Ch148, Timeline

So… it really must be Thursday the 21st…. Where did almost a week go?

We know November 15th was the “longest day” in which our earl and Sebastian came back from Bath to London, found Agni dead and Soma injured, returned to the manor to find real Ciel there, and got arrested. The morning of the 16th, Bard, Finny, Mey-Rin, And Snake show up with the horse-drawn cart.

What day was our earl ranting about the “ghost” of his brother? Maybe the night of the 16th? Maybe the 17th?

We are missing a few days here, and I don’t know what happened between our earl’s rant at Lau’s opium den… and Soma walking down this street.

What have our earl and the others been doing? Making progress on their travel plans without us getting to see. By the time we get back to them, they might no longer be in England.

But I have Soma-related questions, too:

  1. Who collected Agni’s body for cremation and exactly when? We didn’t even see Sebastian move Agni’s body out of the hallway, and now we don’t know whether Sebastian took the body to a morgue or something around the time they dropped Soma off at Sieglinde’s. Where was he cremated, since Undertaker’s place is shut down? (Perhaps some other random funeral parlor/crematorium.)
  2. How/when did Soma get the urn with Agni’s ashes? He had to pick it up… or did someone bring them to him at Sieglinde’s?
  3. What’s the situation with Soma leaving Sieglinde’s place? What do Sieglinde and Wolfram think about this now? Have they heard the news of our earl and Sebastian getting arrested? Do they know that our earl and Sebastian got loose from the Yard carriage and are “wanted men”?
  4. Does Soma know anything about the arrest and escape?

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What do you think of King K Rool?

I’m glad he’s in Smash Bros. I don’t know if Rare always has great character designers, like, all of the stuff in Banjo-Kazooie and Battletoads and whatever else feels kind of like this random mish mash of whatever.

Sonic has the science vs. nature angle, so the woodland animals vs. pollution angle works. Mario’s kind of random, but it at least establishes a kind of canon – Mario is a working class man that ends up in a magical land where he fights a wizard/dragon that commands an army of other reptiles.

But Banjo-Kazooie is, like… a bear keeps a bird in a backpack and they fight a magical witch that wants to use a scientific machine to restore her youth and beauty, and there’s all these magical portals to different realms that use golden puzzle pieces and musical notes? It’s a big mess and none of it fits together in any appreciable way, and a lot of Rare games felt like that.

And K. Rool kind of fits in to that. First he’s a king, then he’s a pirate, then he’s a scientist. DK64 ends with a boxing match against him, he turns up in Mario Baseball wearing a weird Mayan Temple of the Sun outfit.

But despite all of that, I still like him. I think his personality could have been better locked down, but I like he way he looks slightly unhinged, and he’s appropriately mean looking.

But I will also admit that I think Smash Bros. went a long way to make him look a lot cooler than Rare ever did. I had a lot of friends who didn’t like the idea of him showing up in Smash Bros. because they thought he was ugly, and back on the SNES, he definitely was:

But, with a few simple tweaks, now he looks kind of rad:

If they ever end up doing a third Donkey Kong Country Returns game, I’d like to see him come back.

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Okay 3 things! 1. Love how you draw K.Round, his legs are glorious. 2. Do you still draw Undertale? Haven't seen anything here in awhile. (Not counting Deltarune art as Undertale art.) And 3. Do you play any video games? If so what is your favorite. (P.S. your art is so amazing and adorable and I love seeing you on my dashboard!)

1. Why thank you! King Round thanks you too :) It was very fun to draw that piece lol

2. The last Undertale fanart I did was last month, I think it was that Xmas themed one…? I’ll throw out an Undertale art occasionally. I haven’t stopped loving it, I just no longer have much inspiration to draw it :(

3. As for video games..The list is too huge lol so I’ll just throw out a few…

Okami, Undertale, Pokemon and Team Fortress 2 are some all-time favs of mine. As of recent. I’ve been enjoying Hollow Knight, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Zelda Botw :)

Thank you for the kind words and questions! ^^ 


What did you do to it?

