had asked Jeff for help, he had been acting really weird and you didn’t know what was up with him. You’d decided to brush it off, thinking it was some personal issue, but something told you it was a bit more than that.
“So?” You played with the hem of your dress and looked down, Jeff had been sitting there silent for a while now and it really had you worried. “Do you not like it?” Pushing a strand of loose hair behind your ear, you frowned and looked up at him. “N-no! Yes! I mean…you look great.” “But” “But?” You sighed, “Jeff please don’t lie to me, if I don’t look good then-” He stood up from his spot on the couch and walked over to you, putting his hands on your bare shoulders, “You look amazing, and as far as I’m concerned, (Y/C/N) is the luckiest guy ever to able to have such an amazing girl like you.” His words made you smile and a rosy tint dusted your cheeks. “Thank you, Jeff…” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek and ran upstairs to grab your purse. “Well I need to get going, or else I’m going to late! Are you gonna stay here?” Jeff muttered out a small ‘yeah’ and plopped back down onto the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels. “Don’t wait up!” You giggled and jogged over to your car sitting on the side of the street in front of your house. Turning the key, you started the car up and made your way to Rosie’s diner.
   You had had about three milkshakes at this point and you were completely livid, but also sad. (Y/C/N) stood you up and it was the most discouraging thing ever. Maybe you would’ve understood a bit more if he would’ve texted you or called you, but he didn’t. You were feeling insecure, and wondered exactly what it was that made him change his mind about wanting to date you. You already had other insecurities that you’ve been dealing with, and now this? Pulling out your phone you dialed Jeff’s number, hoping that he would pick up. “Hello?” “J-Jeff?” You’d promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry but you couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. You were feeling so broken and rejected. “What happened?” he asked, worry defined in his voice. You could only shake your head and sit there, you wanted him to get it without you having to say it. He was really good at that, an expert at understanding you. “I’m coming to you okay? Stay there.” The line went dead, and you buried your face in your hands.
   Not too long after, Jeff had entered the diner and sat in the booth across from you.  He placed his hands on your wrists and moved them from covering your face. “He stood you up.” If anything it was more of a statement then a question, to which you nodded your head. “I promise the next time I see him I’m gonna-” “Don’t, please.” You smiled weakly at him, putting your hand on top of his to calm him down. Jeff let out a sigh and got up to slide into the seat next to you, he was angry and it really showed. However you didn’t need to him be angry with (Y/C/N), you needed him to comfort you. Placing his arm around your waist, he brought you closer to his body and wiped your tears away with his thumb. “Do you want to know why I’ve been acting strange this week?” You wondered why he’d brought this up at a time like this, but you’ve been curious since that day. “Sure.” He paused for a minute before answering, “I was jealous.” Coughing a little, you took the warm glass of water sitting on the table and took a sip. “Jealous?” You questioned. “Hear me out. You’ve always made me very happy. When you asked me to help you because you had a date…I mean I was happy for you but angry at myself. I was angry because I knew I was going to lose you-” “Jeff, you’re never going to lose me. We’ll always be best friends.” Jeff’s mood had completely changed, and there was something there that had tugged on your heart. “You don’t get it do you? I don’t want to be your best friend. I want to be more than that, and seeing you so hyped for another guy made me realize that I love you. I was angry because I felt that all these other guys were gonna try to play you, and look at where we are now. I know I can give you the world, you just have to let me.” You thought about it for a minute before giving Jeff an answer. “Okay.” It felt weird for a second, your best friend becoming your boyfriend, but you knew that Jeff would make sure you only had the best. He grabbed your car keys, then pulled you outside. Opening the door for you, you got in the car and giggled at the gentleman that he was. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.”
The car ride was pretty quiet, much like your surroundings. You were about ready to drift to sleep until you felt the car stop. “This is it.” Jeff got out of the car and walked around to your side to let you out. You followed him to the wooden fence that prevented you from falling, and the view of the city absolutely was breathtaking. “Woah…” you gasped, leaning forward over the fence a little. “Easy there tiger,” Jeff laughed while placing his hands on your hips to stable you, “It’s…beautiful.” Your eyes twinkled at the bright lights that shone down below. “Not as beautiful as you.“ You giggled looking back at him, “You’re an idiot Jeff Atkins.” “Yeah but you love it,” he said shrugging. “Ever since you’ve announced your crush on (Y/C/N), I’ve always thought you deserved better than him. Now you’ve got it.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. “You’re really confident aren’t you?” “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little confident.” He flashed you one of his most famous smiles and captured your lips in another heated kiss.
   "Hey, since we’re dating now does that mean I get to wear your jacket?“ You looked up at him hopeful as he responded, "Of course, anything for you babe.” Squealing you pulled him with you to sit on the hood of the car, enjoying the view for another few hours before finally heading home.


|| absolutely ||

{summary: there’s been no girl after me? is this true?}

you guys ready for this au where Peter is hot and popular and who’s also infamous for being a player? bECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM.

im gonna make you readers thirst for more fuckboi!peter parker with this story 👅👅

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**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**

warnings: explicit language & attempts at an attack


Peter Benjamin Parker, God, just hearing the name had the power to bring girls to their knees for him.

And you were no exception.

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Park Chanyeol x Reader - Fluff

Words: 3.5K

Summary: You were straightforward, maybe a bit too straightforward for people’s taste but that’s what made Chanyeol fall for you. Of course, that straightforwardness caused trouble in every interview. Especially when it came to a certain interview with the question, “Who is somebody you have a crush on right now?”

Chanyeol would be lying if he said he didn’t have feelings for you. It was undeniably obvious to his members and probably everyone in SM Entertainment. Park Chanyeol’s feelings for fellow SM star, (L/n) (F/n). From your cute little smile to your infamous straightforwardness, EXO’s rapper couldn’t help but gravitate towards you. Of course, everyone but you knew about his feelings and honestly, it frustrated him. There was a part of him that wished you would just find out so as to save him from actually confessing but there was another part that wanted to confess to you.

Even worse, the FANS knew about his crush. It was ridiculous how sharp the fans were. Fancams would catch the twinkle in his eyes when you stood next to him or how he would immediately dart his head at the sight of you. He found it insane how fans knew about it but you. But maybe you did know and refused to address it? He wasn’t sure.

