questionable wardrobe choices

nct reaction: you wearing a miniskirt in front of the other members.

being the so-called manly man he is, he’d openly warn the others not to look at you and remind them that you’re his, even when no one’s been looking at you. then when you two are alone, he’d definitely scold you for wearing such a short skirt and ‘flaunting your legs to the world.’ but no worries, one little pout from you would instantly bring back that pretty smile of his.

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jaehyun would also put up a strong image in front of the other members, threatening them to look away and stuff but he’d pull you aside and question your choice of wardrobe. well, question isn’t really the right term but it’s more like him whining about how your thighs are only for his eyes before realising how weird that sounds coming out of his mouth considering that you two have only gone past the hand holding stage.

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taeyong wouldn’t really mind if the other members saw you in a miniskirt as much as yuta and jaehyun, but he would definitely be more concerned about your well-being. he’d always have his arm around you though as a mark of territory but he’d also place a blanket over your lap or wrap his jacket around your waist so you won’t feel cold. or possibly to cover you up so the others won’t stare at your legs.

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considering that this kid came from canada and canadians are known to be nice and friendly, i feel like mark would mind the least if you wore a miniskirt in front of the others. he has trust in you and his members so he wouldn’t be that triggered. he’d still be thoughtful like taeyong, wrapping his jacket around your waist and such. but if he didn’t like you wearing it, he’d kindly tell you in private. you could expect a “noona, i’d love it if you covered up a little bit more. you might catch a cold.” from him.

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I’ll Always Be Here


Possible Trigger Warning

You hadn’t thought about it before; Joe’s vast amount of sweatshirts and long sleeves. He said he liked to be comfy and you couldn’t exactly argue with that. 

It was normal for him to walk around in a jumper all day and then strip down in the dark at night for bed, its just what he did. Contrary to popular belief, Joe didn’t exactly walk around his house topless or at least he didn’t after he met you. 

Things started to happen recently though that made you question his wardrobe choice. Last year, Joe was so excited for summer that you would find him outside on his balcony sunbathing at any chance he could, even if the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating. 

This year was different though. London had been in a heat wave for a few weeks, something Joe would be all for, but he had barely gone outside to enjoy it. Sure he’d have his meetings and whatnot that he would occasionally decide to walk to instead of take an Uber but he was never out on his balcony. 

‘He’s probably just busy’ you would tell yourself when he wouldn’t join you outside. ‘He’s a busy YouTuber who has a lot of exciting projects that he’s working on, he’ll come out when he has the time.’ 

But that time never came. Joe would be cooped up inside his flat filming, editing, and sweating because he would be wearing a jumper.

“I’ve got to promote the clothing love” Joe would say after you questioned his choice of clothing.

“I think your fans are aware you have clothes available, and besides, why are you wearing the jumper? You do have t-shirts which are more suitable for this weather.” You would reply which was only met with a shrug and “its my favorite.” 

Today was a particular warm day, the spring days getting longer as the summer months quickly approached and Joe as off to a few meetings that morning. 

“Hey love, hopefully I won’t be too late not sure how long these meetings will run for.” Joe said coming over to kiss your cheek before bending down to put his shoes on. 

“I thought your first meeting wasn’t until noon its only 11.” You said laughing a bit as he almost tripped over his feet. 

“It’s nice out so I’m going to walk, and you know I’m a slow walker.” 

“Are you sure you want to wear that?” You asked, eyeing the jacket he was wearing knowing that it wasn’t exactly classified as lightweight. 

“What, you don’t like it?” Joe questioned looking down at himself.

“No I do, I just think that if your walking to your meeting, in the heat, that you wouldn’t be wearing a jacket.” 

“Love I’ll be fine. I gotta go, love you.” Joe said giving you another quick kiss before running out the door. 

You let out a sigh as you tapped your fingers on the worktop. Something was up, it felt like Joe was hiding something but you weren’t exactly sure if he was. And if he was, he was doing a good job at it. 

You ran your fingers through your hair as you contemplated your next step: 

You could just call him, ask if he’s doing okay. Although, he’s walking to a meeting and the call would most likely have to be cut short.

You could wait until he got home later that night, although, he’d probably be tired and would just want to lay around with you and not have you bombard him with questions. 

Or you could figure things out yourself. If Joe was hiding something, that something would have to be somewhere in the flat.

You decided to go with the latter option and if you didn’t find anything, you’d drop it. There probably wasn’t a reason why he was wearing so many jumpers other than he just wants to, but you were too stubborn to just drop it.