Why is it in this state?

I left you instructions, why didn’t you follow them?

Great it’s ruined!

I didn’t even get to enjoy this, I wore it once!

OMG, why do you make things so difficult?

Actually, I guess it’s not that bad.

Yeah, really now it looks like a design.

I can still wear this, maybe at least around the house.

Come here, I’m sorry I over reacted.

It’s just a thing, and it’s not the end of the world.

Thank you for doing your best, you’re my best little guy and gal.


image: Stamping with Bleach {to cover spots/stains on shirts, pillows, etc …Pinterest

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along.

21 Questions

Rules: Answer the questions then tag 21 people!

Tagged by: @ivarlcthbrok (thanks, I love your blog 😊💗💗)

1. Name: eh I don’t think I’m ready to not be a ghost yet lol

2. Zodiac Sign: Taurus

3. Favorite Food: Don’t really have one, food’s good 🤷🏼‍

4. Favorite Season: Fall

5. Jeans or Shorts: Idk shorts are fun. So are jeans. I wear both.

6. Where are you from?: U.S.

7. Last book you read: The last book I read and finished was The Great Gatsby. Currently working on reading through IT before chapter 2 comes out lol.

8. Favorite movie: Almost impossible for me to pick one. Probably Howl’s Moving Castle. But honestly I have a million favorites.

9. Dream vacation: Just let me see Europe lol

10. Eye color: Green

11. Natural hair color: Literally a mix of light brown, dark brown, blonde, strawberry blonde, chestnut, etc. It’s hard to label it with just one.

12. Height: 5'7"

13. Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert

14: Tea or Coffee: Tea

15. Do you workout regularly?: I don’t like have a routine or anything. But dance keeps me moving.

16: Favorite beverage: Idk if I have a favorite. Aside from water I drink lemonade the most though so probably lemonade.

17. Do you have pets?: I have a cat. He’s a ragdoll. He looks like a snowball. He’s very cute.

18. Your ideal day off: One in which I don’t have anything to stress about. My mind would be clear and my day full of relaxation and fun.

19. In a relationship or single?: Painfully single lmao

20. Something unique about you: Idk I’m not that interesting…hm…I’m like the only person in my immediate family with long legs, so I feel tall a lot. Not that that’s interesting lol.

21. If you so choose, post a selfie: nahhhh

I’ll tag a few:

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do you have any book recs?

i love any word written by Margaret Atwood and i went on like a Roxane Gay bender in 2018….. but my favorite books of all time are Watership Down by Richard Adams and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. i actually have a book recs page

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I hope this is not a strange question, but have you seen the movie Anastasia? I was looking to write fanfic of it. I know it’s not historically accurate, but aside from that, how Russian or non-Russian do you think Anastasia and Dimitri are in the movie? I’m curious about your opinion. I don’t want to make them boy and girl stereotypes but I wanted to write them a little more Russian if they aren’t. And maybe use Russian diminutives in dialogue as well as write about Anastasia’s orphanage life.

This is not a strange question at all, I don’t mind questions about anything, but I haven’t seen it! Only some bits many years ago. I asked  my friend @vikadz about it and she says that the characters have never seemed non-Russian to her (she didn’t even think about if they were like real Russians or not - and that’s a good sign; it means they are very much ‘passable’ :))) and that the Russian dub makes it even more magical. So probably you shouldn’t worry if they’re not Russian enough and build your characterization on how they are in the movie. Since the movie is not historically accurate, it won’t be a crime to think something up when it comes to her orphanage life. I guess they portrayed that time in a much softer light than it was IRL. If you want to describe a more realistic Russia, I really recommend this movie, it shows the atmosphere of the 1920s and is based on Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog
I wouldn’t rec overloading the text with diminutives, but there are some neutral ones you could use:
Guy to girl:
Milaya - My dear / sweet 
Lyubimaya - my beloved
Rodnaya - my dear (like a soulmate)
Moya devochka - my girl

Girl to guy:
Miliy - My dear / sweet
Lyubimiy - my beloved
Rodnoi - my dear (like a soulmate)

Anybody to anybody:
Lyubov moya - my love
Radost moya - my joy
Serdtse moyo - my heart

This is bugging me and I can’t find a solid answer- but what or where exactly is Hyrule? It’s referred to as a kingdom, but there’s nothing on neighbouring kingdoms? We know Skyloft was above it but… is it a planet? Part of a planet? What’s beyond Hyrule’s borders? Have I missed some canon somewhere?