Oh, right. Straightforwardness. (L/n) (F/n) was known in the K-Pop community for her straightforward personality.

Funniest (L/n) (F/n) Moments (Part 1) was the video title Chanyeol clicked on in his messy dorm room. He loved watching videos about you. L-O-V-E-D. It was his favorite pastime. Besides, the fans are really good at editing so he wouldn’t have to scour through hundreds of interviews to find one of you being sassy.

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Theo does something bad and the reader does something worse. Turns out Theo had done something worse. 

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Y/N P.O.V  
I had had an awful fight with Theo. He had been out with a couple of friends and gotten too cozy with a stripper. He swore he didn’t do anything with her but I didn’t believe him.

Then I didn’t something even worse

I woke up in Isaac’s bed. Since the fight with Theo, I had been staying there. The first night I got here I was upset and hurt and wanted to make him feel just like I did. I did the most awful thing I have ever done. I didn’t even think about Isaac.

“Y/N IT’S FOR YOU” Isaac yelled from downstairs. I quickly got up and pulled on some of my sleeping shorts and my shirt that had been thrown off my body the night before. I ran down the stairs only to be met by the blue eyes of my soon to be ex-boyfriend. He looked like he hadn’t been sleeping and there was a bit of confusion behind his look.

“Hey” I whispered looking at the floor. I was not in the mood to even deal with him after what he had done. But now I had done something even worse. Theo and I were never broken up and what I did was the thing I swore I would never do, cheating. Theo stepped in and looked at me up and down. I’m almost sure he could smell Isaac on me.

“What happened here last night,” Theo asked giving Isaac the death stare but as soon and his stare fell on me his eyes turned soft and loving.

“I'm… I am so sorry” I answered. I knew he knew what had happened. He could see it as soon as he came in. he could smell it as soon as he came in. He could sense it on me. On Isaac. I didn’t know what to tell him. Nothing I could say would make him stay. But he didn’t yell. He didn’t get angry.
He just left.

“Okay…” he quietly said as he dropped my hand he had taken just seconds ago.

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Hurt (part 3)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better.

*trigger warning rape, sexual assault, abusive relationship *

Sneak Peak:

“And I would fall for it every time because I thought he loved me.” How stupid you were. All Harry wanted to do was take your pain away. He wanted to show you what Love really feels like. He knew he could give it to you, he already felt it for you.

It was quiet in Harry’s bathroom. All you heard was the sound of Harry turning the water on and off. And the sound of him tearing packets open to clean your hand.

You looked down at your left hand. It was a little blue and swollen but Harry doesn’t think it’s broken. It’s just a bruise that will heal in a week or two he told you.

You didn’t really hear much after that but it was fine because Harry stopped talking. Getting to Harry’s house was a blur. All you remember was crying on the floor, him picking up up, his car, and then you were here.

Honestly you think you passed out multiple time with all that crying and hyperventilating you were doing. All you remember hearing was Harry constantly asking if you were ok but you couldn’t answer.

So now you are here at his house, sitting on his bathroom counter as Harry tends to your hand even though you said it was fine, which it wasn’t.

He grabbed a bandage and carefully wrapped your hand up. Not making it too tight but not making it super loose.

“I’m done now.” He says softly and moves away from you to clean up the first aid supplies. You watched him from the corner of your eye. His jaw line was locked and he seemed on edge.

You didn’t like how quiet he was being. Usually when your together he crack jokes and you all talk. But now it’s different and it’s all your fault.

“I’m So-rry.” You started to say before your sobs got caught in your throat. Harry looked away from what he was doing and looked up at you confused.

“This is all my fault, you didn’t have to bring me here. I don’t want to be a bur-den.” You didn’t know why you were apologizing, it just seemed like the automatic thing to do. Whenever you thought you did something wrong you would just always apologize because you knew Lucas would get upset.

“I should go.” You hopped down from the bathroom counter but you barely took two steps before Harry stopped you.

“Y/N stop.” He takes your unharmed hand. “I’m not letting you leave, your still hurt.” He tells you.

“Really I’m fine-” Harry shakes his head and grabs you by the waist gently and sits you back on the counter. It caught you off by surprise so you almost push him off you until you realized he was just placing you down.

“Your not leaving until I know your fully okay.” Harry looks straight into your glossy eyes and his heart shatters seeing you like this. He has never seen you this upset before and it also makes him want to find that dougebag and slam him into a brick wall. But his doesn’t mention that part to you.

Harry had strong feelings for you. He has for a long time. And seeing you in this state tore him to pieces.

You didn’t fight him so you just sat there in silence. Your eyes were looking down at your swollen hand. You didn’t know what to say or if you even should. Were you okay? You didn’t know if you were. Lucas. His name made you want to vomit. When did things start to get so out of hand.

You could feel Harry staring at you. He was trying to search your face with any emotion he could go off of to help you. But there was nothing. It’s like you weren’t even there. He wanted you to look at him, but you didn’t. Harry sighs.

“You know my sister Gemma.” Harry began. You did know her. There’s pictures of her all over his house. You’ve even met her a few times at family get together when Harry sometimes brings you. She was a lovely lady and extremely beautiful.

“She was in a relationship with this guy in her first year in college. At first my family and I didn’t know about him but soon she introduced him to us. He was a nice fella and treated my sister right. I honestly thought they were going to get married. I knew my sister loved him and he seemed in love with her too.” Harry sighs and shakes his head.

“Then they came to stay for a week and visit us on one of their breaks in school. One night we wanted to all go out for dinner. But for some reason Gemma and her boyfriend weren’t feeling up to it. I remember thinking it was so weird Gemma would miss a family dinner, she loved them. But anyways I decided to stay in too since Gemma bailed while my parents left. But Gemma didn’t know I was still home, she thought I left with my mum.” Every word Harry spoke you could tell there was pain.

“I heard them talking that night. I wasn’t ease dropping or anything. But when they both started raising their voices it was impossible not to hear. Gemma was telling him how she wanted to go to dinner with us and that it was unfair that he wouldn’t let her go. I just kept remembering him telling my sister to shut up. Shut up. Shut the fuck up.” A tear fell from your cheek remembering all the times Lucas told you to shut up. Or that your opinion didn’t matter.

“And then I heard it.” You looked up to Harry to see that he was angry remembering what happened.