Since you were in the kitchen, you started there. Looking for anything possible sign for the reason Joe had been acting weird. You checked the fridge and the cupboards, you weren’t exactly sure why but you did just to be safe. You read the labels on his protein powders and supplements and quickly realized that was a dead end because you had no idea what any of that meant.

You checked the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and his office. Anywhere that Joe possibly could have hid something, you’ve checked as thoroughly as you could without invading too much privacy. 

You made your way back into the kitchen deciding to give up on this imaginary quest that would help answer the question ‘why you boyfriend was acting so weird’ when in reality there was no question. You were just paranoid for no reason. 

You glanced up at the clock, 3:00. Joe’s second meeting should have just stared so you had at least another hour or so by yourself. Deciding you needed a distraction or else your mind would continue to wander, you went back upstairs and gathered all your and Joe’s dirty clothes. Laundry always seemed to take your mind off things and frankly, the washing needed to be done.

You walked back into the ensuite, grabbing the towels off the hooks when something in the mirror caught your eye. It was the mirror actually, it was different. You could see more of the room than you normally could, like it had been shifted. You dropped the towels on the floor and examined the mirror. 

“What the hell?” You asked when you realized that it opened, revealing a tiny cabinet behind it. 

You had lived with Joe for nearly a year and a half and this was the first time you had noticed this. Neither mirror in the bathrooms downstairs did this so you assumed the one upstairs wouldn’t either but apparently you were wrong. 

On one of the shelves there was a tiny box. The box didn’t look like much but you found it weird as to why there was a box in a cabinet you didn’t even know existed. 

You picked the box up and opened up, you’re eyes widening and narrowing when you saw the contents. Razor blades and bandaids. 

You were speechless and confused and tried your best to push back the tears that were forming but failed as they cascaded down your cheeks. 

You closed the box and put it back on the shelf, making sure to close the mirror properly before wiping your eyes and regathered the towels from off the floor and made your way back downstairs.

You sat on the couch until Joe came home, the washer going off in the background every 15 mins signally that it had finished washing but you didn’t move. You’re head moved towards the sound of the door opening and clicking shut followed by the sound of your boyfriend voice calling your name. 

“In here.” you answered as best as you could. 

Joe came sound the corner and paused when he saw you sitting on the couch. “Whats up?”

“You know you can talk to me right, about anything?” You said watching him walk over to the couch. 

“Yes?” He said cautiously. 

“Then why haven’t you?” You said, a tear sneaking past the blockade and rolling down your cheek. 

Joe didn’t say anything at first, his face just shifting through the emotions trying to figure out what you were talking about. But when he did, his face shifted into completely sadness, something you have never seen from him before. 

“Joe,” You said opening you arms, allowing him to fall into them.

The two of you sat this way for a while, letting the tears fall freely from both of your eyes until Joe finally pulled away, his eyes red and puffy. 

“I’m sorry. I..I don’t know why I didn’t talk to you. I guess…I guess I was just scared. Scared you’d leave and think I was pathetic.” Joe hiccuped. 

“Joe you don’t have to be scared, I’m not going to leave you and I don’t think you’re pathetic. How long has this been going on?”

“It comes and goes, these feelings, ever since I started secondary school. I got in under control when I started YouTube but recently…recently its been rough and its the only way I know how to realize all this stress I have bottled up.” 

You let out breath as you took Joe’s hand in yours, “Life is stressful and its okay to take a break, its okay to say no to things because you are already doing so much. And don’t think that you’re alone in this, you have so many people in your life that love you and who are willing to listen if you want to talk. I’m here, I’m always here. I see you everyday, sleep with you at night and we chat about everything, so don’t think this is something we can’t talk about, Joe. I’ll always be here for you because I’m not going anywhere.” 

“I know, I know. I just, I don’t know. I know I can talk to you but it felt easier this way but it doesn’t help. It just makes things worse and I have to lie to you about it which hurts me because thats something I never wanted to do. I thought I could keep this from you but you’re smart and you notice the little things and I thought I was being careful.” 

“Honestly, I was going to drop it today but then I noticed the mirror in our bathroom was opened.”

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way, I should’ve just come up to you but like I said, I was scared.” 

“It’s okay to be scared, but just don’t be scared alone. I’m here Joe.” You said squeezing his hand lightly. 

“I know, thank you.”

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Also another CC 54, 55, & 82. These preferably together but separate if needed! :)

Made them all fit!
This one was a tone of fun to write =)

Not a specific time…I feel like in a version of S1 that took a little longer. Before “Me and You” and the wellspring.