1.if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

2.have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

3.three songs that you connect with right now.

4.would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?

5.have you taken someones virginity? many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?

7.if you could, would you take back your last kiss?

8.who would you like to see in concert?

9.what was the last concert you saw?

10.would you ever want to swim with sharks? you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?

12.what was the last thing that made you laugh?

13.a song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?

14.have any pets? you want to have kids? How many? you have piercings? How many? you miss anyone from your past?

18.what are you craving right now?

19.have you ever broken someone’s heart?

20.have you ever been cheated on?

21.have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? you believe in true love?

23.favourite weather? you like the snow? you wanna get married? it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?

27.what’s an inner joke you have with your friends?

28.go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

29.what’s your favorite pasta dish?

30.what color do you really want to dye your hair?

31.what’s your favorite eye color? about your favorite bag, the one that’s been to hell and back with you and that you love to pieces.

33.are you a morning person?

34. what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever broken into?

35.what are the shoes you’ve had for forever and wear with every single outfit?

36.what is your opinion of socks? do you like wearing weird socks? do you sleep with socks? do you confine yourself to white sock hell? really, just talk about socks.

37.tell us a story of something that happened to you after 3AM when you were with friends. you have a favorite coffee shop? describe it!

39.who was the last person you gazed at the stars with?

40.what was your biggest fear as a kid? is it the same today? you like buying CDs and records? what was the last one you bought?

42.think of a person. what song do you associate with them?

43.what are your favorite memes of the year so far you like poetry? what are some of your faves?

45.what’s the stupidest gift you’ve ever given? the stupidest one you’ve ever received?

46.what are some of your worst habits?

47.describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.

48.tell us about your pets! there anything you should be doing right now but aren’t?

50.are you in the minion hateclub or fanclub?

51.what’s one of the cutest things someone has ever done for you?

52.describe one of your friend’s eyes using the most abstract imagery you can think of.

53.what’s some of your favorite album art?

54.are you planning on getting tattoos? which ones? you like concept albums? which ones?

56.what are some movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?

57.list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them.

58.if you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why?

59.what do you do when you’re sad?

60.what are some things you do when you can’t sleep?

61.what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had?

62.who is the last person you told a secret to?

63.what’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

64.what’s your favorite food?

65.what’s your secret dream?

66.three songs you were recently obsessed with.

67.three songs that remind you of the person who sends this one

68. three favourite old songs

69.three last songs you listened to

70.worst possible time to get horny:

71.have you ever had a friends with benefits? you believe in soulmates?

73.Is there anyone you would die for?

74.whowas the last person you cried in front of? you give out second chances too easily? it easier to forgive or forget? this year the best year of your life? you have trust issues?

79.who/what was your last dream about?

80.would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

harrystanktop  asked:

Margaret Atwood is a frIGGIN GENIUS have you read Alias Grace? OMG it’s so good also The Robber Bride is WOW AMAZING

saffy!!!! i read Alias Grace on a long flight last year and literally crashed on my couch at home after landing and stayed up until half past two to finish it…. my eyeballs were falling out of my head and my suitcase was just laying by the door. the way she constructs her prose is so meticulous and breathtaking, she’s honestly my writing goals. handmaid’s tale is so good too, i reread it once it was made into a show and still have some screenshots in my camera roll

like look at that?? God is love, but we reversed that????? bukowski who? faulkner’s wig is gone. tolstoy could never