“I knew what it was the second I heard it. He slapped her. That bastard hit my sister.”

“Lucas never hit me.” You quickly said. You didn’t know why you went so quick to defend him. You didn’t want to defend him but you always did. Why did you do that?

“Abusing someone doesn’t always have to be physically. It could be mentally too.” Harry says.

“He never did that-” there you went again trying to defend him.

“Then what did he do?”


“What did he do that made you this upset.” Harry asks waiting for your answer. You didn’t want to have this conversation. You just wanted to forget. Forget everything that has happened and start over. So you shook your head and looked down at Harrys tiled floors.

“Y/N, love.” He brings his finger up to your chin to make you look at him. His face was etched with concern.

“Just tell me what happened. I can’t help you unless I know.” You slowly nodded and swallowed the lump that was in your throat.

“He said I was a slut and a whore…” Just saying those words made your stomach turn. You wiped the tears that were falling from your cheeks.

“And why did you think he said that?”

“I don’t know…. He just said he wanted to talk in private, so he took us to the storage room. We got in a huge fight last night because I was with you late, and he was jealous. But he came to apologize and said he lov-ed me and he was just scared of loosing me.” Your voice started to waver.

“But he still thought we were fooling around together.” You swallowed the lump in your throat while you thought of the next thing that happened.

“He was trying to get into my pants and cause a scene with you close by to hear us. So when I got mad at him because of that thats when he said all those mean things.”

“Did you want to?”

“Want to what?”

“Have sex with him?” You looked up at Harry.

“What does that matter? He would still-”

“I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t forcing himself on-” Harry said before you cut him off

“What are you implying?!” You suddenly got upset that Harry was asking these sort of questions.

“Y/N calm down I just want to sure he wasn’t pressuring you. That’s all.”

“I let him though…” you shook your head suddenly feeling embarrassed. “I never said no to him, so it couldn’t be-”

“But did you ever say yes? Do you give him permission?” Harry asks.

All the times you and Lucas had sex played in your mind. Every time you told him you were tired or uncomfortable. Or you didn’t feel up to it. The memory fresh in your mind from early today replayed in your head and every other day.

“I’m sleepy.”

“Not right now”

“Lucas seriously”

“I’m uncomfortable”

“When we get home”

“We can’t”

Every time you refused he wouldn’t listen and just did what he wanted to. You never said “No” because you knew that word meant nothing to him. You tried everything else and you knew he wouldn’t listen. But maybe if you did he would of stopped. You heart started pounding and you felt like you were going to be sick.

“I’ve told him before that I didn’t want to. Or that I was tired. But I never said n-o, and I let him still. I could of pushed him off me, like I did today but before I never di-d.” You wish you did all those times. You wish you would of so badly.

“Why didn’t you then?”

When you thought about the answer, it hit you with the harsh reality. All the times you layed there with him inside you. You weren’t enjoying yourself anymore. He never did ask you what you wanted or if what he was doing hurting you. He never asked if you were ok. Or if what he was doing was ok.

You looked up to Harry with tears streaming from yours eyes and finally answered the question

“Because I knew he would still do it any-ways.”

You placed your head in your hands and started sobbing uncontrollably. All these recent years of being together with him you didn’t realize what he was doing to you.

“Why would he do that!? Why would he do that and say that he loves me.” Harry hugged your shaking frame and let you cry it out. Harry hated him. He hated him with everything he had. He didn’t know the answer to her questions because there are some people in the world who do horrible things.

“He didn’t love you Y/N, because if you truly love someone you would never hurt them.” He told you while slowly rubbing your back.

You now started to understand. Every memory of him was coming back.
“He would always be so possessive and get jealous over the smallest thing. And when I tried confronting him he would turn it all on me and make me look like the bad guy.” You said into Harry’s chest.

“The only time he would be nice or apologize was when he wanted me. But after that he would just go back to his old self.” You shook your head.

“And I would fall for it every time because I thought he loved me.” How stupid you were.

All Harry wanted to do was take your pain away. He wanted to show you what Love really feels like. He knew he could give it to you, he already felt it for you.

“My sister didn’t know at first. She told me the same thing when I confronted her about her bruised cheek, which she tried to hide with makeup. She told me he didn’t mean to and that he loved her. I told her I would tell mum and she flipped shit. She said if I did she would hate me and never forgive me, even though I did. I don’t know why she was protecting that prick. She didn’t realize he was manipulating her, until after she broke up with him.”

“She was in love with what he use to be. But what she didn’t realize was that he was long gone and never coming back.”

That’s what you were doing all along.

No matter how hard you try to hold onto someones old self, you can’t. You have to let go, and not be trapped trying to rekindle something that’s not only been broken but burned into ashes.

You have to find the strength to know that you are worthy of something better. You are worth it. You aren’t a bad person for getting away.

You are a better person for making the decision to set yourself free.

I hope if anyone is ever in a relationship like Lucas and Y/N that you get out immediately. No one should be treated like this and these are just a few signs of a unhealthy relationship. Sometimes the signs are hidden but they are still there. I hope this story sheds a little light on that to help anyone or just to educate someone.

Who wants one more part with a happy ending?!?!?! Tell me what you think of the story!

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

(gif not mine)


 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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late night kiss pt. 1

A/N: This isn’t a request, but rest assured, the next request is being worked on! I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head, it seemed super cute. Enjoy!

summary: Spider-Man came crashing through your window at midnight and you had no idea what to do.

pairing: peter parker x reader

02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 

You’d changed into your fuzzy pajamas at 10pm and it was now almost midnight. Deciding you should probably go to sleep, since you had school the next day, you sighed and turned off your laptop, plugging your phone into the charger on your small desk.

Your window was still open, but you lived on the seventh floor, so you weren’t too worried about anyone getting up, considering the fire escape had been broken off from the first level to the fourth during a gang fight that Spider-Man had intervened with.

You nuzzled up into your bed after brushing your teeth and turning the lights off. You closed your eyes and let out a breath, sleep almost immediately claiming you.

A loud bang erupted from near your window and your body startled awake again. You looked over at your window and saw nothing, groaning since you’d just been about to fall asleep.