               Sara walked into the ballroom, easily scanning the large space. She saw Raymond chatting with other party guests, an Mick dressed as security near the back. Rip was speaking into her earpiece, letting them know the others were in place outside. Finally her eyes settled on ice blue, and she couldn’t help the pleased feeling at his surprise. Leonard was in a dark suit, accented with the same blue as her dress, making her question Gideon’s wardrobe choices. She approached, intentionally swishing her hips before stopping at his elbow. “You clean up well, Crook.”

                He smirked, “Thanks,” His eyes rake over her, causing her skin to prickle. “And for an assassin you move like a royal.”

               She rolled her eyes, “Don’t act so surprised, this is hardly my first night in a dress.” With that she brushes by him, making her way to waiter with champagne and beginning to peruse the artwork, continuing to scan the room.

               She pins the target first, a young man with dark hair and a bright smile. He reminds her of Tommy Merlyn, or at least the one she’d seen in pictures after her return. It’s easy enough for her to get close, pretending to stumble over her dress, and be caught on the stranger’s arm.

               “Careful there,” he laughs, and she straightens with her hand still on his arm.

               “I’m so sorry!” she exclaims, pretending to be flustered.

               “Not at all,” he smiles at her, “but what’s a beautiful lady like yourself doing at such an event all alone?”

               She shrugs, offering a light pout. “My date stood me up, but we’d already bought tickets so I figured I wouldn’t let it waste.”

               “Well, your date must be blind, a fool, or both.” He offers his elbow, “Allow me to accompany you?”

               “I would love it,” she replies, looping her arm around his. She spends nearly an hour this way, laughing at his jokes and asking questions about the pieces. She’s on alert for any threat, but just finds Leonard. He’s subtle, but always within a few steps should she require assistance. She feels his eyes on her, or occasionally catch him scowling at the man on her arm.

               Finally Mick’s voice crackles in her ear. “Haircut and I took care of the threat. Boss, Blondie, you’re good to go.”

               She nods, and then fakes a yawn before covering her mouth. “Am I boring you?” the other man, who’s name she’s not taken time to remember, asks.

               She shakes her head, “Not at all,” she offers a sleepy smile. “I’m just more of a morning person, early to bed and all that.”

               He frowns, turning to face her. “Should I take you home?”

               “Oh that’s sweet,” she motions to the exit, “But I think I’ll just order a cab tonight.” She dips her head, “Thank you for the lovely evening.”

               He smiles, offering a bow at the waist. “The pleasure was mine, I assure you.”

               She’s just made it outside when Len falls into step beside her. “You make quite the actress Lance.”

               She turns to look at him, feigning surprise. “What do you mean, he made for a lovely date.”

               He snorts, “Bit over the top if you ask me, hanging off of you all night, not your type.”

               She offered a sideways glance, smile tugging at her lips. “Leonard, are you, jealous?”

               He levels a disbelieving stare at her, “Over what? I have no claim on you.” His eyes return to the snow dusted path before them. “But I didn’t like the way he kept looking at you, and was ready to step in and take a swing,” he glanced over once more, “At your request, of course.”

               She just rolled her eyes, looking at where her hand rested on his elbow. It was such a simple touch, but one that a couple months ago would likely have ended with a coldgun pointed at her. Still would if anyone else tried it. But Leonard had stopped avoiding contact with her months ago, but there were still barriers. “You know, I’m not sure what’s more irritating.”

               His brow raises and he looks over, “About?”

               “You,” she states, sliding her arm from his so her hands can settle at her waist. “You know I’m interested, and I know you’re into me.”

               His lips purse, “Sara –“

               “Oh come on Len; I’m not blind” She huffs, “But you keep pushing me away, like you’re trying to protect me.”

               “That’s not –” he starts

               “I’m not fragile Leonard.” She growls.

               “I know that!” he snaps, and she’s startled by the outburst. He sighs, running a gloved hand over his head. “I’ve never been worried about you making it through.” He looks at her, voice the most vulnerable she’s ever heard. “I care about you Sara, and it terrifies me.” He motions around them, “Everyone I’ve ever cared for is gone; either they left me or they were taken.” He shakes his head. “I couldn’t risk that…letting you that close.”


               “I’m broken Sara,” he chuckles depreciatively. “I’m a thief, I hurt people, that’s all I’ve ever known.” He looks at her, “How could I ask you to sink to that?”

               She steps closer, resting her hands gently over his chest, “It’s my choice.” She gives a sad smile. “I’m a killer, I have this bloodlust that demands I become a monster, I’ve died Len…I’m just as fractured.” One hand raises to brush against his cheek, and his eyes drift closed. “But being broken doesn’t mean we can’t find happiness.”

