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Coming *probably* in September.

There’s a million different ways to say “I love you”.
“Put your seat belt on”
“Watch your step”
“Get some rest”
…you just gotta listen.

This series will be similar to my Moments Series in that each post will be a little pocket of time laid out in a simple paragraph or two. For this series, each of the blurbs will be based off of one of these ways to say I love you, and I will add the links of each blurb to this post as they’re published. 

Okay,here is the character,that killed my, Infinite,the worst enemy in Sonic forces!!!
This sketch took me a whole afternoon… uhhh….but he is finally finished. (Fact: I still can’t draw hands!)
I listened to this song: (I actually don’t like rap music,but this sounds good and my fav line is:“So look around you and tell me what you really see!”)
Infinite (Sonic forces)by Sega
Art by me

10 Questions

Whooo boy, this is a new one! I was tagged by @mxttart to answer their 10 questions and then post my own, i think that’s how this works? So here we go!

  1. Any last minute plans for August? - Alas, none! All my exciting trips this year have already be accomplished. Now its just enjoying the sun as much as I can.
  2. Current obsession? - Still Mshenko, but mainly Kaidan Alenko (surprise!)
  3. Is there a purchase you really regret making? - I bought this really cool bath tray? Its supposed to rest on the edges of your tub and let you put your drinks, computer, etc on it while you lounge comfortably in the tub, but it doesn’t fit! Soo sad. 
  4. Use 3 words to describe your best friend. - A Tall MOFO
  5. Your biggest achievement so far? (go ahead and be proud!) - Oh lort, idk. I got my permit to carry this year, I finished my MEBB, and I started writing again after a four year hiatus? So that’s neat. 
  6. Favorite fic writers? - ohohoho @bagog, @missannaraven, @arkesstuff and @ellebeedarling. I’ve been devouring their writing.
  7. What is the best gift you’ve ever given? - This is really hard to choose. There have been so many amazing things; personal things people thought I might like, and that makes each gift so special? 
  8. Favorite soundtrack? - Paramore: Riot
  9. Is there a project u wish u finished? - Presently any of my WOPs hahaha
  10. Best moment in 2017 so far? - Hummm, I guess I had a pretty awesome birthday this year. A few A-MAZ-ING folks on here made me some really great stuff: an excellent willshenko fanfic by @ellebeedarling, a fantastic Kaidan art piece by @shotce, a tender Willshenko art piece by @missannaraven, a sweet and tender mshenko fic by @mshenkoaddiction and a fantastic Kaidan gifset by @shepard-alenko, plus a bunch of sweet messages from folks. Y’all made me really feel the love.

Ok so here is where I come up with my own 10 questions and tag folks. Away we go!

  1. Dream Vacation location?
  2. Who did you save - Kaidan or Ashley?
  3. What is your favorite dessert?
  4. What is a MUST-HAVE in a prospective partner?
  5. Which was your favorite Doctor Who companion (if you watched the show)?
  6. A salt circle is good for keeping out what?
  7. Favorite Movie?
  8. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  9. You have three paths before you, one leads to a misty forest, one leads to a ruined castle, and the last leads to a quiet lagoon. Which do you choose?
  10. If you could see your future, good, bad and in between. Would you want to?

Taggin time! If I mentioned you already in the above answers to my questions, you have been tagged! @sweet-ree @commandcrshepard @matsflowercrown @pathfinderlittleduck @willowdeville and @nowbringushome

As always, participation is voluntary but totally excellent!! If you didn’t get tagged but still want to participate, please do!!! I would love to read your answers!

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I always see posts like “stop characterizing x character in this way” and while i can understand why thatd be annoying for some, it’s not like anyone owns the character anyway.

In the end everyone is free to portray any character the way they have the most fun with, and you cant tell them to stop because the character/fictional object is not yours.

some more questions for the 10 questions tag!

rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, then write 10 questions of your own, and tag some friends!

Fourth time lucky? 😂 Anyway, tagged by @holly-plumbob this time, lot of love! 💞 You can see the rest of my 10 question tag posts here!

1. When did you start playing the sims? I officially played a proper sims game for the first time on 24 July 2014 (Sims 3 PC), but before this I did play a little bit of the Sims Freeplay

2. What is your favorite pack? In the Sims 4? Probably Get Together, as I really love Windenburg (City Living is a close second thou!)

3. Favorite sim(s)? Tilly Barker (see here) or Peppa Mint

4. Last book you read? Lady Midnight by @cassandraclare 

5. Something you are looking forward to? College in a few weeks time!

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