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knitted scarves of warmth (~1.3K words)

evana & evak featuring isak’s sleeping problems.

sana slowly wakes up by the sound of her phone vibrating, almost angrily, on eva’s nightstand.

she doesn’t feel well-rested, and while it’s quite bright (as nights in the summer usually are) she knows it’s still in the middle of the night as it’s eerily quiet.

she groans, and stretches for her phone.

she feels eva shift, a pair of arms tightening around her waist.

“wazzgoinon?” eva mumbles, not yet ready to open her eyes.

“someone’s calling,” sana tells her quietly, “just go back to sleep.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Garcia accidentally discovering that you and Morgan are an item when she calls him early in the morning and hears your voice in the background.

Chocolate Thunder


For the first time in weeks, your phone wasn’t what woke you up at an ungodly hour in the morning. This time, it was your boyfriend. You opened one eye to glance at the alarm clock to see what time it was. You knew Derek wouldn’t just wake up at 3:51 AM for no reason, so you sat up a bit and opened both eyes to look at him. You wanted to cry when you realized he was on the phone.

“Oh my God, please don’t tell me we have a case.” You whined, not even thinking about who exactly could’ve heard you until Derek looked at you with wide eyes. That’s when you heard Penelope yelling out questions like, “Was that who I think it was?!” and “Is (Y/N) at your house?!” and “Are you together?!” You let out a sigh and whispered, “Sorry.”

The truth was you and Derek had been together for nearly eight months now. It started off with playful banter and flirting until one day he asked you out to lunch, and then asked you to be his girlfriend. The two of you had decided to keep it a secret due to FBI fraternization policy. It had been hard hiding your feelings for each other in the field, especially since you were called away so often. You were always together but you rarely got time to enjoy each other, but the two of you made it work because you loved each other.

Derek finally managed to get Garcia off the phone after answering some of her questions  and couldn’t keep a straight face when he looked to you. “I have good news, and I have bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Bad news,” You decided, since you pretty much knew what he was about to say – or at least you thought you did.

You were surprised when he said, “The bad news is Penelope’s pissed, but the good news is we don’t have to deal with it until tomorrow.” With that, you let out a breath of relief and placed your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and letting the rising and falling of his chest slowly put you back to sleep. You were almost out when you got a bit curious, “If we don’t have a case, why the hell did she call you this late?”

Derek laughed a little and shrugged. “I don’t think it was that important. If it was, she’ll call back when she forgives us.” Then, the two of you went back to sleep and the next thing that woke you up wasn’t Derek, but a text from Garcia that said, “I love you, but I’m still calling him Chocolate Thunder.”

"You could've chosen me..."

Pairing: Bellamy x Kane Daughter!Reader 

Summary: (Y/N) Kane has been in a relationship with Bellamy Blake since the dropship landed on Earth. However with Bellamy’s choice to align himself with Pike, their relationship becomes strained. (Y/N) must decide what to do. Especially when her dad gets sentenced to death because of treason.

Based on 3x08

A/N: this is my very first attempt at writing something like this so i apologize if i completely butchered it. But in the slight chance that you enjoyed it, please like and maybe reblog? Thanks xx

Tensions were rising all around Arkadia as Chancellor Pike and his guard dogs started to discovered who was working against him. With Octavia going radio silence, we had no contact outside the wall. But per usual, my dad had a plan. The Grounders wanted Pike’s head and the few of us were willing to help them get it. All we had to do was perfectly execute the plan. 

Sinclair was first. He would pretend to work on Rover 1, drawing the attention of the guards. If everything goes well, Sinclair will be placed in lock up where he can tell Lincoln the plan to start a riot. Next came my dad, Kane would ask to set up a meeting with Pike. In doing so, he’ll be able to kidnap Pike. To do so however, comes in the lock up riot. Miller and Harper would act normally as guards until Lincoln and Sinclair are able to trick Bellamy into opening the lock up cage, starting the riot. Then Miller and Harper would fight along side Sinclair and the other Grounders to distract all the available guards with Pike. Once Pike is alone with my dad, Kane will electrocute him and load him into Rover 1 for the Grounders. Now comes me. My job is to distract Monty to make sure he doesn’t receive any intel that will give up our plan. However, that’s when everything went to shit.

I was on my way to Monty when two guards approached me.

Kane, what’re you doing in these quarters?” asked the slightly taller guard.

Can’t a girl just take a walk without being questioned?” I tried to walk past them but they grabbed my arms.

Not when your dad is leading the opposition against Chancellor Pike” retorted the other guard. The guards started dragging me away and that’s how i ended up locked in a room with those two idiots guarding the outside.

I sat there for what felt like hours thinking. My mind drifted to Bellamy. By fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it, I fell in love with Bellamy Blake. From the moment the dropship landed on Earth, we had something special. However, lately things have been different. We argued almost daily because of his decision to align himself with Pike. I knew deep down he didn’t agree with Pike’s actions yet for some reason, he was being too strong headed to admit he was wrong. I honestly don’t know how much longer i can put up with it. I feel completely split between the love of my life, Bellamy, and the first man i ever loved, my father. However, my thoughts were interrupted by the door unlocking and a figure walking it.

I looked up and recognized the tall figure as Bellamy. 

Did you know about it?” he asked as he walked closer to the table where I sat.

Did i know about what?

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Please (Y/N). Just tell the truth. Did you know about the plan to kidnap Pike and turn him over to the Grounders?” I looked down. I knew this would turn into an argument one way or another and i really wanted to avoid it.

You know, it didn’t work.” he added.

Well obviously” i muttered back under my breath.

“Your father was caught. Pike charged him with treason.

This caught my attention. I looked up at Bellamy and saw distress written all over his face. His mistake, however, was avoiding my eyes.

What aren’t you telling me?” i asked quietly, scared to hear the answer to the question.

Pike sentenced your dad to death… (Y/N), im so sorry. I never thought it would come down to us killing our own people.

I snapped my head up and looked at him. Why was he apologizing? He was in the riot at lock up. 

Who was it? Who was the guard that stopped my dad from driving out of those gates to finally achieve real peace with the Grounders?” i asked, anger and hurt prominently laced in my voice. 

(Y/N)…” Bellamy said as he looked away from me.

I’ll ask again. Who was it? Who’s fault is it that i’m going to lose my dad?