Sweetheart asks ❄️

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  1. Talk about your first love.
  2. What’s the most beautiful songs you’ve ever heard in your opinion?
  3. How’s your heart feeling right now?
  4. What kind of self care is your favorite to do?
  5. What’s your skincare routine?
  6. How did you get to be so beautiful?
  7. Do you have any stuffed animals?
  8. Best trip you’ve ever been on?
  9. Favorite thing about your room?
  10. Opinion on love?
  11. Are you affectionate?
  12. Who do you look up to?
  13. Favorite poet?
  14. Song that makes you happy? How about one that calms you down when you’re in a bad place?
  15. Do you play an instrument?
  16. Do you do art? Using what (pencil, watercolor, etc)?
  17. Do you dance? What style of dance?
  18. What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in astrology?
  19. Favorite old film?
  20. What’s your hairstyle?
  21. What weather is the most beautiful, in your opinion?
  22. What upsets you most about the world?
  23. Are you in love right now?
  24. Do you have a crush? If so, talk about them!
  25. Do you have pets? Talk about something sweet about them!
  26. Do you have a lucky number?
  27. Have you ever wished on a star? What about on a fallen eyelash?
  28. Do you believe emoji spells to work?
  29. Do you believe in magic in general?
  30. What’s the most beautiful thing in life, In your opinion?
  31. Opinion on the color pink? What about baby blue?
  32. What instrumental sound is your favorite?
  33. Do you like the sound of wind? What about the sound of rain?
  34. Who makes you happy?
  35. What makes you happy?
  36. Imagine your ideal life, the life you wish to make, what will that look like?
  37. Do you wear makeup? If so what’s your favorite type of makeup or specific makeup product? Favorite store to buy makeup?
  38. Do you wear dresses? If so what’s your favorite dress you own?
  39. Ever been heartbroken? How do you deal with it?
  40. Who’s your closest friend? What do you love about them?
  41. Introvert or extrovert?
  42. Do you like MBTI? What’s your MBTI?
  43. Would you be a fairy, a mermaid, a vampire, a siren, a or an angel?
  44. What’s the best song a friend has ever introduced to you?
  45. Parlez-vous français?
  46. Most beautiful place you’ve been to?
  47. Where/when do you truly feel at home?
  48. Does smiling put you in a better mood? Try it right now, you’re smile is goreous!
  49. Favorite shoe you own?
  50. Can you walk in stilettos? Do you like them?
  51. Do you feel loved?
  52. How do you express love to those you care about?
  53. Favorite term(s) of endearment?
  54. Most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?
  55. When is the happiest you’ve ever been?
  56. Are you happy right now?
  57. What makes you smile?
  58. Do you laugh a lot?
  59. What’s your favorite kind of aesthetic?
  60. Do you want to marry for love or for some other reason (like money)?
  61. What would your dream wedding look like? Do you want to get married?
  62. Favorite flower?
  63. Favorite artist?
  64. Favorite music artist?
  65. How kind do you think you are? Is kindness important to you?
  66. Ever made a playlist for someone?
  67. Do you have anything you do to physically comfort you when your sad? Such as a favorite blanket? Or a relaxing bath?
  68. Early bird or night owl?
  69. Morning routine?
  70. Night routine?
  71. What is the most lovely quality a person could have in your opinion?
  72. Do you cry often? Does crying help you get the emotions out? Do you feel better after?
  73. Do you like hugs?
  74. When was the last time you kissed someone?
  75. Are you small or tall?
  76. Do you like wholesome memes?
  77. Favorite thing about the past?
  78. Do you ever wonder abou the future?
  79. Have you ever lived in a different country than you currently live in?
  80. Do you like plane flights? Airports?
  81. Sunrises or sunsets?
  82. The beach or a forest?
  83. What time of day do you tend to be in the best mood?
  84. Do you push yourself to act together and in a good mood even when you aren’t?
  85. Favorite kind of tree?
  86. Do you care about the health of the Earth?
  87. What did you like most about your childhood, if anything?
  88. Do you read a lot? What’s your favorite book?
  89. What are you most nostalgic for at the moment?
  90. What’s your favorite personality trait you have?
  91. List at least ONE thing you love about your appearance.
  92. When was the last time you truly felt calm, without much of anything to worry about?
  93. Do you worry a lot?
  94. The dazzling lights of the city or the relaxing countryside?
  95. Ever changed the shoelaces on one of your shoes? For what reason?
  96. Favorite pastry?
  97. Do you like doing little acts of kindness?
  98. How’s your day/night going?
Questions for Knowing Yourself Better

