Cullen smiled at the faint glow of the bottle, watching as the contents swirled and shifted inside. He stared at the patterns, imagining the Inquisitor as Kaitlyn battled dragons and demons and darkspawn, charging forward each time.

Cullen brushed his fingers against the glass, grateful that she’d insisted on him keeping it. He set the bottle by his bed before he slept. It was nothing like having her warm body curled beside his, brown hair tickling his chest, but it was still a piece of her. A piece only he was allowed to have.

Cullen clutched the bottle in his hands, willing his life into the blood inside. He couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it. But he’d seen it too many times before. Smashing the glass against the nearby wall, he watched the blood drip down the stones and knew the truth. Kaitlyn was gone.

signs when their drunk
  • aries:screaming, probably kicked ur neighbors trash can over
  • taurus:looks dead even though their eyes are open
  • gemini:passed out in the tub
  • cancer:lots of crying
  • leo:looks sober but is trashed
  • virgo:making friends with everyone
  • libra:is drunk and high
  • scorpio:steals people's drinks
  • sagittarius:trying to outdrink someone
  • capricorn:cuddles with everyone
  • aquarius:flirts w literally anyone
  • pisces:questions life and death

There can be no question, however, that Death in Venice is a book about homosexual passion — in the eyes of some gay literary scholars and queer-studies theorists, it has virtually become the book about homosexual passion — and that fact has affected its reception all along.



It’s not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly. For me too, it’s simply prolonging something I enjoy doing. That’s why I only take on cases that pique my interest. It’s not justice at all. And if it means being able to clear a case, I don’t play fair, I'm a dishonest, cheating human being who hates losing.

"My hands are covered in dead skin.”


7/19/14: “Do you guys ever do sleepovers when you guys go to hotels?”


“Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
by each let this be heard.
Some do it with a bitter look,
some with a flattering word.
The coward does it with a kiss,
the brave man with a sword.”
— Oscar Wilde, The Ballad of Reading Gaol


When you became a vampire part of me was thrilled, because suddenly there was this possibility I could have you in my life  f o r e v e r.