It was me. I stopped him. But (Y/N) i swear to you, i didn’t think…

At this point i stopped listening. I was numb. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend the emotions coursing through my body. My dad, the only family member i had left, was being sentenced to death because of Bellamy. i could hear Bellamy still talking but his words were going in one ear and out the other. Soon, i couldn’t stop my body from being overcome with sobs as my mind finally wrapped itself around the fact that I might never get to see my dad again. However, i was drawn out of this state when Bellamy came over and laid his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me. My sadness was now replaced with anger as i quickly stood up.

Don’t touch me” i growled at him. Hurt flashed through Bellamy’s eyes. 

(Y/N) you have to believe me. i didn’t think it would ever go this far. I just thought we could rid ourselves of the Grounder threat. If your dad would’ve-

If my dad would’ve what?” my voice was dangerously low at this point and i could tell Bellamy knew he was threading on thin ice.

I didn’t mean it that way. I just… i dont know, okay? Is that what you wnat to hear? I made a mistake. It all happened so fast and there was nothing I could do.

You could’ve chosen the right side, Bellamy. You could’ve chosen me and Octavia and Clarke. You could’ve chosen The 100 kids who were forced to come down to Earth.

What do you want from me (Y/N)? Please just tell me and i’ll do it.” Bellamy pleaded.

I want you to leave. I want you to walk out that door and never come back. I want you to think about the fact that because of you, my dad is going to die

i couldn’t tell if what i was saying was what i truly wanted but in this moment, it seemed right. I had to stand by my dad and do what’s right. And if that meant leaving Bellamy, then so be it. Bellamy stood there and looked at me for a minute before he sighed and walked towards the door.

Is this what you really want?” he asked, looking back at me one more time. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t trust myself right now. He took my silence as an answer. 

May we meet again…” he whispered as he walked through the door.

Crying, i slid down the wall i was bracing myself on and curled my knees to my chest. I had just lost my dad and my boyfriend in the matter of a day.

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Sneaking out ( JJ iii)

Summary: Reader and Jughead have a secret

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“she’s asleep” your mother whispered to your father and you waited for the sound of the door closing.

you jumped out of bed fully dressed. grabbing your phone you opened the window and climbed down the ladder that was sat under your bedroom window.

“i’m on my way” you texted and while you waited for a response  you put on your headphones

“i’m waiting” he replied

the  lights of pops illuminated your face in neon colors and you could see the person you were here to meet through the window.

when you walked through the door the bell rang and he looked up . he had already ordered you a milkshake

“hey” you slid in the booth sitting across from him grabbing your milkshake

“hi” he said quietly.  more quiet than usual and it worried you he was never this quiet

“whats wrong?” you asked taking a sip of the milkshake in front of you

Jughead sighed “we can’t keep doing this” he gestures between you two with his hands

“what do you mean we can’t keep doing this” you ask and he rolls his eyes

“this we can’t keep doing this. you have to sneak out of the house just to see me you’re going to get caught because of me” you grab your boyfriends hands rubbing your thumbs over the backs in soothing circles

“Jughead, you’re right we can’t keep sneaking around” you start

“tomorrow you’re coming over for breakfast and we’re gonna tell them about us.” you say and almost giggle at his panicked face.

“what if they don’t want us together?” you laugh “then i guess they’ll just have to deal with it”


“mom, make an extra plate” you say walking into the kitchen

“why? you having someone over?” she asks and you nod  reaching over to grab a piece of bacon

“you have to wait!” she scolded and smacked your hand away

“ouch” you rubbed your hand and went to the dining room and helped your mother set up

“why is there an fourth plate? is your mother here?” your father asked your mother ducking around as if there was bat in the house

your mother playfully smacked your father on the arm “no, Y.N is having someone over” your mother beamed

“oh are you now?” he asked and you nodded

the door bell rang and you jumped up “i’ll get it!” you yell running towards the door and there stood Jughead dressed in his usual clothing but he wasn’t wearing his beanie

“hey Jug wheres the beanie” you asked running a hand through his raven boys hair

he seemed to relax at the feeling of your hand in his hair

“i didn’t bring it” you grab his bag and take the beanie out  "you never go anywhere without your beanie jug" you say

before he can say anything you place the beanie on his hand fixing some strands of hair “you don’t have to change Jug just be yourself"you assure him

grabbing his hand you lead him into your house and to the dining room where your mother and father were sat patiently waiting for your return

the sound of you entering the room alerted your parents

"mom, dad this is jughead” you began “my boyfriend” your mother gasps

“boyfriend?” she asks excitedly  "boyfriend" your father says


there was a silence while you all ate

it was like they didn’t know what to say

“so” your father starts “how long have you and Jughead been dating?” he asks

you and jughead look at eachother and answer at the same time “eight months”

“eight months?” your mother says “why are we just now finding out?” she asks

“well, we were afraid of what you guys would say so we kept it a secret” Jug says

“is that why you were sneaking out all the time?” your mother says

you choke on your orange juice “You knew?” you say regaining your breath

“sweetheart i used to sneak out all the time you’re not exactly quiet” your father says

“i never knew you were sneaking out  because of a boy” your mother says dreamily  "you know i used to sneak out to go meet your father at this little treehouse-“ you stop her

"ew mom i don’t want to know what you and dad did when you snuck out” she nods

“it’s not  appropriate for kids anyway” she says and your father gently elbows her in the ribs

“oh my god” you whisper


your parents asked their questions and Jughead answered truthfully and by the looks on their faces they were interested by him

“i should get going” Jug says and you both stand up

“i’ll walk you out” and you start to the door

“thanks for coming Jug” you say and he grabs your hands

“i’d do it a million more times for you” and you smile at the cheesy line

he leans in and your lips meet “they kissed Eliza” you hear your father whisper

you turn your heads and see your parents peeking around the corner but quickly turn when they knew they got caught

“i’ll see you later” you tell him and he kisses your cheek one more time before leaving

you shut the door and walked back into the dining room

your mother was hunched over the table and your father was sat in the chairs looking through an upside down newspaper

“i saw you guys” you say and walk upstairs to your room.