1. If you could change one aspect of your life or personality, what would it be?

2. Are you “your own person” or are you defined and pushed around by others?

3. Is there any area of your life where you feel out of control?

4. Do you feel more comfortable in an organised or chaotic environment?

5. How comfortable are you with spontaneous ideas, or a last minute change in plans?

6. Do you feel renewed by being around others, or is it crucial for you to have time on your own?

7. Are you motivated, or undermined, by competition?

8. Do you work well under pressure, or do you tend to fall apart?

9. Are you better at praising and complimenting others, or at consciously affirming and building yourself up?

10. Are you a morning or an evening person?

11. Do you persevere, or do you give up easily? 12. Do you like to go with the flow, or take control of your own life? 13. Are you more of a thinker or a feeler? 14. What are your passions and goals? 15. What would your perfect day look like?

OC Drawing Prompts!

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✂️ Hair Swap - Draw an OC with the hairstyle of another character

📕 Books - Draw an OC reading their favorite book in their favorite spot

🌧 Rainy Day - Draw your OC out in the rain, with or without an umbrella

❤️ Love - Draw your OC with their romantic partner(s)

💔 Heartbreak - Draw your OC experiencing heartbreak

🌈 Pride - Draw any LGBT+ OC celebrating pride of their identity

💧 Tears - Draw your OC crying, either lightly or heavy sobs

🌸 Flower - Draw your OC in a flower crown

⭐️ Divinity - Draw your OC as a deity, in godlike clothing

👑 Royalty - Draw your OC as royalty with a crown that fits their personality

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family - Draw your OC with one or more members of their immediate family

👕 Outfit Swap - Draw your OC in the clothes of another OC

🌙 Bedtime - Draw your OC in their pajamas

🗡 Adventure - Draw your OC as if they were a fantasy adventurer

🔮 Magic - Draw your OC as a magic being/using magic

💊 Medic - Draw your OC having wounds patched up

🌎 Culture - Draw your OC in clothes and/or doing actions that represent their culture

🕷 Spooky - Draw your OC terrified/facing their biggest fear

😡 Rage - Draw your OC the maddest they’ve ever been

✏️ School - Draw your OC in a school uniform, either as when they were a child or as an adult

🎩 Dapper - Draw your OC in fancy dinner party clothes

🏖 Beach Day - Draw your OC in their swimsuit, or whatever they would typically wear to the beach

❄️ Arctic - Draw your OC in heavy winter clothing

🐻 Species Swap - Draw a human OC as an animal, or an animal oc as a human

⚰️ Death - Draw your OC as a ghost

🍭 Candy - Draw your OC in candy clothes

💫 Galaxy - Draw your OC with a space/galaxy aesthetic

🤖 Robot - Draw your OC as a robot (or draw your robot OC as a human)

📜 Old Times - Draw your OC in old-fashioned

🔧 Job Swap - Draw your OC wearing the uniform and doing the job of another OC

🎥 Star - Draw your OC as a moviestar

🛏 Sleep - Draw your OC napping, in their bed or in an inconvenient or strange location