               His eyes open once more, and for a long moment he just watches her. But then his hand is behind her head, the other at her waist and his lips are crashing into hers. Her hands fist into the lapels of his leather coat, and she returns it just as passionately. When he pulls away they are both breathing raggedly, but she’s grinning at him.

               “Bout damn time,” Mick’s voice comes over the coms, and he watches as Sara flushes an even darker shade of red. He feels a smirk tugging at his own, at least they don’t have to explain to the crew now.

day 2: future

preoccupied: fic for @todoiidekuweek !!

word count: 2011

rating: teen

Summary: Despite however many disputes the students of Class 1-A have over food, movies, music, whose quirk is the best, and questionable wardrobe choices for hero costumes, they can all find themselves agreeing on at least one thing. And that thing is that Izuku spends way too much damn time in the shower.

read it on ao3!

I think one of my favorite parts about the Call the Midwife CS was how absolutely fab it was when Shelagh goes back to the dress shop to exchange her dress. 

This sequence cut out my heart with a dirty scalpel and rolled it in the gutter, but seriously.  She’s heartbroken when Timothy says people are talking, but she basically marches right back to the shop to prove those gossips wrong.  She knows her heart.  She knows her future.  She deserves the right dress and the right wedding, and she wants people to know it.  No, she doesn’t find the right dress the second time around, but the fact that she actually made up her mind to go back – that just floors me!  If she really wanted to be quiet about it she would have just kept the old one and gotten it over with. 

I’d like to think her inability to find a dress has nothing to do with uncertainty about her wedding, but really revolves around the fact that she doesn’t know how the hell to shop for anything.  She’s spent the entirety of her adult life in a bleeding convent; she’s allowed to make some questionable wardrobe choices.

So yeah, suck it, gossipy sweet shop lady.

Killian Jones was wearing a maroon patterned shirt tonight and I live for it. How does he pick them out? Does he go for the florals? Does he pick the ones he thinks Emma will like best? I have so many questions about his wardrobe choices.

[Oneshot] - Cuddling with a Creature of the Night


hello! can i request a seungkwanxanyone (or seungkwanxeveryone muhahaha) cuddling one-shot ^^ or just something cute and fluffy :D

Heey, i just saw your post about the fic requests :) im dying to read a fic of Seungkwan/Vernon as main pairing, where Vernon is a vampire and really likes how Seungkwan smells~ if u don’t like the ‘vampire’ thing, it can be any supernatural being to be honest, (werewolf, shapeshifter etc) whatever you like :D i just love this pairing haha- Thank youu!!

(note: this is a Seungkwan/Vernon vampire oneshot. I really didn’t know how to write this since I have zero experience with Vernon on anything but I tried my best. One of you wanted cutesy but it had a little angst in there too so enjoy *flees*)

Vernon thought it was a bug bite. It made him sick for days, and he couldn’t train with the rest of the members of Seventeen. It was so bothersome that everyone’s schedule had to be rearranged. Each training session became a recording session and vice versa. Jihoon lost sleep altogether, and Vernon was so sorry for it.

But when three days passed, it was as if nothing had happened to him. He woke up, felt like million bucks, and talked to their manager and said he was okay, and he was.

They thought nothing of it.

Vernon made up for the three days of inactivity by being Jihoon’s personal slave for a week. That included doing the laundry for him (and by extension, everyone on the vocal team), cleaning after him, and losing sleep to keep him company when in the studio. Vernon didn’t particularly mind the last one for some reason. He never got sleepy, and he loved being awake at nights, not considering of course how Jihoon tended to be cranky most of the time.

But Vernon had a lot of urges lately, too, like drinking beverages that were colored red and tasted coppery. Like cranberry juice. For some reason he liked drinking a lot of it during the nights.

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Darcy x Bucky - 2nd trimester horny stage

Darcy took him by the wrist and led him out of the kitchen and toward the bedroom. 

“The hell, Darce, I was makin’ coffee…” Bucky complained.

“Coffee after. Sex now,” she ordered, marching them right to the bed before she turned and shoved him back onto the mattress. “Listen, I’m horny. Like, I can’t get sex off my brain horny, and I need you to do something about it, because I can’t walk around like this. And you, you’re acting like a nun all of a sudden. Like I rolled over and reached for you and you rolled your ass right out of bed. Not cool. I think you landed on one of my shoes." 

"I did. Why the hell did you have heels laying around? Should you be walking around in heels when you’re so…" 

"Do not say ‘big’ right now, I swear to Thor. If ‘big’ comes out of your mouth, I don’t care how horny I am, I will bitchslap you." 

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