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based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 1.8k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

part 2 - part 3


it took everything for you to not be sweating really bad this moment. You were scared, nervous and if you could choose between being quiet about this and not having to tell Jimin how you feels, you would definitely stay quiet for the rest of your life. Yet Taehyung had told you that if you didn’t tell him, then he would tell him how you truly felt. You were angry at him for it because you didn’t want this pressure on you, not only did you hated it but you also couldn’t sleep at night due to it. Taehyung assured you that he was doing it for your good because he was tired of seeing you all the time really sad every time Jimin mentioned other girls name but to you, it definitely wasn’t like this, this was almost like a betrayal.

You didn’t want to admit it but your feeling for Jimin were big and they were pretty messy since you knew how bad they would all turn out at the end. True was that almost everyone knew how bad Jimin actually was when it came to the relationship and even you knew it. He played tons of girls and while you were thankful you weren’t one of them, you also didn’t enjoy being the girl that he told everything to, including the numbers of how many girls he had been with and how many he had used for sex. You hated it that you were in love with him because knowing how weak you were, he could easily break you.

You were now on your way to Jimin’s and Taehyungs dorms, in hopes you could have a movie night with him without being interrupted by Taehyung. He was probably the only one who kept pressuring you to tell Jimin how you felt, which was the reason most of the time you were always trying to avoid him. It wasn’t that you hated him for it because you knew he was right for the most part but you just weren’t ready for Jimin’s rejection. So now you were trying to slowly open the front door of their room without making a noise even though it was very obvious that you were there thanks to the loud crack that it made every time you slowly tried closing it. While you hoped that no one had actually heard the loud noises, you see the light in the living room being turned on and you sigh, knowing you were caught.

“What are you doing here? Are you finally going to tell him?” you heard the too familiar voice and you immediately get out of the dorm, hoping to make it back to your dorm before he caught you.

You didn’t even know why you tried, you were pretty dumb for even think Taehyung would let you walk away from this situation.

 Instead, you feel the door being opened again and when you try to let go of the door handle, Taehyung grabs a hold of your arm and pulls you inside, immediately closing the door.

“Stop acting like a kid and trying to run away! One way or another you’re going to have to tell him”

“No!” You push him away slightly walking towards the living room, sitting on the couch with both of your hands crossed.

“ Whatever! Did you talk to him or not?” he ask while opening the fridge to get a bottle of water.

“I want to but every time I do I chicken out”

“So you’re just going to live like this? Never telling him while seeing him with other girls?” he asked and you simply dodge the question, knowing that even you didn’t know how to answer that.

“I’ll just deal with it myself” you both knew that was a big lie but he doesn’t bother to question it.

“You do know he’s with girl right now”

“What?” You feel yourself choke on those words and you immediately feel anger developing.

“I know you guys had a movie to watch but he just left an hour ago with some girl from Art class”

“Then there’s no point of me being right? Just tell him I came but left, I’ll see you” You feel disappointed on yourself for even believing that Jimin would be on time for this and how stupid of you to even think he would reject sex for you. 

You were angry, even Taehyung knew it by the look of you but you just couldn’t hold it in. He had promised to had been here waiting for you and not only was he late but he had stood you up for a meaningless fling. 

You knew that this was something you should have become adjust to, even numb to it but you couldn’t no matter what. You hated the feeling of it, being heartbroken over someone who didn’t care about how you felt but this was how it was. If you weren’t going to tell him about how you felt then you had to start adjusting to his ways somehow.


Going home seemed like such a long way since your mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of the pros and cons of telling him how you truly felt. The pro was that maybe, just maybe he could like you back. It was just a tiny maybe and you never really thought about it which took you back to your first choice, the cons. The cons were pretty much him ignoring you forever and you losing all contact and all that was too much for you to lose over a stupid crush on your best friend.

You finally arrive at your dorm after a long walk that was nothing but horrible thoughts that were never good for you and you decide to check your phone to make sure boss hadn’t sent you an important message for work tomorrow like she always did to remind you. Instead, you find two unread messages from Jimin and you realize that you had forgotten to text him.

“Hey I just came back, are you ready?”

“Y/n where did you go? I thought we were going to watch a movie together? Why did Taehyung tell me you left…ㅜㅜ?”

You knew this feeling too well, being the second choice. You almost felt the tears stinging knowing that he was with someone else, instead of you. You immediately throw yourself on your bed and close your eyes, hoping that the pain would already go away but you swore, if it was possible, that the pain in your heart that was becoming bigger and bigger.

You had been ignoring Jimin for the past week due to the talk you had with Taehyung that kind of gave you light on the whole thing and Jimin never bothering to show up at the time you guys had suggested. He even tried to call you a couple of times the next day and even came to your classes to find you but instead, all he saw were empty seats and no sign of you. He tried to get a hold of your other friends that he didn’t know existed since you spend most of the time with him. Most of them didn’t even know what to reply to him because in fact, most of them didn’t understand what he was talking about.Truth was that you did spend all of your time with Jimin and you kind of had stopped talking them but that was something that Jimin wasn’t aware and it made him feel really bad, he was starting to feel guilty.

It was the second week that you were nowhere near to be found where Jimin had given all hope on you. He knew you were ignoring him, he did but he was also too stubborn to call you. He wanted to see you face to face and ask you what was wrong, why were you being like this? But instead, he gives up and hopes you somehow text him back.

In the very hot Friday morning of the third week, you had decided to step out of your dorm. Funny enough, you were always there but somehow Jimin was clueless because you only went to his dorm and he never went to yours. You had also gone to your classes but because you sat all the way in the back against the wall, he could never see you through the tiny window of the class. You weren’t ignoring him out of anger, you just wanted to have a break from everything. You were kind of tired of being his ‘friend’, you wanted to be more than that and you know that asking for that was too much.


It wasn’t actually long till you had to come across Jimin and Taehyung simply because this town was small enough and because you were sure that Taehyung had planned it. Out of all of the Cafe’s that were in the area, the one that you had only told Taehyung about, they were both there standing in line and you weren’t surprised. You were mostly surprised at seeing Jimin but definitely not Taehyung. You knew your suspicions of him coming here just to make you and Jimin talk was right when he turned around and he smiled, a smile you knew too well.

“Funny seeing you here”

“Hey” You awkwardly wave at him and at the sound of your voice, Jimin turns around surprised to see you there after so long.

“Where have you been?” Jimin speaks up and comes a little bit too close to your liking,

“Um well, I’ve been busy with sch-”

“Really? Because I saw you yesterday playing at the Arcade and you had your phone in your hand yet you ignored my texts completely” Jimin completely cuts you off and you don’t know whether to hide under a rock or start digging your own grave.

