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flowersandxpoppunkbands asked:

Can females be sexist. I believe they can not unless given power and are oppressing people.

You’re right, we WOMEN (pls don’t say females, it’s trans-exclusionary) cannot be sexist since sexism is the “ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against or hatred of women; misogyny.” (x)

We can, however, be prejudiced against men (and other women).

anonymous asked:

SPEAKING OF AU RECS why aren't there more movie AU sterek fics? WHERE is my mr and mrs smith AU!? Where stiles is brad Pitts character WHO JINGLES HIS LEG AFTER HE PEES and DEREK is CLEARLY ANGelina JOLIE who uses words like honey and baby threateningly and LEANS ON A CHAIR IN THE LIVING ROOM TO FIX GREEN CURTAINS. DONT FORGET THE DOMINATRIX OUTFIT. STILES AS AN ART HISTORY MAJOR TELLING DEREK HE WAS MARRIED ONCE BEFORE, derek SMACKING HIM DURING A car chase. I QUIT. !!!!!!!!

oh mY GOD?? ?

how daRE YOU?? i mean, where is the fic? WHERE IS IT?

ngl but i have no input here ‘cause as per usual i forgot every single film i have ever seen in my life, i’m sorry

my ultimate weakness tho is book/films au pride, prejudice and werewolves

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have resources for moving states? Like a complete lists of costs etc. I keep googling it but I'm getting a bunch of UK stuff, nothing for the states oddly.

I don’t off the top of my head, but I’ve done it before, mostly you need a new drivers license / pain in the ass car registration stuff, although I think you have a reasonable window of time to get that done -  tax stuff is different between states, and if your bank is regional and not a national chain you might need a new one of those, I had to switch when I moved states. 

If you get like state health / benefits I’d definitely talk to someone official about it. It’s not too bad moving between states really, although I guess it depends on the individual states in question? And re-register to vote!

What else can people advise about moving to a new state?

we-are-the-cancer asked:

I watched 2 different documentaries last night. One on environmental issues and the other on sj. And I found that the system that oppresses people is eerily similar to the system that is abusing the environment and animals. So it just had me thinking, why don't I see sj blogs talking about the environment and why environmental blogs talking about social justice.

If you ask me, environmental blogs ARE social justice blogs bc animals and the environment are social justice issues. So I absolutely disagree with you that SJ blogs don’t talk about animal abuse and the environment. Also, these issues come up fairly often on my own blog and I see a LOT of other sj blogs talking about them as well. I’m really sad to hear your experience is different but I’m sure that will change in time.  :)

anonymous asked:

Would you consider yourself androgynous in your clothing style? And if not what is your style? Also has anyone ever told you you would look awesome with a pixie haircut?

Yeah, I’d go with androgynous for the most part. Grew up very frustrated with gender roles because I was raised by a single father and was given a lot of “boy”-esque clothing. I didn’t enjoy it for the most part, but I never felt comfortable in super “girlish” clothing, either. Mainly because body issues. I was tall and had a bigger frame than many girls, so I never felt comfortable either way.

I don’t know. Now I just wear what I like and what I feel works.

Also, yeah, my brother’s girlfriend always said she wants to see me with one, but I’m too paranoid to cut my hair that short~

Tag 11 people you want to get to know better

Tagged by songsofwolves! I did at least a couple of these before, but I’ll happily do another.

Name: Claudia
Time: 2.08 pm
Avg hrs of sleep per night: 6 or 7
Last thing I Googled: Cinderella dress (I didn’t remember how her ball dress looked like in the animated version)
Nickname: Cla’
Birthday: May 30th
Gender: F
Height: 160 cm
Favourite colour: vermilion
One place that makes me happy: beneath my blanket
How many blankets do I sleep under: see above
Favourite film: this year so far: I haven’t seen any 2015 movie so far except Cinderella, so I’ll go with 2014: Interstellar, The battle of the five armies, The winter soldier.
What I’m wearing rn: black tracksuit pants and a black/white sweater, uggs.
Last book you read: I’m still reading The lord of the rings
Most used phrase: eh vabbè (”ehhh whatever”)
First word that comes to mind: apple
What I last said to a family member: “I think I’ll come with you on Easter” (to my grandmothers’ place)
Favourite beverage: juice
Favourite food: pizza , sushi, pasta
Last film I saw in theaters: Cinderella. Me too ;)
Dream vacation: Amsterdam, Prague (+ London and Paris, I’ve been there already, but I’d love to visit them again). Also I’d love to see Colorado.
Dream wedding: the only good wedding is no wedding.
Dream pet: a tiger, provided that I can communicate with it telepathically to convince it that I’m not its meal.
Dream job:   x

tagging: rebeccasutteer, shallicomparetheetolagrenouille, tempella, milla984, sansalayned, anyone else who hasn’t done it yet and wants to do it ;)

napsugar-in-kawaiiland asked:

Do you have a wishlist? What are the prints that you would like to own the most?

I’m kinda weird about wishlists because I prefer to enjoy what I have just now. (Sorry if that sounds preachy, it’s just hard to explain).

With lolita, my dream dresses are normally very expensive so I sort of just admire them from afar and enjoy watching other people wearing them but assume I won’t be able to realistically afford them. E.g. I really like Marine Kingdom at the moment, but the value will be extremely high right now during its peak of popularity and newness, plus I wouldn’t really have much to coordinate with it anyway. So I just look forward to seeing what other lolitas do with it. ^^

This way I don’t have to feel any unnecessary negativity during my lolita experience with unobtainable goals. Luckily two of my dream dresses were lucky pack dresses (Dream Fantasy and Cotton Candy Shop) so with time I was able to get them. :) But non lucky-pack pieces are normally out of my price range. A lot of people say brand items can be found cheap but I often feel they forget to include the cost of shipping (plus shipping insurance/tracking) and customs charges (which can be extortionate).