She glances around, uncertain, and brings the teacup to her lips.

But then she sees it: there, lying on the tray with his tools… a lobotomizing pick and a tiny hammer.

He lied.

In a moment of clarity, she throws the burning tea at his face and bolts for the door.

Her only thought for a destination: 73-D’s room. She associates it with safety, sanctuary.

She grabs her key from her room as fast as she can, hoping Ghost-ler’s recovery from the burning, sedative liquid will give her enough time…

She bursts through his door and shuts it behind her, gasping.

“P-please… let me hide here for a little while! H-He… h-h-he… he wants to lobotomize me!”

And then she’s crying, not even aware of any of presences in the room or 73-D’s own mood; she’s too hysteric to notice.

Instead, she drops to her knees at his lap and hides her face in her forearms, bent over him and trying to calm herself enough to speak.

It comes out a whisper. “T-t-t… T-Ted… Help me.”