So maybe he had seen you that one time you came out at night but you didn’t really expect him to be there out of all places.

“What’s so bad about it? You do the same thing” You hear Taehyung add and your heart immediately drops, knowing where this was going to lead.

“Taehyung, don’t do this”

“Why is it bad that she ignores you but when you do it, she’s supposed to be okay with it? Haven’t you ever thought of how she felt?”

“Whats that suppose to mean?” Jimin looks at both of you, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

“I’m trying to tell you that maybe you should take into mind of how you make other feels” You can feel Jimins gaze on you but you look at Tae instead hoping to get him to stop talking. This wasn’t how you wanted for Jimin to find out, this wasn’t part of the picture.

Maybe you expected too much of yourself but this was definitely not how you pictured it. In your head, it was a prettier place like the park and you wanted for it to be a nice day where the sun came out and Jimin would be there with a huge smile on his face and you would tell him and just maybe he would accept you back. Thats how you pictured it, not on a Coffee shop with people’s eyes on you.

“Are you saying this because I forgot about my movie night with her? and if so what? this is our business, not yours Taehyung” Jimin pushes him slighty and you suddenly get between them, not wanting to make two best friends fight for something so silly like this.

“It’s not like that Jimin, its something else” 

“Taehyung please just don’t do it” You don’t know how many times you’ve begged him to stop but instead, he continues to go on.

“It’s just….dude how can you be so blind?” Taehyung takes one step closer towards you and you feel like this might just be the end of times. “Just tell him please”

“No, he doesn’t need to know tae, stop this already” You didn’t want this to happen, not like this.

“Can someone please just tell me what’s going on?” Jimin looks at you and your heart feels like its breaking because this was when you were going to find whether or not Jimin would still be there for you when he heard those three words or leave you behind.

“She likes you”


Should I do a part two or? this my first time posting and I know its short but for some unknown reason, this took forever to do? but I have a lot of ideas for the next part so tell me what you think here!!

Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 1

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count:2.5k


The delicate rustling of the leaves lulled them, making it hard not to fall asleep. They were surrounded by dark – night had fallen hours ago and there was no way to tell what time it was. The girls, however, knew better than to give in to their exhaustion and allow themselves to doze off, unbeknownst to anyone but them. Somehow, She always knew. There was no hiding anything from Her. One of them moved her weigh from one food to the other but this movement alone made a lot of noise in the middle of a tranquil night. The girl to her left gave her a worried glance and it seemed to wake them all up. No, they couldn’t fall asleep, they had to keep an eye open and watch camp for the night. Once a week the camp’s safety was in their hands, they could not disappoint Her.


It was an all too familiar voice, one that sent shills down the girls’ spine and inspired a mixture of awe and fear. She was as nurturing as she was fierce; no one in their right mind would consider getting on Her bad side.

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You’ve Been Studying All Day - GOT7 reaction

I’ve been such got7 trash lately and the comeback didn’t help so hERE WE GO + gifs bc, as previously stated, I am trash



He would poke and prod at you to get your attention. When he finally had it, he’d try with all his might to convince you to take a break because “you can’t study all the time! Breaks are healthy. Did you know cuddles improve your mood by 110%?”

“That’s nice Mark, but will they improve my grades by 110% too?”

Mark would kind of pout and mope around you until you agreed to a break. Then, he’d want to go for a little walk or something to help get your mind off things; he’d ask a little bit about your studying, but would want to focus on other aspects so that when you returned to your piles of notes, you’d be refreshed.

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You would have totally forgotten about your date night, so when JB showed up at your door with expectant eyes only to find you wearing loose sweatpants and your “coffee makes everything better” shirt, you’d feel awful. He’d be a little disappointed, but as soon as he saw your open textbook and messy notebook on the coffee table, he’d understand; you stuck with him while he worked, so he’d want to do the same. He’d make some food and/or tea for you both and would sit in the room with you, careful to not be in the way but also letting you know he would help in any way he could.

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He’d remind you of all the hard work you’d put in during class time and the past couple of nights; at this point he honestly thought it would be impossible for you to be capable of forgetting even the smallest detail. Still, he’d accept your worrying and decide he’d help you study. Of course, he’d propose a game. He’d leave the room for a few minutes and come back looking like… the Stay Puft marshmallow man. He’d wriggle his eyebrows, explaining that every time he asked a question and you got the correct answer, he’d remove an item of clothing. You’d go through the layers quickly, though stopping to die of laughter when you saw him with one of your lace bras over a t-shirt. 

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He’d 100% join you in your piles of notes, reading through them quickly to understand the gist of the subject matter if he didn’t already have an idea of what you were dealing with. He’d start asking some questions to figure out how to best approach studying for the assignment, and it would snowball from there. He’d start with a small idea, and you’d pick it up from there, maybe correcting him, and pretty soon you’d be bouncing all these ideas and facts off of each other. Instead of reading and rereading the information, he’d get you to talk about it as much as you could, reading through your notes to make sure you were on the right path and didn’t stray.

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He would be kind of similar to Jackson with his approach; he was sure you knew everything there was to know about the text/exam’s subject, but he understood your worries. However, he’d absolutely hate to see you so stressed, beating yourself up after you didn’t get the right answer, never taking into consideration that your brain wanted you to slow down and change things up. So, being the sweatheart he is, he’d propose a game to you in which he would ask questions based on the review your prof had given you and the notes you had in your notebook, and for every right answer you got, he’d give you a kiss. It’d probably be the giggliest, cutest study session ever tbh

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He would shamelessly annoy you because he wants you to spend time with him. He’d own up to being selfish, but wouldn’t care too much because he just wanted to cuddle with you and talk about memes his day. Bambam’s relentless and random screeches, cheek poking, and giggles would go from endearing/funny to frustrating really quickly; no matter how many times you told him to bug off, he’d continue. Finally, you’d turn to him, cheeks red with the nasty words you kept inside, and create a compromise: you cuddle with him for an hour, then he helps you study after you grab some dinner. He wouldn’t mind helping, he was just happy he got his cuddles.