🍎 Food - Draw your OC enjoying their favorite food

Ask musical

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1) Canción favorita
2) Canción que odies
3) Estilo musical preferido
4) Estilo musical que no soportes
5) Cantante favorito
6) Cantante que odies
7) Banda favorita
8) Banda que odies
9) Canción que te recuerde tu infancia
10) Canción que te traiga buenos recuerdos
11) Canción que te traiga malos recuerdos
12) Canción de los 60 que te guste
13) Canción de los 70´ que te guste
14) Canción de los 80´ que te guste
15) Canción de los 90´ que te guste
16) Canción de los 00 que te guste
17) Canción que todo el mundo debiese escuchar
18) Canción con la que te den ganas de bailar
19) Cancion que te deprime
20) Canción con la que te dan ganas de enamorarte
21) Canción que te dedicaron
22) Canción que dedicaste
23) Canción que te gustaría dedicar
24) Canción que te gustaría que te dedicaran
25) Canción para escuchar en familia
26) Canción para escuchar en una fiesta
27) Canción para escuchar en tu cuerto a solas
28) Canción que te recuerde a tu familia
29) Canción para escuchar drogado
30) Canción para escuchar durante el sexo
31) Canción para escuchar mientras duermes
32) Canción para escuchar en verano
33) Canción para escuchar en invierno
34) Canción para escuchar en primavera
35) Canción para escuchar en Otoño
36) Canción más triste que conozcas
37) Canción que te gustaría que sonara en tu funeral
38) Canción que sepas tocar en algún instrumento
39) Canción que te gustaría cantar en público
40) Canción publicada este año que te guste
41) Canción publicada este año que no te guste
42) Canción en donde salga tu nombre
43) Cantante de tu país que le enseñarías a un extranjero
44) Banda de tu país que le enseñarías a un extranjero
45) Canción de un artista de tu país que le enseñarías a un extranjero
46) Canción que te gusta por su letra
47) Canción que te gusta por su ritmo
48) Última canción que escuchaste
49) Primera canción favorita
50) Canción cuya letra te identifique
51) Canción para escuchar en un viaje
52) Canción para escuchar en una cita romántica
53) Cover que te guste
54) Canción en otro idioma que te guste
55) Canción que te haga llorar

Lovely Asks

  1. Describe your first kiss!
  2. Do you believe in love at first site?
  3. What’s your favorite trait in a partner?
  4. Do you have a significant other? If so, describe them! If not, what’s your ideal significant other?
  5. Do you like hugs?
  6. Describe your ideal date!
  7. Do you wear your partner’s clothes?
  8. Do you have a crush on anyone?
  9. How many significant others have you had?
  10. What’s your favorite memory with your significant other?
  11. Have you said the “L word” yet?
  12. Favorite pet names to be called?
  13. Favorite pet names to use for your significant other?
  14. What’s their most attractive feature?
  15. What song reminds you of your significant other?
  16. Do you guys have a song?
  17. Have you slow danced with them?
  18. Have you kissed them in the rain?
  19. Are you taller or shorter than your significant other?
  20. Do you know their favorite candy?
  21. Do they know your favorite candy?
  22. How many inside jokes do you guys have with each other?

Feel free to add more, lovelies!

Ask Questions

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1. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?

2. What is one thing you regret having done or not done in your life?

3. Which parent do you identify with the most?

4. What do you think you cook or bake the best?

5. If you could change your first name what would it be?

6. Can you hula hoop?

7. What embarrasses you the most in front of other people?

8. Have you considered running for president?

9. If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?

10. Who are you most envious of—real or fictional—and why?

11. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

12. Are ghosts real?

13. Are aliens real?

14. How old is the most expired item in your fridge?

15. What are your favorite style of underwear?

16. What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?

17. How about the sweetest song?

18. Do you know how to play dominoes?

19. What’s under your bed?

20. Have you ever prank called someone?

21. 100 kittens or 3 baby sloths?

22. Are you proud of what you’re doing with your heart and time right now?

23. Why or why not?

24. How many bones have you broken?

25. Have you ever won anything? Big or small?

26. If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be?

27. What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?

28. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?

29. What’s the best way to comfort you when you’re having a really terrible day?

30. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before?

31. Would you ever adopt a child?

32. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

33. If you were a cake which cake would you be?

34. What is the most important material possession you have and why?

35. What is the most important memory you have and why?

36. When was the last time you cried?

37. How old was your mother when she had you?

38. Which famous person would you like to be BFFs with?

39. Is there something you wish you had said sorry for but never did?

40. Have you been on your first date? If so, how did it go?