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Can I use high john root if I'm white?

Can you, or should you? You can, it’s readily available online, but should you? No, I wouldn’t. John the Conqueror is a Black folk hero, a prince stolen from Africa and brought to America, who helped slaves escape bondage and helped them get revenge on their White masters. Why do you think he would work for you, a White person, in the same way he works for a Black person? There are plenty of other lucky roots and charms out there, High John is not one you should claim.  

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What do you think of Monroe Cannon's style? I heard she's a little diva in training! Love your blog btw!

You know what? I want Monroe to take more risks with her style. I think she plays it way too safe. I would love to see her in something a little more edgy. She would kill a pair leather shorts and Timbs. 

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How do you feel about issue #20? I thought Edmondson did a good job of tying the series back to his central theme of atonement, but I also think that he may have taken things too far with Natasha's killing spree. Also, is there any way to reconcile her childhood with Marina and her blind obedience to the Red Room with the previous retcon in Deadly Origin? The last I'd read, she wasn't even recruited into the Red Room until adulthood. Is more brainwashing required to make sense of this all?

Oh, man. The killing spree might have been too far for me, too, but I’d rather be challenged like this than have Natasha’s KGB days come off soft and cuddly. I’ve said over and over again that I think Natasha is a way more interesting character when she is someone who has made mistakes, when she has something sharp to blame herself for.

I really appreciated the emphasis the issue places on choice: the power it has for good and for evil. It not only cements the atonement theme, like you’re saying, but ties into the meta threat presented by CHAOS as well. For Natasha, choice is her salvation, and so she will fight against anyone who would take it away. But choice is also the author of all that red, her redemption and her nightmares come at the same cost.

There’s obviously stuff in this run that contradicts Deadly Origin and I have a no-prize fix for that will appear in a future question post. But the contrast between the earlier flashback with Marina and the Natasha we see in #19-20 is deliberate, pointed out by Marina herself. The Natasha we see in these issues is also different from the KGB agent Natasha in issue #10, where she does chose mercy over orders. How we get from one to the other to the other is something the story asks but doesn’t answer, which lets the reader choose their own adventure. I’m sure you could say it was brainwashing: there’s precedent and a it makes Natasha’s comments about choice and puppets fall with a hard irony.

But I hate brainwashing!! So I’d go further back, to the death of Alexei. This was originally presented as Natasha’s impetus to join the KGB. Deadly Origin twisted the story a bit, but it still spurred Natasha into demanding missions:

Natasha: I request to be assigned to missions against the west! To infiltrate and destroy their technologies! For some reason I feel I have skills I can offer— women I can be!

One thing that we’ve seen over and over, in this run and in others, is that Natasha is at her meanest when people she cares about are threatened. She turns her grief into violence. And that the KGB knew this about her, or they wouldn’t have encouraged her relationship with Alexei, and then faked his death.

A recurring theme in Natasha’s stories is survival, and more than that, the difficulty of moving on, of enduring loss without becoming it. And her heroism works better when her dangers have fangs, when we know she might become loss, might have become her loss once before.

Panel from Black Widow: Deadly Origin #2.

Question for everyone:
I’m doing research on starting a Patreon and I’m curious about what you all think - if you were to contribute to my Patreon is there anything you’d want to see as rewards in particular? I’m considering postcards and prints monthly maybe, or a tarot card every month? Or do you dislike Patreon to begin with? I’m curious about it all, and any advice/feedback is appreciated!

Worship in Witchcraft?

So, I recently had a very interesting conversation (well, more of a debate) with one of my friends. This post is directed to fellow tumblr-users in the witchcraft community (non-Wiccan, as the following is in regards to Traditional Witchcraft).

Do you believe worship of a spirit/deity is required in Witchcraft? That, in order for someone to identify as and live their life as a witch, they must worship some other being?

And, if your answer is yes - why, and what spirits / deity(s) come to your mind?

Tag me in your replies (or feel free to message me ♥) so I may read them, as I’m genuinely interested in the responses this gets.

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:) hello~! whats the difference between witchcraft and neo-wicca? (sorry i dont know much on the matter and nothing helpful is coming up on google)

From an older ask:

(Neo-)Wicca is a religion because it has set holidays, theism, customs, etc. Sabbats, esbats, the Wheel of the Year. Duotheism with the (N)W God and Goddess, soft polytheism with deities (from open cultures) acting as facets thereof, hard polytheism with or without patron deities acting in the former’s stead. Classical elements, casting circles, communion with nature is common in most (N)W traditions. The Wiccan Rede, though totally optional, is a (N)W creed, as well as the Threefold Law even though its origins are fictional. Some (Neo-)Wiccans believe in reincarnation, or some afterlife in some vague place called the Summerland. I’m pretty sure this all falls under the dictionary definition of a “religion”.