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Yugyeom would walk in and see your papers and hands covered in coloured ink, and immediately take things into his own hands. He’d stop dead in his tracks and start asking general questions like “what are you studying (Y/N)?” “when’s the test/exam?” but pretty quickly he’d get more specific, asking the relevance of something you had just mentioned to the unit you were studying (or on the world ?). You’d start to get annoyed because, as much as you loved him and talking to him, you needed to study. You’d tell him just that, but he’d brush it off and continue. After a few more questions, reapeat what you had said before. Then, he’d simply look at you and say: “But you know it all already; you explained it perfectly to me, without any difficulty.” You’d just kinda stare off in amazement because dammit he was right.

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I have an Sehun (EXO) scenario that’ll be posted tomorrow night, and a Svt reaction coming soon (I’m actually drowning in homework atm and wifi is beyond terrible everywhere I go besides McDick’s what is this) ! In the meantime, feel free to request :)

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BYSOTI(D) Drabble Prompt: Victor and Yuuri (whether together or separately) discover that there are RPF about themselves, both with other people, and each other. This could be before or after they get together, though the former may be more amusing?

“So you know how Yakov is always saying “never google yourself”?”

Yuuri didn’t even answer, just dropped his head down to the table.  This was going to go somewhere that he wouldn’t like.  He just knew it.

“Let me guess,” Chris leaned forward.  “You googled yourself.”

With a smile that could stun reporters and make them forget every question that they had ever wanted to ask him, Viktor nodded.  “I did!  And there are some amazing things.  People draw artwork of me!  And other skaters, but of me!”

“As if your ego wasn’t already outrageous, mon cher.”

Yuuri kept his mouth shut.

“Not only that, they write stories!”

Chris laughed.  “Stories?”

Yuuri groaned.  “Please tell me you didn’t read any.”  Just what the world needed, a Viktor Nikiforov that was aware that RPF was a thing.

“Have you read any?”  Viktor sounded curious.

Yuuri sat up and shifted.  That was a dangerous question.  He had been a twelve year old with an idol and access to the internet.  So, of course, he’d read some, but he wasn’t about to tell Viktor that!.  “No.” Liar.

“There’s some about you as well, Yuuri!  And about Chris!”

“Ooh.  How do I find it!  I want to read them!”  Chris took out his phone.

“I’ll send you a link to an archive!”

Yuuri thought about abandoning the rest of his drink and claiming tiredness and running up to his room.  It was allowed.  They’d all skated their short programs just a few hours ago.

“What’s the difference between a slash and an ampersand?”

Yuuri gave up.  “The slash denotes a romantic pairing and an ampersand is supposed to denote just a friendship or other relationship.”  There was no getting out of this and these two needed supervision.

“You’ve read some, Yuuri?!”

“No.  I have not read any fic about myself, but I’ve read fanfiction before.  Phichit reads a lot of fanfiction.  Probably writes some too.  I don’t really ask because  I don’t need to know the complex relationship dynamics of Naruto and Sasuke and whoever.”  From the looks on their faces, Yuuri had lost them already.  Thank god.

Viktor looked back down at his phone.  “Oh, look, Yuuri!  Here’s one about us.  It has that slash thing, so that means we’re in a relationship in that one, right?”

Chris was choking on his pastry or something, but Yuuri sighed and looked at Viktor’s phone and the summary.  “Uh, Viktor?”


“Two things, according to that we hate each other.”


“And… well, we’re, um…” Yuuri could feel the heat crawling up his face.  He couldn’t actually force himself to say ‘hate-sex’.

Christophe, however, could apparently.  “Oh my god.  It’s a one-shot about the two of you hate-fucking.  Can I read it?”

“What?!”  Yuuri thought that he’d never heard that particular inflection from Viktor before.  It was sad but something else as well.  Something that he couldn’t place.

“It’s pretty hot.  And they’ve really put a mouth on Yuuri here.  I mean, really.”

“Chris, don’t read it!”  Viktor was trying to snatch his phone back.

“I’m not done!”  He lifted the phone up into the air.  “Oh!  They really capture Yuuri’s flexibility too!  Damn, I wonder if that position is even possible in real life.”  Chris wiggled his eyebrows at Yuuri.  “Want to give it a try?”

“Chris!” And really Yuuri was used to this sort of outrageousness from Viktor and Chris at this point.

“Of course he doesn’t!”  Viktor crossed his arms over his chest.

“Ok, I found one.”  Chris must have moved on from whatever depravity he’d been reading.  “I scrolled further up and there’s a something called a slow burn where you and Yuuri are star-crossed lovers and royalty–”

This time it was Yuuri that looked over Chris’s shoulder.  “They warn for major character death.  So either Viktor or I die.  Actually both of us, probably. Sounds very Romeo and Juliet.”  He paused.  “Why are you only looking at things tagged with me and Viktor?”

Chris shrugged.  “That’s what was there when I hit the back key.”  So if you can sort by relationship, let’s look up a threesome!”  Chris messed around with Viktor’s phone.  

Viktor had gone terribly quiet and his cheeks had colored rose.  Yuuri was surprised his own face wasn’t tomato red, himself, but really, Viktor had brought this on himself.

“Ooh!  There’s a relationship called Three Musketeers all about us!  And the first fic that comes up is Explicit!”

Sniffles and chocolate (Lin x Reader)

This is kind of a quick one shot in celebration of reaching 1.5k followers. It may also be me just trying to cheer myself up since I have The Cold™. 

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Summary: Reader is very much in love with the star of the hottest musical of the decade. It turns out the star seems to be shining extra brightly when he gets to take care of Reader when they’re sick.

Warnings: None. Just fluff all the way.

Wordcount: 1,678

Oh, and tags! @ruth-hamilton-delrio @hopeandlovelastlonger @yayhamletnonstop I think you all have at some poiont told me that you wanted to be tagged in my stuff. So here goes. Just tell me if you want me to stop. Peace, love you! <3

You knew it the moment you woke up. The feeling of a sore throat and a nose filled with snot had knocked you back into the bed before, but not like this. This was accompanied by a fever, and the fact that it felt like someone had kicked you in the face while you were asleep. To put it on paper, the february cold that had plagued the workplace for weeks had finally caught up with you too.

Since two months ago, you had been working as an assistant to the head of the costume department at the Richard Rogers theatre, the home to the (according to you) best musical of the decade, Hamilton.

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