She glances around, uncertain, and brings the teacup to her lips.

But then she sees it: there, lying on the tray with his tools… a lobotomizing pick and a tiny hammer.

He lied.

In a moment of clarity, she throws the burning tea at his face and bolts for the door.

Her only thought for a destination: 73-D’s room. She associates it with safety, sanctuary.

She grabs her key from her room as fast as she can, hoping Ghost-ler’s recovery from the burning, sedative liquid will give her enough time…

She bursts through his door and shuts it behind her, gasping.

“P-please… let me hide here for a little while! H-He… h-h-he… he wants to lobotomize me!”

And then she’s crying, not even aware of any of presences in the room or 73-D’s own mood; she’s too hysteric to notice.

Instead, she drops to her knees at his lap and hides her face in her forearms, bent over him and trying to calm herself enough to speak.

It comes out a whisper. “T-t-t… T-Ted… Help me.”

its-konkey-clong asked:

... wh... what was that?

“I said… If it’s a lobotomy, then I refuse to have it!”

“Y-you… you can do any other procedure you want. I don’t even care. I’ve let you operate on plenty of my brain before. But… but not this. If you thought I wouldn’t realize that’s what you meant to do, well, I have. And I won’t let you do it.

“I refuse to become even less of a person than I already am. And I… I-I’m warning you, Daddy… If you lobotomize me, I’ll still retain one thought. Every lobotomized victim keeps something in their heads, something important or happy or memorable that keeps them trudging through their sluggish haze.

“Do you know what my one thought will be?

“I-if you lobotomize me… I’ll make sure my single thought is to kill you.

“And one day, while you least expect it, I’ll gather the coherency and the energy to do it, too.

“So I’m… I-I’m giving you fair warning. I’ll know if you’ve done it, even if you lie right now. But if… if you honestly promise — because I know your patterns, and most of your promises are lies — that the procedure you have in mind isn’t a lobotomy, then I’ll go with you. I’ll drink my tea and I’ll cooperate. But if I wake up as a doll, or if you tell me right here and now that w-what I fear is what you’re intending, then I will fight. I will fight tooth and nail.”

She’s sobbing breathlessly and trying her best not to hiccup. She maintains her tone as steady and low as possible.

“…I’ve forgotten enough already,” she adds quietly. “Don’t make me forget everything altogether.”

its-konkey-clong asked:

... I told you /NOT/ to associate yourself with it. I never want to catch you in there again, am I understood?! The lab assistant will take him on his walks from now on.

Audrey never talks back. She never disobeys.

But the second this is ripped away from her, her heart shatters and she feels a fiery, unfamiliar sensation burn up from her stomach to her head, and she bursts out with white-hot tears on her face,

She shrinks and pleads desperately, and more calm,

“He’s my friend, Daddy, and it’s my responsibility to take him out for his exercise, and I intend to keep my word on that!”

its-konkey-clong asked:

Good morning, Audrey. Are you ready f-- were you in 73-D's room just now?

She spins around after coming down the corridor from the mutated boy’s room, just about to turn and head toward her own.

“…!! N-no, no… I… I went to the bathr—” She looks him in the eyes, briefly, and loses her resolve to lie. One day she’ll be able to do it: she’ll believe in herself enough to lie to his face, and maybe even get away with it. Today is not that day. “Yes, sir. I was.” She looks down, hair hanging in her face. “I’m ready for my next round of tests, please.”

its-konkey-clong asked:

*He grins at her enthusiasm, giving a small nod* And I want you to excel. You're a grey scientific achievement, my dear. But you're not perfect. And you're still quite far from it. I'd like you to continue going through the tests I've given you. And until you get them perfect, there's to be no food. Am I understood, Audrey?

Yes, sir. Understood, sir.

I will work very hard, I promise.

its-konkey-clong asked:

Well.. I'm afraid you didn't do very well on your last psychological course.. Tsk tsk, these results are /very/ disappointing, Audrey.

She bows her head. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir. How shall I improve?” she asks, lifting her head. “I want to pass. No, scratch that; I-I want to excel, like you do. Tell me what I need to do before my next exam, and I’ll work very hard to make you proud, Daddy.” And she smiles weakly.