Witchcraft, on the other hand, is a practice of magic. There are no set holidays. No set theism. No set customs. There’s also no guarantee that any two given witches have the same religious beliefs; one may be atheist, another is simply god-bothered. Witches can be pagan, Christian, Christopagan, Satanist, Luciferian, (Neo-)Wiccan, heathen, Kemetic, Hellenic, etc. Any of them may practice witchcraft alongside their religion, or apart from it (secularly). One could even use witchcraft as a religion, but there’s more speculation on that then actual information at the moment. And, if witchcraft can be practiced without doing spells, take in just how diverse witchcraft really is as a magical practice, genres aside. Even other magical practices can fall under it, or be utilized with it, like chaos magic or pop culture magic. It’s why there’s a lot of “do what you feel like” as answers to witchy questions rather than uniform responses.

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gif reaction to how would yoongi, hobi, jungkook and jimin react if they walked into a room with another member but his gf was in the room changing clothes? not that she was completely naked but she got really embarrased..

Suga/Yoongi: *pushes the member back out of the room and slams the door* “You saw nothing, got it?”

J-Hope/Hoseok: “Sorry Jagi! Don’t look man!” *quickly closes the door* 

Jungkook: *freezes* “Ah, um, s-sorry!” *closes the door*

Jimin: “Yah! Don’t look!” *covers the member’s eyes and pushes them out of the room* “This never happened, okay?”

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Have you ever had to deal with a long distance relationship, and if so, what were your ways of coping with it? Mostly referring to romantic relationships but I suppose friendships are somewhat the same.

Mhm. I recently answered this question which you can read here.

Especially in a romantic relationship, so long as the time is made and the effort is put in, it’s really not terrible. Talking on the phone often, falling asleep on Skype, having dates, watching movies together, good communication – it all really makes a difference. Sending each other letters or care-packages is always really uplifting and setting goals to see one another and working towards it together can be so rewarding. Most importantly, just staying on the same page. I know that for me, the distance has to be compensated for which is why I think being such a big part of each others day (with Skype, etc.) helps more than simply texting all day, etc.


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1) If you had to, would it be easier for you to give up sugar or meat? Sugar, no question. I often crave meat. Never sugar.
2) What’s your birth order? Do you think it played a role in who you are? Only child, and hell yes.
3) What do you think about when you’re lying in bed at night? Everything, unfortunately. Love, loss, tomorrow, a year from now.
4) Favorite guilty pleasure? Royal Pains? Ed? Pizza?
5) What did your “rebellious teenage years” look like? I wasn’t rebellious. My parents were very aware of the fact that life in our town basically required drinking in moderation, and they gave me the skills to navigate that safely. I did.
6) What’s one thing you like about your least favorite season? Big sweaters. Coziness.
7) What was the best date you’ve ever been on? Two: when I got engaged it was at the best restaurant in Boston. I was living with my soon to be husband, and I leaned on his blazer laid out on the bed when I was getting ready and accidentally felt the ring box. We took a carriage ride around the North End first, where he proposed. We laughed all the way up the street walking from the carriage to Maison Robert. I called my parents from a pay phone. The other one was much simpler. He came to my door in a navy blue button down shirt with sleeves that rolled up and buttoned at the elbow. He drove me downtown and took me out to dinner at a bit of a dive bar, and we had just been hanging out until then. This was a real date. I remember looking at him across the table and thinking, I’m getting married again. To him. We went back to my place, then to his to let the dog out, then he spent the night. We hardly slept. When we did his knee was pinning mine down, protective. Possessive. I can sometimes still feel the weight of it.
8) Who was your first best friend? The boy across the street.
9) “I have zero willpower when it comes to …” The wrong guy. And pizza. Both together, forget it.
10) Is it weird for a guy to bring flowers on a first date? Absolutely not.
11) What makes you happy? My kids. My mom. My friends. Love. Laughter.

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Can you do the hyung line's reaction to their gf crushing them in a video game?

Jin/Seokjin: “Wow, I didn’t know you were that good! Daebak!”

Suga/Yoongi: *sulking inside but pretending not to care* “Oh, what a pity. I lost.”

J-Hope/Hoseok: “No! Rematch!”

Rap Monster/Namjoon: “Where’d that come from?! No, best two of of three!”

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Name: Katrina

Nickname: Trine, Trina, Kat (HATE) Fifi

B-day: August 12, 1991 aka SOON

Star sign: Leo :D

Gender: F

Height: Around 5'4

Favorite color: Neutrals (tans, browns, black) mint green, peach, most pastels

Average hours of sleep: Typically around 7

Favorite Famous Person: I don’t follow famous people or the media really but I obviously love Taylor Swift as well as Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite book: I don’t have just one! Gillian Flynn’s books, Girl on a Train, Husband’s Secret, Handle With Care, Looking for Alaska

Favorite band: I don’t really have a ~favorite~ band. I like listening to a lot of different types of music. For some reason Mumford and Sons and Echosmith come to mind.

Last movie I saw: Whiplash because my dad and Denise were watching it. It’s SO intense omg

Dream job: Being a therapist for those struggling with eating disorders as well as kids who have lost parents at a young age (possibly)

Dream trip: I would love to go all around England someday. It just seems so lovely. Also Australia!

I tag whoever wants to do this because I like learning about people!
Watchtower Magazine, September 2015 | Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?
Many wonder what Jehovah’s Witnesses are all about. This series of articles provides accurate information.

Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What Sort of People Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe?

How Is Our Ministry Financed?

Why Do We Preach?